Saturday, December 25, 2010

Week 11 & HOHOHO

Wee!! Week 11th :)
I done alot of Christmas preparation for pastry. Baking Christmas pudding and decorating. Love it thou. Now I got close to everyone in pastry I felt so happy. But I'm still clumsy. Ish. Can't believe what I did. I was so upset.

Well, Merry Christmas to all my friends & family & HUNNY BUNNY.
Sister bought me some choco's that could be make into hot chocolate. This is the 1st lonely Christmas Eve I ever spent, I couldn't spend my time with my hunny bunny *Thanks to training!!* ;( So I spent the night sleeping on the couch and woke up suddenly, realizing it's 3am & went to my bed. *So lonely*

Can't wait for my gift. :D TEEHEE
Hohoho everybody, hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones


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