Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tawandang German Brewery, Bangkok

We landed Bangkok from Saigon at night.
Due to the protests, the traffic at Bangkok it's horrible, worst traffic I ever go through. Road blocks everywhere. Unlucky us, the taxi driver which is a woman, perhaps she's a new cabbie too was struggling to find a way to our hotel.
Finally after about two hours, we finally make it to the opposite main street of our hotel. The main street to our hotel was blocked so we got to walk to our hotel with our luggage.
Which was kind of scary with the protestant's guards at there with their "serious" face. I'm so afraid of something violent would happen.
Thank God we made it to our hotel.

Some of my friends said I look like my sister.

Do I?

Tawandang German Brewery, Bangkok

On the next night, my dad brought us to here.
Yes, German cuisine in Bangkok.

This was my second time at here, the 1st time I sat right infront of the stage which was kind of annoying because of the speakers. Hard to communicate with others.
Somehow, it's very famous in Bangkok. Always packed with customers, foreigns and locals.

Pork Knuckle of course.
The knuckle was marinated perfectly, juicy and the meat was so tender.
Got to eat with their mashes, best mashes I ever had.
Was having a really hard time stopping myself.

German Pork Knuckle

Opps, sorry I couldn't remember what's these two (above and below) called in the menu. 

Not mistaken this must be some sort of fried poultry. Perhaps chicken or quail. 

Spicy Thai Papaya Salad
My least favourite one, it's too spicy for me. I could not take it at all. 

German Sausages

German sausage is a must when having German cuisine! Just so tasty and juicy!

 Deep Fried Sea Bass

A must must must to order!
 I'm so in love with fishes now. Whether it's steamed or fried.
Which is kind of great, I finally could let go my obsession with meats.

Awesome light and refreshing beer. 
German always have the best beer in taste and texture.
They would never go wrong.

Does my lil bro looked like under 21 years old? I'm certainly I look younger than him. 
If you are planning to stay at Tawandang after 10.30 pm, make sure to bring passport along. 
To prove you are not underage, just incase.
Under 21 years old are not allow to stay after dinner time.

My family

We had fun at Tawandang, mostly laughing at my bro who is trying to sing in Thai.
Environment was there, crowded with fun and joy.
Not to forget! They have dress code, no sleeveless for boys or slippers allow. 

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