Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 of Sept

Last week, went to watch The Hole with hubby and lil bro at Pavillion. 1 word, SUCKS!!

Its not even a horror movie. Wasted money. Ish, should have watch Wall Street or The Legend of The Fist.

This week, I'm having exam. Stress. Really stress. Everyday need to catch up one subject. Day after day. After this week, i will be having one week holiday then internship. Can you recommend any nice place to visit? :-)

Oh ya, and currently I'm driving to college!! =D Well, I'm just a beginner so I'm clumsy and scare. At first, I feel it is fun to get to drive but after awhile, I feel tired and lazy. Lols. Hope I wont be asleep while I'm driving like my hubby. Haha

To those stupid idiots who say humans does not need to attach with their partner is really stupid ass clowns. Those who have thoughts like this is officially a player. And to ... if you want your boyfriend to love you and commit to you, please behave yourself and be a bitch around other guys when your boyfriend is not around. * You need to act to get something you want, it does not come to you if you are just standing there waiting for it *

And good luck to all DC35 with their exams, I hope nobody in my group will be deferred.
* Hubby, thanks for the lunch today :*) * Always be loving you~

Currently I'm in love with this song, Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope Heart.
Listen to it , feel it and enjoy it~

Hope you like it too


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its going be our 3rd month being together.

I the way you kiss my head,
I it when you fold my hair behind my ear,
I the way you always care about me.
Sad, we are going for our internship on 11 October until 1 January 2011.
FYI, I will be going to work at Concorde hotel, KL.
Maybe we will be having different off day and I will have different shifts.
Really need to appreciate the time we were spending together before starting our intern.
Its like freaking 3 months!! No christmas eve, christmas, new year eve and new year.
Hope everything will be the same like now after our intern.
Will you always be missing me and still love me in the way?
I will, I will always be waiting for the 3 months to over and work hard.
I will try to find some time to spend with you.

I you, hubby

Wish us luck ;)


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

♥ Devil ♥

Last week, I went to the cinema with my hubby to watch Devil. I suspected the security guard is the devil while my hubby said the devil is the salesman. Want to know who is the devil? =D

The show is about 5 people trapped in an elevator. The creepiest part is that one of them is the devil.

In this show, it is stated that when an innocent human commits suicide, it is believe that the devil has arrived. There are reasons why those 5 peoples are chosen to be trapped in the elevator.
1. The security guard, Ben is a thug who have criminal records.
2. The girl, Sarah is a whore that cheats marriage for money and assets.
3. The guy, Tony is a deserter involved in a hit and run that killed the detective's wife and son.
4. The salesman, Vince is con-artist used to con his customer and escaped.
5. The old lady, Jane Cowski is a thief.

At the start, they thought it was just a normal incident. But when the light went off the first time and Sarah got cut at her back, they suspected its Vince. A Mexican security guard in the control room saw a devil face on the CCTV camera and he told his colleague that its not a normal accident, there is something inside the lift. His colleague was shocked about what he been told but he just ignored it.
The next black out, Vince was killed by shattered glasses. Detective Bowden was been called to the building to investigate about it. He checked the visitor list and he found out there was only 4 people who missed their appointment which were Ben, Sarah, Vince and Jane Cowski. He began to suspect Tony since his name was not in the list. After the blackout, Sarah saw everybody is dead lying on the floor. She freaked out.
Its been said that whenever somebody tries to help them, they will be in trouble too. The office building's repairman tried to fix the elevator from the top but unfortunately he fell and died. Jane Cowski was got killed as she got hung by an electrical cord inside the elevator.

Sarah and Ben suspected Tony afterwords as he had military experience. And the guys began to fight against each other. Detective Bowden ordered them to stop the fight. Then lights went out again. This time, they flashed their cellphones around the lift. Unfortunately suddenly all of their cellphones dropped on the floor and Ben's neck got twisted 180 degree.
Sarah and Tony were terrified and they took the shattered glasses lying on the floor and are prepared to stab each other. Detective Bowden calmed them down. The lights went off again and this time Sarah's throat is slashed.
Tony's fiance sneaked into the control room and told the Detective Bowden that she is Tony's finance and Tony's full name is Tony JaneCowski which means, Tony actually did sign in and the old women's name is not Jane Cowski.

Tony and the people, Detective Bowden, the Mexican security guard and Tony's fiance was shocked when the so called Jane Cowski was rised from her death. Apparently she is the devil among all of them. When she was prepared to take Tony's life. Tony used the walkie-talkie that the repairman dropped to confessed to Detective Bowden that he was involed in a car accident few years ago and killed a mother and son. The devil did not kill him after that as he was no longer "damned" as he confessed and repented. When elevator's door opened and the devil is gone. Detective Bowden decided to regains his faith in God and forgives Tony for his mistakes.

Here's the trailer so you can have a sneak peek about it

Hope you enjoy it..



Friday, September 17, 2010

Chuckei's Big Day Dinner

On the 15 of September, my cousy, Jane Lau celebrated her birthday at La-Risata, Ampang. I used to dine in there when I was young with my family. The place was great so as the food. Its super duper delicious, fyi they served Italian cuisine so there are lots of spaghetti and pizza. Yum yum. Jane had set a theme for her birthday event where all the girls must dress in black.
There were over 30 boys and girls which I barely know them, me & my hubby and Ashley & her boyfriend sat at the corner of the table. We were like having our own world at that corner, =( didn't get to talk much with Jane.

They renovated their restaurant to a bigger one and now they have 2 floors! With a wine room where you can actually sit there and enjoy the wine inside.
Last time, the restaurant used to be like a classical type while now its more modern. I love it
Moreover, they also added some new dishes into their menu.
Me and my hubby had ordered homemade mushroom soup, pizza with lamb and ricotta and spaghetti with mussels from NZ. I enjoyed the mushroom soup and pizza but not the spaghetti. Maybe because I don like mussels.

Hubby's sneaker & my shoe
Noobie hubby!! XD
Jane with her birthday cake, Daphne specially designed the cake for her. Aww~
Ladies!! Can you spot me? I don think so..Haha
I took this 2 pictures from Ash-Oh-Tonic. =)

Want more info about this Italian restaurant? Click here !!

Once more again I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Jane. I enjoyed the times I spent with you since our childhood till now. Oh crap, we getting old =(


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hubby. 10.09.10

On that day, I went dating with hubby at 1U. At 1st we thought that there will be not crowded since the highway is smooth (100% no jam). Unfortunately, when we reach 1U, the mall's car park was completely full so we went to park at One World Hotel in Damansara ( just next to 1U ). So we went to get movie tickets 1st, the Q was not long so we thought we could get a nice seat. But too bad, all the movie at any timing left only the front row!! =( Luckily, Going The Distance still have seats in the middle row. So lucky!! Teehee
After getting the tickets, we went for a little shopping, oh well.
I cant resist the clothes and guess what? Haha, I bought a sweater from F21!! *Zap! Money gone* =(

Done with shopping then went for snacks, at *umm i forgot* lolss. And guess what happen? I'm so smart that I left my shopping bag at there. Once I reminded about that, I quickly went back to the cafe to look for it. Phew, I found it with an uncle.

Happily, we went to the cinema to watch the movie. And I saw my ex bf. Mr Edward Gan, omg!! I was like should I go and talk with him or I just ignore him? Well, we did say hi to each other and I went away. And I meet him AGAIN! We were in the same cinema hall and he sat at the row in front of me. I was shocked again. Well, past is the past so just let it go =)
I rate this movie 7/10!!
Starting, the guy, Garrett got dumped by his girlfriend and he went to the bar with his 2 friends, Dan & Box.
So he was there looking for girls and he saw her, Erin at the centipede machine. He went towards her and cause her losing the game. So he bought her a drink for the game. This is how the meet, and they started to date after that. Well, unfortunately Erin is just doing her intern in New York and she need to leave after 6 months. They were so in love with each other so they didn't gave up on their relationship even though they are far apart from each other.
Haha, 2 of his friends were rowing the boat while they were smooching.
This is Erin's crazy sister, Corinne. She is obsessed with cleanness. She threw her daughter's , Maya drumstick when it fell on the table because there was once Erin and Garrett had sex on it. Haha. And "Maya, statue!!" XD
After for several months, Erin can't get a job in New York instead there was a job offer for her at San Francisco. At 1st, she thought of giving up the job offer and move in with Garrett in New York but Garrett didn't want Erin to give up the job for him so they broke up and focused on their jobs. Months later, Erin got a package from Garrett and there was ticket passes for a concert. So Erin went to the concert and she bumped into Garrett. She just found out that Garrett is also working at the same area as her so they continue their relationship from there. Finally they were happily together =)

After the movie, we went to SS2 for Murni but the shop was not opened. Instead we ate some desserts at a shop in that area and went back home.

That's all for that day =)
Had a great day with hubby


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Girls Day Out

On 9th September 2010, I went to Pavillion, KL with few of my high school mates. I was having semi fever on that day but I still insist to go because of the special belated birthday girl, Angeline. :-) The sad part is I made hu
bby worried me a lot and he said I'm stubborn. Haha

Here they are!! It had been a long time since I last met them. Aww, I miss them so much. But one of them is missing, Miss Hui Sien. She went to Ho Chih Minh. Oh well, Angeline and Hui Yee arrived there earlier than us so we ( Janice, Erin ) meet them at Snowflakes. So sad, I couldn't have them nor Chatime!! =(
Later, Angeline wanted to go Roxy to get slippers after she got the birthday vouchers from Roxy. Too bad, mostly all of them do not have her size. Haha, BIGFOOT!!

Janice and Erin cam-whored in Roxy when I helped Angeline to choose her slippers.
After Angeline had decided she want flat gladiator rather then slippers that cost rm50!! So we went around Pavillion to find the perfect gladiator for her. Found a pair in ELEMENTS but out of her size AGAIN!! Haha. There was another ELEMENT at Times Square, KL so we planned to go there after we are done with Pavillion.

Love this piece!!
Lunch time!! Ting ting ting!! We went to a Mexican cuisine restaurant.

I'm impressed with their service. Not matter how many times I asked the waitress for something, she still have the smile on her face. Not like some places, they will show their bitter faces. Haha

Hui Yee

I and Erin was having spaghetti with chicken and tomato sauce. The pasta's taste was very flavorful. Its full of herbs.I love it =)
While Angeline and Janice choose to have fettuccine with mushroom and cream sauce. The taste of the cream is not heavy enough. It's like tasteless. Hui Yee was having spaghetti with seafood. I didn't tried so too bad I don know how does it taste like.

A set of lunch cost rm18 included drink. =)

After lunch, MOVIE time!! Not really enjoyed, mostly I slept after having Panadol.
Then we went to Times Square to get flat gladiator for Angeline. God bless her!!
They have her size!! Haha. Then we stopped by at Giordano, they having sales and I saw jackets and I thought of my hubby ^^ I bought one for me and him. Hui Yee was like so shocked that I bought for him, she asked me don't I feel like heartache or ... *Opps, I forget* Teehee. Well, my answer was he bought me a lot of stuff too so its okay. HEARTS HUBBY!!

Later, all of them was having Baskin Robbin exclude me and Hui Yee. So jealous! I couldn't have them :( then we all hug goodbye at about 6 something. Thanks to Angeline for fetching me home!! I'm quite shocked that her driving skills was way better than me. Crap, I really need to train.

Hope all of us will meet up again and update each other =)


Monday, September 6, 2010



If you see a guy especially Indians who ride a motorbike with a bloody hand knocking on your window asking you for tissues to clean off the blood from his hand. DO NOT STOP YOUR CAR!! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! JUST GO!! Even if he damages your car or holds on to your side mirrors. DRIVE STRAIGHTLY TO THE POLICE STATION!! This kind of crime had been reported in 40 cases in Seremban, Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Klang Town.

They are mainly Indian gangsters. No matter how crowded the place is, they are still daring to commit this crime. Usually they will rob you or even rape if the driver is a female.
Please forward this post to aware people about this.

Credits to Dr Jeyashree Srinivasan, Island Hospital and Cherine, here


Saturday, September 4, 2010

♥ Piranha ♥

Last night, its my 1st time going to the cinema with my family in 2010. Well, its great. :-)
I went to Wangsa Walk with my lil bro, my elder sis and her boyfriend.
We watched PIRANHA!! My sis didn't bought the 3D ticket so too bad~
The movie is for above 18 only, there were girls shaking their butts and boobies all the time so its inappropriate for kids to watch. I guess the guys will enjoy it very much. Haha

This movie is about a bunch of girls and boys having fun at the side of the shore during spring break. A old man dropped his beer into the lake and it caused earthquake under the lake. And it opened a pathway to another lake under the lake. There are millions of piranha under there and they are all free.

The officers found out there are piranhas in the lake so they asked the bunch of teenagers to stay away from the lake. Well, you know. Teenagers love breaking the law =P When a girl's butt got bitten by several piranha and the lake starting to turn red, everybody got freaked out and they tried to swim up the shore. But too bad, there were so many piranha. Theres a part where 2 officers were carrying a girl up to the shore ( One of them are holding her head and the another one are holding her legs ) then guess what, the girl body ripped to half. So disgusting.

At the end of the movie, an fish inspector realized the piranha that they saw were just the babies. Which means the parents will be much bigger than they expected.

Well, I suggest you to watch in 3D =) Hope you enjoy the movie.


No Racism + Selamat Hari Raya

Recently in Malaysia, there were racism matters going around..
Is this what you call 1 Malaysia??!! If this is what all of you mean, then shame on YOU!! Outsiders from other country always is impressed on how three different races can live together in peace? Are we still going to make our country proud or going on war against each other and just ruin everything in our country? Think about the results before you take any action.

Results from having war
1. Innocent citizens like children and old folks will suffer.
2. Malaysia's economy will drop from head to toe.
3. KLCC and KL Tower, Malaysia's great creation will be destroy just like that.
4. Other country will look down on Malaysia. Its a shame to fight against each other in a same country.
5. Everything will be destroy and nothing is left.

So is this what you want? Think twice before you decide. Think about your children, grand children and family. I CHOOSE NOT TO BE RACIST!!

Other than that, I would like to wish all Malaysia's citizens Selamat Hari Raya. Please becareful on the way back to your hometowns :-) While for those who does not celebrate Hari Raya, Happy Holidays. Take care.

Lastly remember STOP RACISM!!