Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tawandang German Brewery, Bangkok

We landed Bangkok from Saigon at night.
Due to the protests, the traffic at Bangkok it's horrible, worst traffic I ever go through. Road blocks everywhere. Unlucky us, the taxi driver which is a woman, perhaps she's a new cabbie too was struggling to find a way to our hotel.
Finally after about two hours, we finally make it to the opposite main street of our hotel. The main street to our hotel was blocked so we got to walk to our hotel with our luggage.
Which was kind of scary with the protestant's guards at there with their "serious" face. I'm so afraid of something violent would happen.
Thank God we made it to our hotel.

Some of my friends said I look like my sister.

Do I?

Tawandang German Brewery, Bangkok

On the next night, my dad brought us to here.
Yes, German cuisine in Bangkok.

This was my second time at here, the 1st time I sat right infront of the stage which was kind of annoying because of the speakers. Hard to communicate with others.
Somehow, it's very famous in Bangkok. Always packed with customers, foreigns and locals.

Pork Knuckle of course.
The knuckle was marinated perfectly, juicy and the meat was so tender.
Got to eat with their mashes, best mashes I ever had.
Was having a really hard time stopping myself.

German Pork Knuckle

Opps, sorry I couldn't remember what's these two (above and below) called in the menu. 

Not mistaken this must be some sort of fried poultry. Perhaps chicken or quail. 

Spicy Thai Papaya Salad
My least favourite one, it's too spicy for me. I could not take it at all. 

German Sausages

German sausage is a must when having German cuisine! Just so tasty and juicy!

 Deep Fried Sea Bass

A must must must to order!
 I'm so in love with fishes now. Whether it's steamed or fried.
Which is kind of great, I finally could let go my obsession with meats.

Awesome light and refreshing beer. 
German always have the best beer in taste and texture.
They would never go wrong.

Does my lil bro looked like under 21 years old? I'm certainly I look younger than him. 
If you are planning to stay at Tawandang after 10.30 pm, make sure to bring passport along. 
To prove you are not underage, just incase.
Under 21 years old are not allow to stay after dinner time.

My family

We had fun at Tawandang, mostly laughing at my bro who is trying to sing in Thai.
Environment was there, crowded with fun and joy.
Not to forget! They have dress code, no sleeveless for boys or slippers allow. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saigon, Vietnam 3

On the next night, we went to Cuc Gach Quan again. Since Vietnamese also celebrate Chinese New Year, there are many shops and restaurants are not open. Lesson learnt, don go to Vietnam during Chinese New Year. 

I don mind eating at Cuc Gach Quan everyday, their food are really really tasty.

 Courgette flower

I just only learn about this, courgette are basically eggplant. Just a different phrase, so there are courgette, eggplant and brinjal, what's more?

 Fried fish

Yes, they are really named as "fried fish" only in their menu. Sorry, I couldn't remember what type of fish are those. 

 Stewed prawns with starfruits.

The prawns taste really good with starfruits. It's spicy and sour. Got to try this!

What's more in Saigon? 
Well, you couldn't miss the Notre Dame Catheral at the city. It's really beautiful, inside and out. Sadly they just let tourists to visit the front part of the church only, they only lets people in for praying.

I was about to buy a really beautiful rosary from the church. A pink pearl rosary, unfortunately I'm short of cash and they are closing within 10 mins that time. It was my last day at Vietnam. Well, I believe I will meet my "fated" rosary one day.

Ciao Bella, Saigon
Du An Can Ho Trung Dong Plaza, 30 Trinh Dinh Thao, Tan Phu.

Photo took from Ciao Bella's main webpage

Italian food in Saigon anyone?

Their pizza dough is absolutely not too thin and crunchy. The best pizza dough I ever had, better than La Risata, Papa John and etc. On the other side, their spaghetti are not that great like their pizzas though.
Carbonara tasted like a literally cream with spaghetti which is kind of awful.

Ciao Bella pizza, Carbonara and ...

Affordable, they have set lunch which includes three courses.
Homey environment, servers not that friendly and greatest pizza I ever had!
That's all for Saigon! Bangkok will be coming up next!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saigon, Vietnam 2

La Creperie, Saigon

La Creperie is a Brittany (A region of France) restaurant from France, there are plenty authentic savoury and sweet dishes to choose from their menu. Savoury crepes are called La Galletes. Their prices would not disappoint you, very affordable.

In the Vietnam, there is still alot of leftover aspects that had been influence by the French colonial. Architectures, languages and of course foods. Therefore, there is La Creperie. Some of the crepes are even fusion of Vietnamese and French culinary. 

Basically, their theme is maritime as you can see the lighthouse, blue and white strips and their decos. Their interior design makes you feel like you are dining in a boat. Really nice concept they have here. This is my very first time having savoury crepes, for my entire life I only known about dessert crepes. 

My lil bro and elder one

La Gallete with salmon and egg with cream and cheese. 

Made with good and fresh quality ingredients. It's filling because of the cream and cheese yet it's tasty too. A good pick for the ones who have bigger appetite. 

I'm so sorry I really couldn't remember what is this. My lil bro ordered this so I didn't pay any attention to it. There are rye, salmon, cheese and ... in it. First impression : What the hell is this. After having a first bite : Woah, that is different. I could describe how it really taste like. There's no rice or risotto, just amazing the way it is.

La Galette with ....

Not mine, so again lack of attention. This was my less favorite one, maybe it's particularly there's a fried egg. The ones who know me well, I dislikes eggs alot especially fried ones. Weird I know.

The atmosphere and foods is awesome, and great attentive servers. A nice place to chill out away from the busy city.
Now I feel so regret for not trying their desserts. :( How could I?
Visit here when you are at Saigon, you will not regret about it.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Saigon, Vietnam

 Every year, we will have a family vacation trip since we rarely spend time together as a family.
I been to Bangkok like 123.....10 times, every single year since I'm 13. Bangkok became my second home instantly.
This year, we visited Saigon, Vietnam. A quiet relaxing place to look around and for their famous Pho of course! I'm in love with Pho even since I got my first bite of it. The soup was amazing! 

Landed Saigon on the afternoon. Headed out for Pho straight away.
This is a well known restaurant that serves really good and authentic Pho. There's alot of local people and foreigners in the restaurant. 
The best Pho I ever had. 

They are open from 6am - 2pm and 5pm - 12am.

As usual, random selca of me. 

My one and only overgrown me lil bro. 

Cuc Gach Quan, Saigon
10 Dang Tat, Ward Tan Dinh, District 1.

My sister have been to Saigon twice last year so she knows where's all the good food are. The concierge of our hotel also recommended this restaurant.
They serve Vietnamese home cooked food.
Their restaurant was packed with foreigners at that time, make sure you called or make a reservation before heading there.

Their menu is really very thick, it's almost thick as a dictionary.
You could ask the servers to recommend.
They recommend all sorts of weird foods, like fish with passionfruit sauce. You could never imagine what it tastes like. 
Always try weird and unusual things, it would surprise you. That's how a vacation should be. 

Stewed Chicken with Lemongrass and Chili

Crispy Sea Bass with Passionfruit Sauce

Unexpected passionfruit sauce goes well with fish. I can't stop munching on them. Just too delicious!

Fried Spring Rolls

Who leaves Saigon without having their famous spring rolls? Got to have them. Must!

Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimp

Among all of this, I dislike this the most. All I could taste is raw veges. Not my type. 

Sauteed Beef with Dragon Beans

Dragon Beans are our "sei gok dau". Different countries have different names for them, I guess.

Fried Soft Shell Crabs

Fried Homemade Tofu 

Their tofu are really very soft, it's like our Chinese egg tofu. Literally melts in your mouth. Yum!

Stewed Pork with Egg

Tomato juice

Trying to be healthy and all with tomato juice. LOL.
Overall, the environment is good! Foods are awesome! Service is helpful and kind!
What could I ask for more?! 

Lastly, a group photo with my siblings and dear bro-in-law. 

ALERT! More new posts will be publish soon! :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter @ Shanghai

So sorry for my not updated blog :( I have been busy preparing for CNY at home and travelling around. Just too many things to settle at home, with the decorations and visiting my friends and all.

My second time visiting Shanghai in a year. 
Previously we celebrated our 1st anniversary in SHOOK, KL. So here are we dining in another SHOOK at Shanghai. Perhaps we would try to dine in at all the SHOOK around the world. 

SHOOK @ The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

During lunch time, they have set lunch (starter & main course) which costs around 88RMB, not including tax and service charge. The price is reasonable with the view of the Bund and their comfy environment. 

Here comes our food. 

Classic Chicken Caeser Salad

I prefer Shook KL's caesar salad than Shanghai's. The dressing is not seasoned enough.

 Sauteed Blue Mussel with Lemongrass Broth

Flavorful enough for me. I love how the veges is cut into perfect cubes in the soup. 

 Spicy Red Curry Chicken

As a Malaysian, this would be not my best curry I ever had. I prefer Chinese or Indian curries more.

 Slow Braised Beef Cheeks

Red wine reduction sauce, not my thing. For me, all I could taste is bitter. The beef cheeks is well cooked though.

What's a complete meal without desserts at the end?
I love to try desserts, to find the difference of the quality, taste and presentation. Desserts is just my thing, that I would always love. 

 Pumpkin Cheesecake

I don really like pumpkin at all, not my taste. First time tasting pumpkin as a ingredient in a cake. 
It's really beautiful though.

 Valrhona Chocolate Fudge Cake

There's Valrhona ice cream, Valrhona foam and Valrhona cake.
Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially Valrhona chocolate, the world best baking chocolate. Try it once and you would want more of it.

Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai

It's a great place for foods and drinks.
There are shops and restaurants in the narrow alleys.
Nearest metro station : Dapuqiao station.

There's a famous Teddybear cafe, it's interesting and unique to try.
And there's a tea shop named Tea House, you could see the shop at every corners.
I bought two cans of tea leaf from them, plan to get them again on my next visit.

Wujiang Road, Shanghai

The objective of coming is for Yang's Fried Dumpling.
According to alot of webpage, Wujiang road is a snacks street That was previously, they had renovate the street. No more foods.

Went home without Yang's Fried Dumpling, a frowned on my face.
Well, on the very next day, my smart boyf managed to bring me to Yang's Fried Dumpling with his instinct. I was a happy girl again.

Coming up next, Vietnam. :)