Saturday, September 25, 2010

Its going be our 3rd month being together.

I the way you kiss my head,
I it when you fold my hair behind my ear,
I the way you always care about me.
Sad, we are going for our internship on 11 October until 1 January 2011.
FYI, I will be going to work at Concorde hotel, KL.
Maybe we will be having different off day and I will have different shifts.
Really need to appreciate the time we were spending together before starting our intern.
Its like freaking 3 months!! No christmas eve, christmas, new year eve and new year.
Hope everything will be the same like now after our intern.
Will you always be missing me and still love me in the way?
I will, I will always be waiting for the 3 months to over and work hard.
I will try to find some time to spend with you.

I you, hubby

Wish us luck ;)


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