Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thursday, 25 November 2010 after I finished my work. Hubby came to my house as usual.
And drove to Pavillion, KL for dinner and RAPUNZEL!! :D
We ate our dinner at Lot 10 food court. I gotta say the food at Lot 10 is super duper tasty. Most of the time, there will not have any empty table especially weekends!!

I ate Pork Teriyaki burger from Kissetan while hubby ate Beef Lam Mee from .. *lols I forgotten*

Then we walked back to Pavillion for our movie. Hubby took some photos of me outside Pavillion with the Christmas tree.
Haha, I look so cold.
Too bad, nobody is there to take both of us D:

Oya!! We bought some snacks from Isetan at Lot 10. M&M mint flavour, jelly beans, Spongebob's candy case and japanese pancake.

Thanks hubby for the jelly bean and Spongebob's candy case :)

Haha, cute right? They have many types of design but hubby say this suit me because it looks like me!!!
I still remember the time we were choosing, we kept comparing which reaction looks like who. Hahaha.

Before the end of the day! RAPUNZEL!!

Hubby always know I love to watch cartoon so he bought Rapunzel 3D. Once again, thanks hubby.
Rapunzel, nice??!! Its damn hilarious.

I love the Chameleon and Maximus!! Their actions were so damn cute. Haha.

This is the part I love the most. You can really see the lanterns in 3D effect if you watch it in 3D. If no, then too bad!!

All I gotta say is THUMBS UP for the graphics, story line, effects. MUST WATCH!!

Thanks hubby for the day, love you~


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