Thursday, September 9, 2010

Girls Day Out

On 9th September 2010, I went to Pavillion, KL with few of my high school mates. I was having semi fever on that day but I still insist to go because of the special belated birthday girl, Angeline. :-) The sad part is I made hu
bby worried me a lot and he said I'm stubborn. Haha

Here they are!! It had been a long time since I last met them. Aww, I miss them so much. But one of them is missing, Miss Hui Sien. She went to Ho Chih Minh. Oh well, Angeline and Hui Yee arrived there earlier than us so we ( Janice, Erin ) meet them at Snowflakes. So sad, I couldn't have them nor Chatime!! =(
Later, Angeline wanted to go Roxy to get slippers after she got the birthday vouchers from Roxy. Too bad, mostly all of them do not have her size. Haha, BIGFOOT!!

Janice and Erin cam-whored in Roxy when I helped Angeline to choose her slippers.
After Angeline had decided she want flat gladiator rather then slippers that cost rm50!! So we went around Pavillion to find the perfect gladiator for her. Found a pair in ELEMENTS but out of her size AGAIN!! Haha. There was another ELEMENT at Times Square, KL so we planned to go there after we are done with Pavillion.

Love this piece!!
Lunch time!! Ting ting ting!! We went to a Mexican cuisine restaurant.

I'm impressed with their service. Not matter how many times I asked the waitress for something, she still have the smile on her face. Not like some places, they will show their bitter faces. Haha

Hui Yee

I and Erin was having spaghetti with chicken and tomato sauce. The pasta's taste was very flavorful. Its full of herbs.I love it =)
While Angeline and Janice choose to have fettuccine with mushroom and cream sauce. The taste of the cream is not heavy enough. It's like tasteless. Hui Yee was having spaghetti with seafood. I didn't tried so too bad I don know how does it taste like.

A set of lunch cost rm18 included drink. =)

After lunch, MOVIE time!! Not really enjoyed, mostly I slept after having Panadol.
Then we went to Times Square to get flat gladiator for Angeline. God bless her!!
They have her size!! Haha. Then we stopped by at Giordano, they having sales and I saw jackets and I thought of my hubby ^^ I bought one for me and him. Hui Yee was like so shocked that I bought for him, she asked me don't I feel like heartache or ... *Opps, I forget* Teehee. Well, my answer was he bought me a lot of stuff too so its okay. HEARTS HUBBY!!

Later, all of them was having Baskin Robbin exclude me and Hui Yee. So jealous! I couldn't have them :( then we all hug goodbye at about 6 something. Thanks to Angeline for fetching me home!! I'm quite shocked that her driving skills was way better than me. Crap, I really need to train.

Hope all of us will meet up again and update each other =)


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