Saturday, May 29, 2010

내가 바라는 전부 조나단 알았입니다
كل ما أريده هو جوناثان بيين
I miss you so much until I'm out of control =(
Lols, like what Jayne said, I had become your no.1 fan *as so far i i know, you don have any fans at all*
I need to surrender my lappie and handphone to Jayne and Ken already before I go nuts.
Want to know who is *you*? Too bad you cant =P
Wait until everything went well then i will exposed my BIGGEST secret
Stay tuned

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It is not the end of my world

Hrmm...this days I have been really in a bad mood and that day I cried and shouted at my sis * sorry sis *..
But after Kenny aka Prawn Brain >.< comfort me that night..I feel much much better and happier..I know I cant have everything in this world with me all the time..Sometimes when something had happen, there is no way back..
No matter how u tried to pull it back it just wont work like a elastic band which lost it elasticity..I'm so sorry..I really am...
Seriously it got nothing to do with other people at all..
I'm still waiting for a miracle to happen..
I'm single but not available now..u girls sure very disappointed on me =( for cant make my relationship last long...sorry babes..


Friday, May 21, 2010


To my lovely mom in the Heaven

I never told you that I cried everytime when I think of you

I never told you that I always feel bad after I fought back with you

I never told you that I regretted for doing those bad to you

I never told you that I lied about saying I do not love you and don want you as my mom

I never told you that the night when you about to leave, I wanted to stay at your side so badly before you went away

I never told you that I miss everything you did for me

I never told you that I love you so much

To ...

I never told you that how much I love you

I never told you that I always wanted to hold your hands when our hand accidentally brush together

I never told you that I always felt so happy when you are around

I never told you that I cant spend a day without talking to you

I never told you that I miss you when we were not together

I never told you that I felt sad when you doesn't talk to me at all


Monday, May 17, 2010


Seems like I'm really having depression..
Have I gone nuts or what?..Thanks to my stomach ache, it made me woke up 6 in the morning..
Guess what I did?..I just wondering around my room like an idiot..At last I fell asleep and Zzz until now..
I don feel like having anything in my tummy at all, just feel like throw up..
I can feel that I had hide many secrets behind my heart and it's like gonna explode any moment..
I wished he knows what I want and what I thinks...Should I set myself free?..


Friday, May 14, 2010


After few days being a cry baby and heart broken, the old days of me had return..I'm glad I'm awake from this nightmare..Even though I know it isn't over yet but I will try my best to figure out what should I do with it and get over it..

I'm so sorry babes and dudes for making u guys worry about me..I'm fine now =D

I had learn how to handle my problems by just letting it be and ignore it, when the times come I only will care about it..

I tried many ways to avoid it already but it still doesn't work at all..It will just return to the same thing..It is just like a magnet to me..

Mostly it brings me happiness but when i thought of another side, it brings sadness to me..

THINK MANDY THINK!! *peanut brain*
Favourite song of the week
♥ Jay Chow - Superman Do Not Know How To Fly ♥

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today *8 May* went to Times Square for movie with Mr Lee..Lols, today I'm really very angry because Mr Lee called me to change my outfit and at that moment i'm like all messed up so i keep scold him..Haha..Sorry dear =( my bad..Something wrong me with today, I feel like so annoyed and wish the whole wide world could just shut up for a day..
The purpose we went to Times Square is just to watch Diary of A Wimpy Kid..Actually we plan to watch Toy Story 3 but they only show the movie twice a day only *weird*

The Diary of A Wimpy Kid is about a boy which just enter high school..He wanted to be the most famous kid in his school so he could sit with those cool kids in the canteen and have many friends..Well, he didnt become a famous kid but he did learn that his best friend, Rowley is important to him..At last, two of them had became the cutest friends in the school..

Lolss, I love the lil bro the most, Manny *Bubby bubby bubby* Hehe..So darn cute >.<

After the movie, we went to Subang Jaya to celebrate Bao Sen's birthday *Dear's religion friend* by having steamboat at the Tasty Pot..
1. The food taste horrible
2. The place was so damn freaking hot
3. The seafoods at that was not fresh at all
Anyway, I have a great day with them..Lols, i cant really remember all their names..Anyway, happy birthday Bao Sen!..Hope you have a wonderful day =D
Tomorrow I will be going to a orphanage house at nearby Kelana Jaya with my college's friends to do community service so I decided to but something for the kids..
And look what i found at the Borders, a bunny bag pack with 3 story books..Hope the kids like it =D
After dinner, we went to IKEA..I went there just to get my cooking utensils only..
I bought this balloon whisk and normal whisk for like rm5..lols, so damn cheap..
Then when we walk pass the kids section..something had caught my eye and I saw toys!!..hehe
Mr Lee saw me looking at the toys like a baby so he called me to choose one..Haha..So I choose this Moosy..Love you my dear =D..thanks and sorry for today
And don forget today*9 May* is Happy Mother's Day..I wished all the mom happy mother's day..Hope their children always appreciate and love them more than anything..ILY mum..I hope you are happy at where you are right now..

Friday, May 7, 2010

Restaurant Service

On the Wednesday, where it is our turn to do restaurant service for The Truffles..
Cindy, Dinesh and Suki was absent on that day which left 8 of us..When i found out that on that day we have 53 guests to serve, I like what?..8 servers handle 53 guests include 12 VIP * Mr Neethia, the head of hospitality and tourism department..
I and Kavi need to serve 2 tables and Mr Neethia's table..I was so damn afraid of him
Before the service, the annoying lecturer, Mr Gobi *don know how to spell his name, by the way i don even care how to spell his name* came to chit chat with Mr Liew..Then he notice me and talks with me..

Mr Gobi : Where are you from?
Me : Er, Malaysia?
Mr Gobi : Do you know that Malaysian have black hair too?

Then i ignore him..then he went on complain about Jen's tattoo...Damn busy body..
Continue about the service, when the restaurant is open..Everyone went all messed up because we need to help to serve other tables..When i was serving Mr Neethia, I forget to explain about the menu and a lot of steps, I was so scare he will be mad but he didn't *he smile ad thank me when i serve him* Phew...
Now let me explain the service sequence that we used to serve the guests..
Service Sequence
1st Lay napkin for the guest and serve water
2nd Explain about the beverages menu and take drinks order
3rd Serve beverages and explain the menu
4th Serve bread and clear the show plate
5th Fire appetiser and serve it when it is ready
6th Clear the appetiser and fire the main course
7th Serve main course and clear all the plates when they are done with their foods
8th Fire dessert and serve it
9th Clear the plates and crumbs down
10th Take coffee tea order and serve it
11th Wait for them to ask for bill
12th Send them to the door and ask them please don come again XP

Some of the guests is very nice but some is very irritating..They like to give troubles to you and ask you for this and that + when they are unhappy, they will show those ugly faces to you..
When the end of the service, everyone like finally..Haha..


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Justin Bieber FEVER

I'm officially obsess about Justin Bieber now..Really crazy about him..
To those who thought he sing like a girl, think about yourself before you say like that..Are you better than him??..NO YOU ARE NOT..
Now days, teen singers is more popular like Miley Cirus , Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift..
Justin Bieber's song have been in the chart for like months non-stop..Songs like Eenie Meenie feat Sean Kingston, Baby feat Ludacris and Less One Lonely Girl
Million of his album have been sold , thanks to those girls who really really in love with him..Try to guess how much will he make when he was 30..He is just 16 now and he made billion million of cash..I guess his mom will be very proud of him
Not mistaken, he live with his singer mom and he is a Canadian who grew up in Stratford, Ontario..He started to sing when he was 12 and been discover by the former So So Def marketing executive Scooter Braun *lolss, i don even know who is that*

Always will be Justin Bieber fan


Saturday, May 1, 2010


You have always been there for me, always, no matter what happen...
I'm so sorry that you have to go through those hard times just for me..
Thanks for loving and caring me..
Nobody have did what you did for me before..Driving me back from college, taking me out for lunch because I have nothing to eat at home, always been tolerate to me and never fight back with me, try to put a smile up in your face even though you are no even happy at all just to make me smile, always give me what i want, protect me from danger..

We have not quarrel before, NOT EVEN ONCE..whenever we were mad with each other, I will just weep and you will just ask me to stop crying and agree whatever I said..

Thanks dear, really thanks to you..

I love you