Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 8

Week 8.
This is my 1st time working mid night shift. 1st day, I'm so sleepy. I could not stop yawning.
To stop me from being sleepy. I kept looking for foods = FAT! Then I found something that attracted my attention. Something that you would love it too. HAAGEN DAZS ice cream!!!!! They have chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and coffee flavor. And they taught me how to make milkshake.
1st. Choose a choice of ice cream.
2nd. Add milk to the ice cream.
3rd. Blend it with a milkshaker blender.

Actually I got to thanks to my "itchy hand" for playing the milkshaker without knowing anything about it. Haha, then my colleague taught me whats it for. :)

What could the hotel ask me to do in the middle of the night? Hrm, fyi Concorde have supper buffet too, they start from 10pm until 4am. And on Friday and Saturday, we have steamboat buffet! So my job is taking care of the buffet and get everything ready for breakfast buffet.
Haha, I have something hilarious to share with all of you. There was one night about 3am, there was a table of drunk American man and few Thai hookers. The hookers were kept shouting and slamming the table, one of them kept on flashing her boobies.
And when they were picking their food at the buffet line. Lols, one of the man was so drunk. He just used his hand and picked some food and ate. RAW!! Raw fish ball, beef and fish and etc. My colleague and I tried so hard not to laugh in front of him.

Working mid night shift is kinda fun. I get to watched so many drama. There was once, a guest asked my friend to put his choco cake in the microwave because it's not hot. Lols, who the hell eat HOT cakes? Really funny. Haha

Oyae! My hubby said mid night shift is known as grave yard shift. Haha. Sounds so creepy and weird.

That's all for today! See all of you next time :)


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