Wednesday, July 14, 2010

♥ Despicable Me ♥

Yesterday I went to Midvalley with someone very important & special to me =)..Of course its my boyfriend!..We went there to watch Despicable Me, well...actually I want to watch Eclipse but he is like...its a gay show...
Well, Despicable Me didn't let me down..The movie was so funny with all those yellow "something" 1st I thought they were in the good side since they look so cute, but they aren't..They are cute but EVIL!!...

Here there are!!..Aren't they adorable?? Oh My God, I must get one of them...they are so freaking cute!!
There a part, it reminds me of my boyfriend..Where when 2 of the yellow aliens was fighting and their friends were shouting "Fight fight fight"..My boyfriend always does that when he saw someone fights because he believe by that it will stop the fight..Haha
This movie was about a villain's heart had been soften by 3 little girls, and he stop being a bad guy after that..

This is the part where the girls was playing a game in the fun fair to win Agnes a unicorn..
From the left : Margo, Agnes, Edith

Lols, Dr. Gru,the villain was playing tea party with the girls..
At last he became a very sweet father =)

Before the movie, we went to Flying Chillies at the Gardens for lunch..
I don have the pictures now =(...
Well, they serve Thai food..We ordered pineapple fried rice with prawns and pandan chicken..Haha, my boyfriend is allergic to prawn so I get to eat all the prawns...

THE END~~my 10th day of my summer holiday

Opps..its not the end yet..
Well, maybe some of you were shock about my new boyfriend =)...Well, if you guys remember that I had a crush on a guy that fools me around and hurt me badly..My boyfriend is my previous best friend which comfort and accompany me through all the emo, hard and sad times..After I finish being emo, I thought everything will go back where it was..It didn't, we grew closer to each other..We still msn-ing and sms-ing each other..
Well, now I felt much more happier than before =)

He is my 1st boyfriend that speaks mandarin to me
He is my 1st boyfriend which used to be my best buddy
He is my 1st boyfriend that always ask me to eat vegetables *well, he is those healthy freaks but i like it* Haha
And I'm his 1st girlfriend!! =)

To my boyfriend,
You took away the pain in my heart.
You make me feel happier than before.
You make my heart beats so fast until I blush.
Thanks for everything.
My love for you will never break.. even when im old and gray!
143 =)


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