Friday, July 23, 2010

Park Bom ♥ You And I

This song totally breaks my heart, it will be in my playlist forever so as in my heart.

Park Bom should really out a solo album, she can do it all alone with her beautiful voice. Her voice sounds like an angel.

At the end of the MV, the words in the book means "I'm so sorry I can't be there for you".

Truly sad~ I cried when I saw this video, its just so sad and sweet in the same time.

In the same time, I wonder how the cupcakes that she made looks so beautiful and how she made the Christmas tree that she showed that guy.

In Korean

No matter what happens
Even when the sky is falling down
I'll promise you
That I'll never let you go

You naega sseureojilddae
Jeoldae heundeullimeopsi
Ganghan nunbicheuro
Myeotbeonigo nal ileukyeojweo

And you, na himae gyeoulddae
Seulpeumeul byeolang kkeutkkaji ddo uhgimeopsi
Chajawa du son japeun geudaeyegae

*Nan haejoongae eopneundae
Chorahan najiman
Oneul geudae wihae I norae booleoyo
Tonight geudaeye du noonae
Geu miso dwiae nalwihae gamchweowatdeon

You and I together
It just feels so right
Ibyuliran maleun never
Geu nuga mweorahaedo nan geudael jikilgae

You and I together
Nae du soneul nochijima
Annyoungiran maleun never
Naegae I saesangeun ojik neo hanagiae*

You maneun sarangcheoreom
Oori sarang yeokshi jogeumssik byunhagaetjyo
Hajiman jaebal seulpeo malayo
Oraen chinhan chingu cheoreom
Namaneul mideulsuitgae gidaelsuitgae
I promise you that I'll be right here, baby


Waeroun bami chajaolddaen
Na salmyeosi nooneul gamayo
Geudaeye soomgyeoli nal aneulddae
Mueotdo duryeopji anjyo
E saesang geu eoddeon nugudo
Geudaereul daeshin halsueopjyo
You are the only one
And I'll be there for you, baby

You and I together
It just feels so right
Ibyeoliran maleun never
Geu nuga mweorahaedo nan geudael jikilgae

You and I together
Nae du soneul nochijima
Annyoungiran maleun never
Naegae I saesangeun ojik neo hanagiae

Just you and I
Forever and ever

In English

No matter what happens
Even when the sky is falling down
I'll promise you
That I'll never let you go


You, When I fell
you held me back up with an unfaltering gaze

And You, through those sad times
held my hands till the end of the world

I might be a shabby person who has never done anything for you
But today, I am singing this song just for you
Tonight, within those two eyes and a smile
I can see the pains from protecting me
You and I together. It's just feels so right
Even though i bid you goodbye, to me this world is just you
You and I together, don't ever let go of my hands
even though i bid you goodbye, to me this world is just you

Our love has changed a bit by bit just like others
But don't be sad
Hopefully I will be someone who you can trust like an old friend
and someone you can lean onto
I promise you that I'm be right here baby

I might be a shabby person who has never done anything for you
But today, I am singing this song just for you
Tonight, within those two eyes
and smile I can see the pains from protecting me
You and I together. It's just feels so right
Even though i bid you goodbye, to me this world is just you
You and I together, don't ever let go of my hands
even though i bid you goodbye, to me this world is just you

I close my eyes lightly whenever I feel lonely again
I no longer fear when your breath holds me
No one in the world can replace you
You are the only one in I'll be there for you baby

You and I together, It's just feels so right
Even though i bid you goodbye, to me this world is just you
You and I together, don't ever let go my hands
even though i bid you goodbye, to me this world is just you

Just you and I
Forever and ever..

Hope you like it too like I do!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raindrops ♥~

Today officially we had been together for 2 weeks ♥
Unfortunately we had a been argument last night. I was so shocked about what he said to me and I feel like giving up in this relationship and not talking to him anymore. But the argument was started because of my fault, I joked about something that hurts him so much and makes him go mad. I'm so sorry about what I said.
Well, thanks to him for being tolerate with me and the argument ended. =)

To my boyfriend,
Thanks for everything, I ♥ you~

That day, I went lunch with his elder brother, his father, his grandma and his aunt. At 1st, he just told me that we will be having lunch with his brother and his father. But when we arrived there, his grandma and his aunt was there. We were like stunted and go blank.
Lols, I was so quiet and shy all the time. They were talking Hokkien and I barely understand what they said. Well, his father was kind and 100% DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HIM. His aunt was also nice too. I think I love his grandma the most, she like so friendly and maybe its because I love grandmas and grandpas.

Time for celebrity news!!
I guess everybody already knows that Lindsay Lohan is officially in prison. She was sent to Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California for breaking the terms of her probation on her 2007 driving under the influence (DUI) charge. Well, too bad for her, she had been alot of troubles before and she always gets to escape from them but this time the judge does not gives any mercy anymore. I heard from the radio that she was writing some songs in the prison for her comeback. And it will be the best album she ever come out with.
So now the question is Do you think she will able to make it? And become famous again after her jail sentence?


Monday, July 19, 2010

♥ Inception ♥

Today its my 1st day back to college..The lecturers only brief us about our subjects and timetables so there is no class! WTFBBQ! I woke up so early and they just brief for like 1 and half hour and that's all for today!!...
Well, I went for lunch with my boyfriend, Jayne and Daniel at a cafe opposite SJMC. Its recommended by Daniel..They served Malay's food. After lunch, we watched Inception in Sunway Pyramid!!..

This movie is totally a MUST WATCH movie!!
Inception works by planting an idea into a subject's mind through dream state..
In this movie, they dream and create the own world then they go dream after dream AFTER DREAM to steal an idea or plant an idea into someone's mind. They were given sedative so if they die in the dream, they can't wake up and they will be trap in the dream for ages. Eventhough if they could be awake, they will be confuse with the real world and the dream world.
This were the characters of the Inception.
There were no ending for this movie, its according your thought. Whether you think he is in the reality or he is still in his dream.

So what are you waiting for??!! Go watch it now!!
Hope you enjoy it like I do =)


Friday, July 16, 2010

~ Nom Nom ~

Well, I know I have not post any recipe for like months? Its totally 100% not because I don love cooking anymore!!..Its because all my recipe from term 2 is for the restaurant so its like a secret...Haha...So sorry guys..
I have plenty of cookbooks at home but not all of them is good..Some of the recipe is like very complicated and sometimes it taste like shit!! Seriously!
For today lunch, I cooked spaghetti with eggs and bacon!! Yum yum, its taste super duper nice! Well, I'm not praising myself but my lil bro said it tastes yummy too...
Its very easy and simple. Its takes about 30 minutes only. TRY IT!! =)
I cant post any pictures!! Damn sad!! =( So sorry

Spaghetti with Eggs & Bacon

1 and a half clove of garlic, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
Half packet of spaghetti
5 slices of smoked bacon, cut into strips
4 eggs
Parmesan cheese, grated *as much as u want*
2 slices of cheddar

1. Heat up 2 tbsp of olive oil / normal oil and fry the garlic and onion gently for 5 minutes. *Not until golden brown or like fried garlic!!*
2. Add in the bacon and cook for 10 minutes *Keep stirring it to prevent the bacon from sticking on the pan*
4. Turn off the heat after 10 minutes.
3. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti according the instruction on the packet
4. Mix the eggs, Parmesan cheese and cheddar in a bowl. Stir in plenty of black pepper and mix it well.
5. Drain the spaghetti when its ready and transfer it to the pan with the bacons with the heat on. Toss well to mix it.
6. Turn off the heat, and immediately add in the egg mixture and toss thoroughly until its cook lightly
7. Season it with salt and pepper.

Wallah its done!! =D

Hope you enjoy it!!
Got any questions?? Just leave me a comment!!

THE END~~my 12th day of my summer holiday

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

♥ Despicable Me ♥

Yesterday I went to Midvalley with someone very important & special to me =)..Of course its my boyfriend!..We went there to watch Despicable Me, well...actually I want to watch Eclipse but he is like...its a gay show...
Well, Despicable Me didn't let me down..The movie was so funny with all those yellow "something" 1st I thought they were in the good side since they look so cute, but they aren't..They are cute but EVIL!!...

Here there are!!..Aren't they adorable?? Oh My God, I must get one of them...they are so freaking cute!!
There a part, it reminds me of my boyfriend..Where when 2 of the yellow aliens was fighting and their friends were shouting "Fight fight fight"..My boyfriend always does that when he saw someone fights because he believe by that it will stop the fight..Haha
This movie was about a villain's heart had been soften by 3 little girls, and he stop being a bad guy after that..

This is the part where the girls was playing a game in the fun fair to win Agnes a unicorn..
From the left : Margo, Agnes, Edith

Lols, Dr. Gru,the villain was playing tea party with the girls..
At last he became a very sweet father =)

Before the movie, we went to Flying Chillies at the Gardens for lunch..
I don have the pictures now =(...
Well, they serve Thai food..We ordered pineapple fried rice with prawns and pandan chicken..Haha, my boyfriend is allergic to prawn so I get to eat all the prawns...

THE END~~my 10th day of my summer holiday

Opps..its not the end yet..
Well, maybe some of you were shock about my new boyfriend =)...Well, if you guys remember that I had a crush on a guy that fools me around and hurt me badly..My boyfriend is my previous best friend which comfort and accompany me through all the emo, hard and sad times..After I finish being emo, I thought everything will go back where it was..It didn't, we grew closer to each other..We still msn-ing and sms-ing each other..
Well, now I felt much more happier than before =)

He is my 1st boyfriend that speaks mandarin to me
He is my 1st boyfriend which used to be my best buddy
He is my 1st boyfriend that always ask me to eat vegetables *well, he is those healthy freaks but i like it* Haha
And I'm his 1st girlfriend!! =)

To my boyfriend,
You took away the pain in my heart.
You make me feel happier than before.
You make my heart beats so fast until I blush.
Thanks for everything.
My love for you will never break.. even when im old and gray!
143 =)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Penang Trip 2

2nd day of the trip *8 July 2010*..

We went to Georgetown in the morning..Apparently, we don even know where are we at 1st..Its seems like Penang's peoples don like putting road signs..After bored of walking without directions, we went to Kek Lok Si temple at Ayer Itams. We need to walk up to the temple but I'm glad its just a short distance of walking =)..

At the entrance of the temple, there have a pond full with tortoises!! Oh my God, they were like so freaking cute! * It reminds me about 2 of my tortoise that had passed away because I didn't feed them =(, m so sorry tortoise! *..

After praying and visiting the temple, we wanted to go to Penang Hill but thanks to the stupid bus that didn't notice us waiting for bus!! End up, we waited for 2 hours!! That's all where our time had gone * zoom * Lols, I remember the part where I shouted f*** and showing my middle finger to the bus, its so damn rude man.....I didn't mean to, I'm really pissed off that time..

Not only no more Penang Hill, no more to my Butterfly Farm too!! =( ..Thanks to my leader!! He promised me that I will get to go but at last I didn't!!..

End up, we went to the Botanical Garden by walking for 1 and half hour...Lols, at 1st we thought it was just nearby by the map but nope, it isn't...When we reached the Botanical Garden, all we saw is monkeys and people jogging around..NO FLORA AT ALL!!..We spend like 30 minutes up there, then we went back to our hotel....

At night, we went to the night market..It just looks normal night market in Malaysia, just that there are more tourists at there..The way they sell their goods to the tourists was so damn funny! One of the tourists was holding something like air oil *minyak angin*, then the guy told the tourist that it was good for his mother, father, auntie and etc...Haha..
The another was, a tourist girl was holding a Jimmy Choo bag, and the guy told her, Jimmy Choo is from Korea!!..Laugh my ass off!!...

After night market, we went Gurney Drive for cendol again!!..Yum yum
Then back to hotel...Well, in the hotel, something strange had happen, I and one of my friends was watching the tv in the living room..Suddenly we heard somebody was knocking on a door * its either my friend's room or the toilet *, so I asked my friend to check is my friend awake and he was playing a prank on us..But my friend told me, he was sleeping like a pig so it cant be him....weird~~
After the tv, I went back to my room for sleep and I heard some sounds again..I ended up didn't sleep for the whole night.....

M so sorry that u guys have to wait for my pictures =(
Thats all for my Penang trip!! my 4th day of my summer holiday


Friday, July 9, 2010

Penang Trip *currently without pict*

I'm back from Penang!!..the trip was like disaster!!
The 1st day *7 July 2010*, we arrived Penang at about 4. We went to the beach , many people at there was digging for shells..The beach was like full of shells!! Of course, we went for a swim later on..
After that, we went to the food court just right outside our hotel to have our dinner then later on we went to Gurney Drive for cendol ..haha..their spelling at there was so damn hilarious..I'm so sorry to those Penang's fella but it is really funny

Cendol - Chendol
Cantonese - Cantoment
Wan Tan Mee - Wan Than Mee
Mochi - Muar Chee

We order different cendol from different stalls, lols..We look so stupid...Ordering cendol from a stall while holding a bowl of cendol from another stall..haha
After our cendol 'survey', I love cendol with red beans *not kidney beans*..They taste more sweet than the kidney beans...After dessert? we went to Gurney Plaza for movie!! We watched "She is out of my league"!I love this movie so much but too bad, the ones who are 18 below cant watch this...Its damn hilarious!! Kirky and Molly was so good in together, they were just so sweet..hehe
Kirky & Molly
In this movie, I love Patty the most..lols..she's like so rude but she she rocks!!..haha..I cant forget the part where she is in the plane and she f*** that man so badly..lols

After movie, we should be going to Mcd to watch fifa world cup *Germany vs Spain* but some of us is exhausted already so we went back to the hotel and some of us watched the game..
I'm so sad about Germany. No!! They are gone!!..I feel like bbq-ing the octopus, Paul!!..Haha

Well, thats all for the 1st day..=)
I will add the pictures in as soon as 3rd day of summer holiday


Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to basic

Today went to watch The Legend is Born : Ip Man with Mr. So Not Awesome..haha
The movie was awesome!! I rated it 10/10.
Before movie, we went to Wong Kok to have lunch and he called his friend along..

Oh my lord! In this movie, the Ip Man so damn hot and handsome! He's like superman in a China style..haha
You guys should really watch this movie...well, I'm waiting my Eclipse! I know some of you find Twilight Saga's movie gay. Hrm, maybe you guys is jealous because you guys cant be so hot like Edward?..haha..just kidding!!

After the movie, he accompany to find a "kelian". I been walking around the same place like 3 times and he didn't even complain about it at all..
When I found the scarf I want, I was standing there considering whether should I buy it for like 30 minutes..haha..Now i feel so bad. I'm so sorry =(
At the end, I bought the scarf and a bunny hairband..hehe
Lols, coincidentally I meet until Fong Bee*my primary school mate* and Ying Ying*my secondary school mate*..and then they were like aa aa aaaa...haha

Guess what!!..Mandy is back to basic!!..I dye my hair back to black..
Well, someone said I look better in black..haha
Moreover, I think I know what I should do about my dilemma..

That's all for today!! my 1st day of summer holiday


Friday, July 2, 2010

Bye bye term 2

Freaks & babes!! I' m back!...No more emo moody Mandy, the retarded Mandy is back =D who calls themselves retard? =.=
Anyways, days passed by and I have grown up, thanks to who? Mr. So Not Awesome!!..hehe
I been busy with my final exams for term 2..After all those late night study, its summer holiday! Which means, its time for beach and bikini!!..Aww, I started to miss my college buddies! 2 weeks without them =( ..Gonna miss the times we have lunch together. Oh no! I ate because of them and I have gain 2 kg..I DON WANT BECOME FAT AGAIN!!

But I'm still in a dilemma and this is worst than the before one. I been in this situation before and I had made a wrong choice..Now here i m again. I hope this time I really take the right choice. I cant bare to get hurt or waste my time anymore. I have been with so many guys before but none of them is the right one. Where have he been? When will he be here?..Its okay though, I still have plenty of time, I just hope I could get marry before I'm 30..Being in a wedding gown with wrinkles and ... , its so damn scary..Its like people will thought this is your 2nd marriage *chuckles*

By the way, I had brought a necklace from here. The quality of the necklace is good, well, its kind of small but it is what I'm looking for..I don like hanging big stuff around my neck! Haha..I will upload the picture of the necklace soon! Just wait! XD

How m I going spend my summer holiday?..hrmm..if ya really want to know.