Saturday, February 26, 2011

BKK 2011 Oakwood Serviced Apartment

After 2 days at Pattaya.
We returned to Bangkok for SHOPPING :D. This time, we are staying the same venue as my cousins.

Say hello to Oakwood Serviced Apartments. Located at Sukhumvit 18, Bangkok.

We stayed here for 4 days (not mistaken, haha). There was food stalls, massage centers, 7-11 and train station around the area, so its convenient for us.

Comfy bed.
Comes with a small kitchen.
Side table.

At Bangkok, we went to Chap Tu Chak (weekend market) twice. Haha, cant walk all in a day.
Next, Platinum mall of course. But I didn't really bought anything much from there. Then, Siam Paragon and Siam Center, mostly went there for food only :)

And of course we prayed the four face god.

Speaking about Thai food. YUM! I miss them! ALOT! :(
I want eat their morning glory, char siew wantan mee and crab but NOT RAW! My dad love to eat raw crab and prawn. Not me! I got high fever after the 1st time I ate when my previous trip to Bangkok. But they really taste good.
You can find it at a Seafood restaurant at Ratchada road.

And my dad, siblings and cousins went to a disco at Bangkok. I didn't followed them because Hunny don love to go those kind of place so I accompanied him but unfortunately I fell asleep. Haha. Too tired.

Thats all for Bangkok.

Love this decoration at Siam Center, made from many many colourful straws. Pretty. :>

I miss you, Bangkok! Have a lot of great memories at there.
Oh wait! I still plenty of pictures in my Golden Half but I haven't finish the film yet. WILL TRY TO WASH THE FILM ASAP. :D


Love this song, remember you are perfect in your own way.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PATTAYA, Centara Grand Mirage Resort

Hola! :) I'm back from my Thailand trip. So it's time for me to blog all the wonderful times I had.
The 1st day in Thailand, my family, hunny and I went to Pattaya. We spent 3days 2 nights at Centara Grand Mirage Resort.

All of us had the deluxe ocean view room.

The balcony
The view of the swimming pool from the balcony.
The beautiful ocean.
Working/Writing table.
Working/Writing table.
Bed *Love the wall's decoration*

Side mini bar

After we are done unpacking and exploring the room, I changed into my bikini, I went to the swimming pool and the beach with the others.
I'm so in love with the swimming pool! They have water slides!! :)
The pool is so huge that I had trouble searching for my siblings. Love it to the max.

Other than that, they have all sorts of activities like water basketball, beach soccer, water polo, rock climbing and etc.

And speaking of the beach, NICE! :D. Since they have their private beach so it is much cleaner than the public one.

After having fun at the pool and beach.
It's time to go back our rooms and bath to get ready for dinner!

I love this moment, the sun just look so beautiful.

In Pattaya and Bangkok, we usually have hawker's foods. No fancy food. I love Thailand's hawker's foods because they taste great and much better than those fancy ones! BELIEVE ME!

So we walked around looking for food and suddenly some biker came from behind and snatched my father's gold necklace. All of us was so shocked. To me, Thailand is not that safe anymore like the past few years where everybody was kind and friendly.

Back to dinner! We have Pattaya's Char Siew Wantan Mee. NICE! Guess what, a bowl of it just cost us rm3! Cheap huh? Hehe
After we have our dinner, we took a tuk tuk van for a tour around Pattaya. Then we stopped at Central Festival, a new shopping mall and walked around. Then coincidentally meet my uncle and his family.

And it's foot massage time! :) I have never went for foot massage before, it was my first time. Very relaxing and tickling. Haha. Same goes to my hunny.
On the way walking back to our resort, we bought some snacks, beers and my sister's boyfriend bought deep fried crickets. EWW!!

Building of the resort
Main entrance of the resort
Center of the resort

On the next day, all of us woke up early for breakfast then went for a tour around Pattaya with a travel guide. At 1st, he brought us to the View Point.
The view was so beautiful.

View of Pattaya,
Pattaya have a shape of an eclipse.

The next destination, we went to Buddha Hill.

Saw the Buddha? :)

Look ,that is my sister on the left! Hehe

After we prayed, we visited The Gems Gallery at Pattaya. They say no camera or V.D.O is allowed. So sorry. :(

That's all for Pattaya :D Bangkok's post will be coming soon. Hehe


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

As you know, the past few days is Chinese New Year. This year, I didn't really bought any new clothes. I just got 2 new clothes from Pull and Bear and F21.

Can't wait to see my new hair style? :)
Just look at my blog's DP. Nice bo?
All of my college friends was really shocked when they saw my new hair style. And of course my Hunny too. Haha.

Back to Chinese New Year!
Day 1

All of us dressed up in new clothes and went to my father's side grandparents house to have vegetarian food.
Outfit of the day. :)
Nom nom!! I don like vegetables but I LOVE VEGETARIAN FOOD! Do not know why. They just taste good. Haha.

As usual when Chinese New Year,all of us will gamble. Its like a traditional activity for us. Haha. I won more than RM200 from playing poker with my elder bro and sis. Woots!

My dog, Kiky also do love poker game! Haha.

I'm so in love with my cousin's daughter, Chloe. She is so damn cute and magically she understand whatever we said *She is just 17 months!*
And she love dogs! But she only love those which were active! She hate the ones that does not move around much. Haha.

Isn't she cute? :)

When the night comes, we went to my mother's side grandparents house for dinner.

Day 2

In morning, went to my father's side grandparents house again to have chinese new year food.
Did nothing much in the afternoon.

At the night, I and my father's side family were having dinner at Oversea restaurant at Imbi road. Damn crowded the place. No likey.
Outfit of the night.
*Shirt, Pull & Bear. Skirt, from daddy, Leggings, Topshop.*

After dinner, I have no place to go so I followed my cousin, Ashley Lau to his boyfriend's cousin house to gamble until 3am. Too bad. On that day I don have any luck. No win no lose.

Thats all for Chinese New Year. Nothing special after Day 2.
Thank you. :)

Ohya! I'm so sorry for my college friends because I'm having one more extra week holiday! Wee! So as my Hunny :) We will be going to Pattaya and Bangkok with my family until next Monday. Woots! Gonna shop until my luggage can't fit anything anymore *Hunny is so gonna kill me* :P
See ya girls and guys.