Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gulliver's Travel + Lego + Wonderful Dinner

Monday, 27th of December 2010.
I was having my off day on that day so i decided to go out with hunny. I was so excited that I get to meet him finally after 1 week. Miss him so much.
Well, we went to Mid Valley for movie and walked around. I felt so proud that I didn't bought anything but felt a lil regretted ;P

So we watched the Gulliver's Travel!
The movie was truly amazing!! I enjoyed it so much. Well, its about a guy had a crush on a girl in the office while he was just a mail boy. Not JUST! Haha.

After movie, we drove to Bangsar Village for din din :) Lols, we walked around searching restaurant for quite a long time. Then we found something interesting!
Swendens's ice cream shop.Lols, we just had Swenden ice cream at Mid Valley.
Train's railway.
I and hunny was like woahh. And he asked me "Can i buy?" Lols, I was like "I want it too" Then went to check for the price. ... WTH! So expensive. Changed our mind. Lolsss

Walking around. Spanish food? Steak? Burger? Noodles? Asian food?
At last we decided to dine in at Plan B because of the number of customers they have. I guess the restaurant just opened not long ago.

The service was quite bad. The waiters was like so confused and slow. Well, can't blame them. They are new.

Look! They gave us medicine! :(
Neh.. Just kidding. Haha, it's just mineral water served in a medicine bottle. Unique huh?

I ordered umm umm ummm *oh crap, I forget what's it call!! So sorry* :( Well, it's tomato & crabmeat spaghetti? Haha
And apple mint! NICE!! U should try it! :D
Hunny ordered Cheese burger. When i found out he wanted to have burger. I was like " what?! Just now I just asked you whether you want burger and you didn't say a thing ". Lols, poor hunny. If I know he want to have burger, I surely will go the specialized burger restaurant. Sorry hunny :(

That's all for the day. Guess what? Tomorrow will be the last day of 2010 and I'M WORKING!! :'( If you still have wishes and dreams that you haven't grant, quite! Don waste your time! *Lols, just kidding! you could take your time. The world is not going to end yet. Haha*
Peeps, enjoy your last day of 2010 ya!! (^o^)

Hunny, I just had a great idea for the rest of your present :P TEEHEE.
Lots of loveeeee.


Monday, December 27, 2010

What's love?

Recently I read so many article from the newspaper that either people got killed for love or they committed suicide for love. A girl got stabbed for 19 times because of jealousy. She is lucky that she is still alive but she lost her sight. What's wrong with humans this days? Have they gone nuts? If you love someone, you should kept her/him happy, not by forcing her/him to be with you.
Killing someone doesn't make him/her become yours, if he/she is really dead, are you going to dig him/her coffin and steal him/her corpse and keep it under your basement? All you will have is a dead body. I understand what's your feeling when your love got rejected. You felt like the whole world is tearing apart and you can't live without him/her. Remember, loving someone doesn't means you need him/her to be yours. Just stop killing innocent people, please. I beg all of you. Cherish life.

And the ones that want to commit suicide for love, please. Don't, don't do that. Its not worth it. You can't have him/her but you have the whole world. They are a lots of people behind you, loving you & care about you. Ending your life doesn't bring any good news, to strangers, they will just felt "oh, the world just lost another life" but to the ones behind you, they will grieve and try to imagine your old folks got the news what will happen to them, they might have a heart attack and died. It is all because of you! You not only killed yourself but you killed your family's soul too!!

Abusing your loved ones, this is so wrong! If you love him/her, why the hell you abuse him/her? Tell me your reason! If you want let go your anger or frustration, please don't let it go on someone. I know, anger could overcome our emotion and actions. You wouldn't know what you had did until you are done. You will just felt you had become a monster. If you are facing all this, you should see a doctor. Don't hurt your loved ones.

Remember love doesn't means you need to own them, just keep them happy and eventually you will be happy too.
I love hunny, I really meant it even though sometimes we argue and became emo against each other.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Week 11 & HOHOHO

Wee!! Week 11th :)
I done alot of Christmas preparation for pastry. Baking Christmas pudding and decorating. Love it thou. Now I got close to everyone in pastry I felt so happy. But I'm still clumsy. Ish. Can't believe what I did. I was so upset.

Well, Merry Christmas to all my friends & family & HUNNY BUNNY.
Sister bought me some choco's that could be make into hot chocolate. This is the 1st lonely Christmas Eve I ever spent, I couldn't spend my time with my hunny bunny *Thanks to training!!* ;( So I spent the night sleeping on the couch and woke up suddenly, realizing it's 3am & went to my bed. *So lonely*

Can't wait for my gift. :D TEEHEE
Hohoho everybody, hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones


Friday, December 17, 2010

COMBO! Week 9 & 10

Sorry :( About this belated post for Week 9. I been working my ass off like hell. So damn tiring.

Week 9.
That was my last week in the coffee house kitchen. I was kinda sad and happy at the same time. Sad? Because I got so close and friendly with the other chef at there and now I leave that kitchen. Happy? Because I got what I want to do all the time. Pastry!! :D
I still will miss everybody from there. Really want to thank the chefs for all the advices and sharing their knowledge with me.

Week 10.
This is what I been waiting for! Bread, tarts, cakes. And guess what? Merry Christmas is on the way so I get to bake Gingerbread Man!! Hehee. About the people at there, I found its kinda hard to talk to some of them. They are just so fierce. In pastry, this is my 1st time breaking a saucer in my training period. I never break anything before! I just feel so stress and angry for that. Well, I still have 2 more weeks to go!! :D Then I can sleep like nobody business. Yeappie.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Narnia!!, Belated 5th Monthsary & Baby Golden Half

December already?? Santa! Christmas tree! I love Christmas decorations so much, they just give me peaceful feeling. *Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way..* Too bad, I'm not a Christian so I can't buy a Christmas tree for my house :(

Back to the topic.
On the 8th December 2010, Hubby and I went for dating :) as usual. We celebrated our BELATED 5th monthsary because the day before I was working. Ya, I'm still working my ass off. Damn tiring. At 1st, we went back to Taylor's to get something but they misplaced my thing and asked me to come back next week. Ish, every time also like this. They always lost my things.
Then hubby get so upset and angry that we went so far for nothing but we missed the place so much, so wished I could go back to classes now :( so hubby got Baskin Robbin ice cream to cool him down. Haha.

Then hubby brought me where I wanted to go for the past few days! Lols, I kept mumbling him that I want to go there and he brought me there :D Curious where I want to go??
*Drum rolls*, Tada!! The Click Shop, at 18, Jalan SS2/55 to get my lomo film camera!! TEEHEE :X

May I introduce you to my beloved baby, Golden Half Zebra. With my own salary! At last, I bought something that made me happy. :D

They have different kind design, actually I want to buy the limited edition but no more stock. So sad. Sobs sobs
You know why they called it the Golden Half? Because it double your shots, 36 exposure films = 72 shots! Isn't it just amazing? Don worry, I will wash the film and upload the pictures for you asap :)
Pss, its a real camera. Its not a toy. You really can take pictures with it and it's just the size of my hand. Love it so much. Just cant wait to wash the film.
After getting my camera, we went to the Curve for Narnia 3D. Lols, lately I watched the movies are in 3D. Ikea? Sure. I bought a side table and etc. I was so sad when I paid it with my own money. I never bought any furniture with my own money before. When I grown up.

Talking about Narnia 3D, i love it so much!

They grew up so fast. After few years, just like that! *finger snap* Haha Its a 10/10 movie :)

Lucy is my favorite character. She's just so cute and pretty.
That's all. See you in my next post.


Better hurry up! Someone is waiting for me to talk on the phone ;D


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 8

Week 8.
This is my 1st time working mid night shift. 1st day, I'm so sleepy. I could not stop yawning.
To stop me from being sleepy. I kept looking for foods = FAT! Then I found something that attracted my attention. Something that you would love it too. HAAGEN DAZS ice cream!!!!! They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and coffee flavor. And they taught me how to make milkshake.
1st. Choose a choice of ice cream.
2nd. Add milk to the ice cream.
3rd. Blend it with a milkshaker blender.

Actually I got to thanks to my "itchy hand" for playing the milkshaker without knowing anything about it. Haha, then my colleague taught me whats it for. :)

What could the hotel ask me to do in the middle of the night? Hrm, fyi Concorde have supper buffet too, they start from 10pm until 4am. And on Friday and Saturday, we have steamboat buffet! So my job is taking care of the buffet and get everything ready for breakfast buffet.
Haha, I have something hilarious to share with all of you. There was one night about 3am, there was a table of drunk American man and few Thai hookers. The hookers were kept shouting and slamming the table, one of them kept on flashing her boobies.
And when they were picking their food at the buffet line. Lols, one of the man was so drunk. He just used his hand and picked some food and ate. RAW!! Raw fish ball, beef and fish and etc. My colleague and I tried so hard not to laugh in front of him.

Working mid night shift is kinda fun. I get to watched so many drama. There was once, a guest asked my friend to put his choco cake in the microwave because it's not hot. Lols, who the hell eat HOT cakes? Really funny. Haha

Oyae! My hubby said mid night shift is known as grave yard shift. Haha. Sounds so creepy and weird.

That's all for today! See all of you next time :)


Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thursday, 25 November 2010 after I finished my work. Hubby came to my house as usual.
And drove to Pavillion, KL for dinner and RAPUNZEL!! :D
We ate our dinner at Lot 10 food court. I gotta say the food at Lot 10 is super duper tasty. Most of the time, there will not have any empty table especially weekends!!

I ate Pork Teriyaki burger from Kissetan while hubby ate Beef Lam Mee from .. *lols I forgotten*

Then we walked back to Pavillion for our movie. Hubby took some photos of me outside Pavillion with the Christmas tree.
Haha, I look so cold.
Too bad, nobody is there to take both of us D:

Oya!! We bought some snacks from Isetan at Lot 10. M&M mint flavour, jelly beans, Spongebob's candy case and japanese pancake.

Thanks hubby for the jelly bean and Spongebob's candy case :)

Haha, cute right? They have many types of design but hubby say this suit me because it looks like me!!!
I still remember the time we were choosing, we kept comparing which reaction looks like who. Hahaha.

Before the end of the day! RAPUNZEL!!

Hubby always know I love to watch cartoon so he bought Rapunzel 3D. Once again, thanks hubby.
Rapunzel, nice??!! Its damn hilarious.

I love the Chameleon and Maximus!! Their actions were so damn cute. Haha.

This is the part I love the most. You can really see the lanterns in 3D effect if you watch it in 3D. If no, then too bad!!

All I gotta say is THUMBS UP for the graphics, story line, effects. MUST WATCH!!

Thanks hubby for the day, love you~


Week 7

Hrm, this is my 1st week in the kitchen. Now I'm at the coffee house's kitchen. Everybody was good, they always willing to teach me. For this week, I had learnt how to make a PERFECT, SMOOTH omelette. I tried, tried and TRIED for so many freaking times I still can't get it right when the 1st time. When the next day, another chef taught me how to cook omelette. He really trained me well. He ask me to stand at there and try until I can. Lols, I finished a big bowl of egg. And at the end, I SUCCEEDED. I was so damn happy :D Then I learnt how to cook

+ poach egg +
+ scramble eggs ( American style - wet, Arabic/Asian style - dry ) +
+ sunny side up +
+ both side +
* I can flip the egg by just using the pan but the egg yolk broke,now I need to learnt how to flip and keep the egg yolk in its shape *

Other than that, I also learnt hell lots of things. :D
Now my notebook is out of empty page, need get a new one soon.

As you know, this is sushi right? If you don, then you must be living in the woods. Haha
Its also know as Makimono.

This is Italian vinaigrette. Usually it goes with salad.

Frisee!! Lols, it sounds like a dog's name.

And silver onion, it looks like baby onions.

Thats all for the 7th week.
Stand by!! Week 8 will be coming soon :)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 6

Week 6? Yes!! Still got 6 more weeks to go then I'M FREE!! Tomorrow, I will be going to the kitchen and no more FnB. Woots!! No more serving, no more clearing, no more standing at the same spot for 5 hours! Kitchen here I come :) So far, everybody treat me very well. And I cried once because I got scold by one of manager.

Okay, back to the topic. Hrm, for the 6th week. I did room service for 3 days and FnB in a fine dining restaurant also for 3 days. I love ROOM SERVICE so much. Lols, I can get like rm20 something tips for a day. The people at the room service department are very friendly and willing to teach me.

For FINE DINING. One the 1st day, I was late because I was waiting for my friend to get her tank top for me. The 1st thing I went up the restaurant, I apologized and guess what. She's really fierce. The 1st sentence she said to me is "Sorry? I expected you to be like Cindy too since you two are from Taylor's. Today you are going back at 12am". I just stunted and there and I kept quiet because I don want to fight back since she is the manager. After awhile, she received a call then she came to me and asked me what time I arrived at the hotel. I answered her and she wondered why I will still be late since I had arrived 30 mins earlier. So I told her the reason and she accepted it. Lols, I can't believe I cried.

But after awhile, she's fine with me already and we all get friendly together :)
I'm so happy that we ended up being good. She looked fierce but actually in her heart. She's kind.

This is the table setting for the fine dining restaurant. Nice huh? I love the environment there. It's so classic and old modern.
Can't wait for tomorrow :D

Love hubby.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Out with My One

On the 17th of Nov 2010, it was my happiest day among Oct and Nov. This is the 1st time I get to have day off on the same day like my hubby. I was so excited to spend the whole day with him. Its been a long time we hang out together for a long period. HAPPY. :D if you follow my twitter then I'm sure u will know about that day.

In the morning, as usual hubby will pick me up from my house. Then we headed to Klang with his dad to get him a new specs. His dad wanted to go Lot 10 to have lunch but we needed to go Sri Hartamas to get my knife, so his dad and siblings went to KL while I and him went to Sri Hartamas and guess what!! The shop does not open on public holiday. Ohh God. So sad for me :(

Then we had our lunch at The Blue Cow Cafe in Sri Hartamas. From outside, it looks like a butcher shop. They sell all kinds of meat. Including pork. Many foreigner get their poultry from there so I guess the meat is really fresh.
The cafe is not really big. Its just like a small shop where only 20 people can dine in.
Hubby :*)
Look!! The pattern of the wallpaper on the wall is same as my hubby's shirt. Hahahaaa
And this is meee. My hair grew so long d. Should I cut it again?
We ordered the pork package for 2 person. The package included a pork sausage which taste reallllyyyy good. A pork patty which also taste very good. Bacon, yum yum. Pork chop, not that good, its too dry. And pork kebab which also 50/50 only.

I will just recommend u to try the pork sausage and patty. I love it so much!!

After lunch, we was wondering should we go to Pavillion or other places. Well, I and hubby is getting bored of Pavillion already, usually we just go there for Chatime :) So instead of Pavillion, this time we went to KLCC. We bought our Unstoppable movie ticket 1st then Kinokuniya where i spend my time the most at there. Haha. Well, at 1st i was thinking of buying those Japan's magazine for the bag. But somehow at the cashier counter, I changed my mind. When I told my hubby that I don want it anymore, his face's changed into "what" status. Haha, he said I'm killing him.

Lols, you want to know why? Haha, because I spend almost an hour to choose the bag. Lols. So sorry hubby. :P
End up, my hubby only bought me a Mickey Mouse mechanical pencil. :)

Umm, well. He also did bought me something else. But not gonna let you know about it now. Wait until the end. Hahaa

Dinner timeeee :) Chillis here we are!! I really cant figure out why KLCC's Chilis always have so many customer. There will always be a waiting moment before the guest can be seated. Can you tell me why?

After 30 mins, we got our table. With a nice KL view :D

Hubby had ordered Fire Grilled Chicken & Portobello
The mashed potato = AWESOME!!
Me? I had Ground Peppercorn. Yum yum, I love it
Too bad, I wasted my food, I cant finished them. Its too many.
P/s: Haha, actually I'm leaving a spot in my tummy for DESSERT!!! x)

We shared a Chocolate Brownie. The chocolate taste so yummmyyy. Hehe
Burp~ Opps, excuse me. Haha, after all the yummy foods.
MOVIE time!!! UNSTOPPABLE is a nice movie. I bet its better than boring Harry Potter. I'm so lucky that my hubby is not a Harry Porter's fan or else I will die because of boredom. Harry Potter's storyline is really lame and boring. I don get why people love it. Weird.

Thats all for that day. I had a great day with hubby.

WAIT!! I'm not finish yet!! Want to know what he bought me?? Hehe
TADA!! A hottie from Topshop. It looks like a toy but its not. Its to keep people warm, that's why its called Hottie. They where scented with lavender so it smells niceee. The smell makes me sleep so well.
Once again, I want to thank my hubby for the day and the present. Muahhhhh


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 5

Hrmm. So fast week 5 already. Time really flies like the speed of light. But its not fast enough!! Haha. Well, in the 5th week of my training. I went to Saloma where its a theater and bistro restaurant. Every night, they have tourism agency bringing tourists to there for the dinner buffet and culture show. EVERYDAY I CAN LISTEN THE TRULY ASIA SONG!! Malaysia, truly asia. LOLS. At 1st, its kinda nice but after the 1st time watching it i get bored and feels it's irritating. After 3 days, my worst day ever had come to me. STEWARDING!! Not those stewardess!! Its the department where all the plates need to be wash!! Which means I need to wash them. I can tell all of you, among all the department that i have been. This is the toughest. It's smell stinks, looks yucky being near to the garbage and DISGUSTING!! I'm so lucky that I don need to be there for 3 days. Phew for taken my day off on the 3rd day of it.

Like I had promise to post the picture of my new specs in the previous previous previous post.
NAH!! :)

It's a Davidson specs and it cost a fortune!! I think I going to use this for 5 years at least or else my sister will cut my throat. Haha. Thats all for this week.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 4 & 4th Monthsary

I was sent to Crossroad, lounge at Concorde for that week. I LOVE THAT PLACE LIKE HELL!! Everybody was so kind to me, they taught me alot of things. And I GET TO BE THE BARTENDER!! :D So awesome. Plus, the manager offered me a job after my graduation. I was like... its so long to go. So I told him I will think about it. So sad, I'm going to another department tomorrow. Miss them so much.

Today went to have lunch with his dad then after we headed to Pavillion to watch Megamind!! Its so awesome and hilarious. Love it so much.

After movie, we went to the Mexican restaurant next to Larisata, Ampang with my sister and lil brother. The food, its nice but not that nice, Haha. If you get what I mean. :P But overall, I'm happy that I get to spend my whole day with my hubby.

Love you so much Hubby.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 3

On the 3rd week, I worked in the banquet department. When you heard the word "BANQUET", you will thought it will be having big events and tiring. Well, its not. I love it there so much, my colleagues are friendly and LAZY. Haha. They always sleep only.
Yesterday, my boss sent me to work at a wedding dinner at the Concorde ballroom. Well, umm. I didn't serve any table but I'm the beverage girl which only serve drinks to the customer. And guess what? I POURED RED WINE ON ONE OF THE CUSTOMER!! And he is the Concorde's general manager's best friend. Oww crap! I'm so afraid and I keep apologizing to him. Luckily he said its okay. I feel so bad.
Next week, I will be going to the lounge!! Yeah!! Working from 6pm to 2am. FUN!! =)
Wish me good luck for next week.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Hubby's Big Day


On the 27th of October, its my hubby big day. Guess what? I'm the first girl that celebrated his birthday with him. So special huh? Haha. Umm. Got to admit that its very tiring to go out after work until late night but his is the king of the day so got to spend time with him =)

This is the card i made for him. Lols, when i went to the photoshop to print this picture. The fella asked me, what kind of picture its this. Haha. I just blushed.

From your NOOBY baby.

How we celebrate his birthday? Lets start by he picked me up after my work at 3 pm. Then we went back to my house to get me changed. After getting ready, straight to 1U to meet his family. Well, by the time we reached 1U its already 5 pm. Then the king want to have Chili's for dinner but too bad. Its too pack so we went for thai food. I was so happy to know that we have the same interest in food. Its like we are soul mates. PERFECT soul mates. =)

Dinner? Over. Movie time! We watched You Again and Life As We Know It. Lols, we watched both of this movie, one after another. Its fun.
You Again? Its hilarious. All of you really MUST watch this movie. I love it so much. Grandma Bunny was so damn cute. Haha
Life As We Know It? Well, its funny too but the ending where the girl and the baby went to airport to stop the guy, it was sad. I almost cry. From this movie, I learnt that when problems come to us, don runaway from it. Face it and find a solution for it.
Sophie was so good in acting. She's really damn cute. I hope I will have a baby girl like this in the future. Haha

After movies, we went back to my house to cut his birthday cake =)
Well, I bought the cake from Delectables, Pavillion, Malaysia .

Its a chocolate cake with chantilly cream and strawberries which are the king's favorite. Glad he like it =)

Thats all for that day =)
Hope all of you have a nice day. Cant wait to get my October salary. Haha.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 2

The 2nd week, I was sent to work at the coffee house, Melting Pot.
The people at there was so friendly and great. They taught me alot of things. Eventhough they are all malay but still KIND =) to teach me. Love it there so much. I'm starting to miss my regular customer at there, their sweet smile. I adored everything and everybody at there but except one! Except ONE!! My manager. My unreasonable manager. He wanted me to work from 8am to 4 pm then 6 pm to 2 am and get back to work at 8am again on the next morning. I can't do it. At 4pm, I'm already all wored out. Tired. And SICK. I'm not ready to risk my health and my family yet. NOT YET!! I'm just 18, have a long way to go.

Too bad, tomorrow I will be going Banquet. =( Crap~
Hope it would be a sucky place. GOD BLESS ME, I just need it for 3 months.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 1

Last week, i worked at a Chinese restaurant at Concorde, KL. Well, all of the supervisor is ladies. Most of them is evil!! Especially the aunties that work as waitress. There is once an aunty asked me to get a bucket of ice from the bar. I was looking for the bucket and after few minutes, she came in and asked me what take me so long and she said that I work for there so long already still don know where it is. WTF??!! I didn't even enter the bar before and nobody taught me anything except the Bangladesh workers!! The matter that made me became so angry is when the aunty called me stupid!! FUCK U BITCH!! You don even know simple English, better go home and sleep la!!

Well, I really want to thank those Bangladesh workers at there and the other workers. Really appreciate what they taught me. After this, I will never want to work at a Chinese restaurant anymore. Its just too tiring. I cant handle too many things!!

I hope the next restaurant I will be going will be much more more better!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ain't Easy As You Think

I hate working life. Loneliness and tiredness.
Currently I'm working at a Chinese restaurant in Concorde. I will be working in different restaurants every week. The worst part is, I cant remember the routes to those restaurants. Its just too much way and they don not have any signboard!
Now I need to memorize the Chinese restaurant's menu. It is all in mandarin words! Will have a hard time. Lucky I will be working at there for a week only. I swear to God, I will never involve in FnB industry in the future.

By the way, I just found out that soaking my legs in a tub with hot water really helps me to cure the pain. Give it a try!!

Really enjoy the day off given today =) after yesterday.

Ps. I just got my new specs. Will post the picture soon ( ^ o ^ )


Thursday, October 7, 2010

3rd Month-sary

Yesterday, its our 3rd month for being together. We celebrate the day with 2 movies and a simple dinner.
Before heading to the cinema, we ate Subway as our brunch.

We watched Dinner with Schmucks and Wall Street. Well, in this post I'm not going to write any long synopsis but just a short review. I want to make it special for my hubby =)
Dinner with Schmucks? Damn hilarious. Its a MUST watch movie. While for Wall Street, to me, this movie sucks but my hubby like it. Its all about shares. I guess the people in the business industry would love it.

This is my outfit of that day.
Long sleeves top : ZARA
Dress : From Thailand

After the movies, went for shopping awhile. Then we headed to SS2 for dinner at SS2 Murni. Basically SS2 Murni is a "mamak" but its always crowded with many people. Well, the food is great and the service is efficiency. I love the Ribena special!! :D

Done with dinner - Home.
I dropped my hubby at the LCS train station and I drove all the way home by myself. Umm, its scary to drive when its late at night. There were many people speeding. So dangerous.







Hope you love it hubby :>
Will always be loving you.

Next week, I will be starting my intern at Concorde hotel, KL for freaking 3 months. Gonna miss hubby a lot!!
Umm, wish me luck =)