Monday, February 25, 2013

One of the CNY's nights

Looked through my photos in my folder, just realized I forgot to blog about this.  Aiyaya, luckily I didn't miss it. :) Lucky me.

H&M Lime dress 
My outfit of that night. 

Charles & Keith Bag ,  DazzlingCouture Zip Alike Bangle , Juicy Couture White Lock Bangle 

Well I can't remember when is this but I know my patenent familys had dinner at Concorde KL at that night to celebrate my uncle's birthday, Uncle Gino it's his name.

This is my bro's gf. She's from Guangdong, China. Kinda envy her cause she is so slim :/ 

My siblings :) Heh. Everyone is evolving every single year.

I had Lou Sang for 5 times. I love it very much, most of it it's because of the crackers :P
I can say Concorde have the best Lou Sang I ever tasted. It may looked ordinary in the picture but the chef different added something magical. Next year I will come for u again!!

Chuckei, my cousin. :) Been a long time I didn't get to see her. Glad she is having a great moment in her career now.

My family :) that's my dad with the black-t and Uncle Gino with the red shirt and his wife beside him.

For us Chinese New Year is the most memorable and wonderful festival because this is when all of our family gather together, talking about each other lifes. While the rest of the year,  work is all we know. Can't wait for the next year. 
I hope you and your family had a great time during that festive season too. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

BKK & Phuket

Hey yo! I'm back from my holiday trip :)
This year we went to Phuket *it's my 1st time* and Bangkok as always. I been visiting Bangkok seen the past 5 years but it's still my favourite place in the world. :)

I'm so exhausted from the trip with all the partying at night and shopping when daylight. Just stay tuned kay? I will be posting about my trip soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chor Yat

Been so long that I wore cheong sam. I guess it's been almost more than 10 years. :) Glad I got my cheong sam on time.

This year, my elder brought her gf back to celebrate CNY with us. More kaki to gamble! But I lose everytime I gamble. :( sad, going to get bankrupt. Thought I could win some cash to spend in Bangkok. Bad luck bad luck this year.

My family, with granny and grandpapa.

The girls in my family. :) with kiky. 

That's all for Chor Yat :D 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Not The End Of My Journey

As some of you might know that I have resigned from Shook! at Starhill as a commis 2. Everybody at work is quite disappointed that I leave the company. Not only them, my heart felt heavy too on the last day. I really enjoy my job and the team. Everybody adored me, LOLS well, not quite to adored but they always showered me with lots of love and care that I won't forget :)

At my work place, well I should say my previous work place. We do not only work work and WORK, we talked about the future we perhaps going to have and about our family. 
Glad that I got to talk with the main chef of the kitchen, he just came back from France not long ago so I just got to know him for 2 months. Really appreciate the opportunity they gave me, they even thought of sending me to France unfortunately I resigned but I told myself, even though I didn't get this chance but I definitely will get another chance next time because I believe in myself. 

Boyfriend said my left arm is full of scars like I have been to war. I got burned from the oven twice, sliced my finger and got stitched once. Well, I never felt regret or want to give up because of all this pain but I take it as my own carelessness responsibility. Accident happens right? 

Since I'm not working anymore, I guess in your minds are wondering what m I doing next right? :) Something is coming up perhaps my second career.

I will not give up what I learned and gone through. I will still pursuit my dreams, things I love.