Friday, December 10, 2010

Narnia!!, Belated 5th Monthsary & Baby Golden Half

December already?? Santa! Christmas tree! I love Christmas decorations so much, they just give me peaceful feeling. *Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way..* Too bad, I'm not a Christian so I can't buy a Christmas tree for my house :(

Back to the topic.
On the 8th December 2010, Hubby and I went for dating :) as usual. We celebrated our BELATED 5th monthsary because the day before I was working. Ya, I'm still working my ass off. Damn tiring. At 1st, we went back to Taylor's to get something but they misplaced my thing and asked me to come back next week. Ish, every time also like this. They always lost my things.
Then hubby get so upset and angry that we went so far for nothing but we missed the place so much, so wished I could go back to classes now :( so hubby got Baskin Robbin ice cream to cool him down. Haha.

Then hubby brought me where I wanted to go for the past few days! Lols, I kept mumbling him that I want to go there and he brought me there :D Curious where I want to go??
*Drum rolls*, Tada!! The Click Shop, at 18, Jalan SS2/55 to get my lomo film camera!! TEEHEE :X

May I introduce you to my beloved baby, Golden Half Zebra. With my own salary! At last, I bought something that made me happy. :D

They have different kind design, actually I want to buy the limited edition but no more stock. So sad. Sobs sobs
You know why they called it the Golden Half? Because it double your shots, 36 exposure films = 72 shots! Isn't it just amazing? Don worry, I will wash the film and upload the pictures for you asap :)
Pss, its a real camera. Its not a toy. You really can take pictures with it and it's just the size of my hand. Love it so much. Just cant wait to wash the film.
After getting my camera, we went to the Curve for Narnia 3D. Lols, lately I watched the movies are in 3D. Ikea? Sure. I bought a side table and etc. I was so sad when I paid it with my own money. I never bought any furniture with my own money before. When I grown up.

Talking about Narnia 3D, i love it so much!

They grew up so fast. After few years, just like that! *finger snap* Haha Its a 10/10 movie :)

Lucy is my favorite character. She's just so cute and pretty.
That's all. See you in my next post.


Better hurry up! Someone is waiting for me to talk on the phone ;D


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