Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear's birthday 2 ♥

Today went to Mid Valley with dear...
We watch Tooth Fairy..hehe...the movie was so damn funny...
Before we went Mid Valley, we went to his dad's shop to eat..the food there was fantastic!! =)

This monkey face drivng car..Hahaa

Ooo, dragonfly...haha

Mid Valley's Chinese New Year theme

The night before, i was making birthday card for my dear..Until 4 am only i slept..haha

Actually thought of baking a cake for him but my beater had broken down already so i cant whisk...It spoil in a bad timing...

Anyway, this card is really fully made by my bare hands!!...hehe..\

I hope he really likes it =)

This is a part of the content but i don think any of you get what it means..hahaa

Now i cant wait for Valentine Day to be with ya dear..THE END~~

Dear's Birthday

Happy Birthday Dear!!
I love you i love you i love you!! XD
The day before, we and his family went to Tenji for dinner after i finish college ( Felt bad that my dear and his family gotta go my college and pick me up)..
Tenji is at Mont Kiara and the place is so damn high class ( Wish to buy a house at there in the future)
At 1st i really feel damn nervous because this is my 1st time meeting his parents..
But they are nice, real nice then i get comfortable with them...
Lols, his mom told him that I'm very polite when I'm i?? Haha..

His mummy and daddy

Dear and mine dessert
Owh, my favourite section...Hehe
Cakes =)

Dear's mommy Tom Yam seafood pot

Dear's sushi
Thanks dear, i really had a great time with your family =)
Lols, it looks like my birthday
Anyway, i hope i can celebrate your birthday with you forever and ever...THE END~~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Effing Peoples!!!!!

Today I'm late for class because of her, I waited her for almost like 30 mins..
Thank god, my lecturer is not in class also..
The part i hate the most is when we enter her class she sit with another bunch of people and leave me alone..What the f***??..
I don mind waiting for her but cant she consider my feelings 1st??..
And again thank god, i sat with 2 girls (Jayne & Natasha) and be friends with them but it is kinda awkward for me...I don feel comfort but no choice or else I will have no friends...
+ I'm not going to state her name..
Gosh, my FnB lecturer had gave us project on the 1st day in class and we need to present it the next 4 weeks..
Now I'm feeling tired...REAL TIRED...
I just feel like want to drop down and be dead..
In my FnB class, my lecturer asked us to gave a nickname for our self..
Victoria Vinesh ( My lecturer)
Ambitious Arif
Wonderful Wun
Monkey Mariam
Annoying Ada
Animal Anwar
Simple Saif
Delicious Dinesh
Marvellous Mok
Tiny Tim
Joyous Jonathan
Dooby Daniel
Interesting Ilham
Random Row
Jazzy Jane
Cracko Cindy
Cat Catrine
Crazy Ca Ying
Sweet Suki
Magnificent Masumah
Kollywood Kavy
Jiggly Jayne
Naughty Natasha
Madness Mandy ( ME!!)
Naif --- * oops forgotten edi*
I hope i din spell wrong their names too...=)

Monday, January 18, 2010

1st day in Taylor

I arrived there at 7.30 but my orientation starts at 9..Thank God, i have my sis's friend de lil sis to accompany me but at 8, she gotta go to her class edi so i m ALL ALONE...
Then i wondering around like a cuckoo...Lols, actually Samm should accompany me but she is late (
Don worry Samm, i forgive u =) ). Later on the orientation had begin then i started talking with the ones who sitting right nest to me...Finally ( Boon Wei & Susie) had become my close buddies, we ate lunch together walk around together. lols, we do everything together...
Then college's life had started become fun for me...THE END~~

Friday, January 15, 2010


Now u told me that you dump me because of i m having SPM that moment and you were about gong to Mahsa to study..And you planned to ask me to wait 5 years for you, if you ask that time i m willing to..

You had made heart go up and down, i just realize i have been dumb and stupid at the moment for not noticing what is the real reason you dump me..

All you told at that time is that i and you doesn't get along so we gotta give up our love..
I thought you are a jerk but you aren't..

Anyway, i m happy with my current bf now so it does not mean anything to me anymore or it does??..I should just forget what you said but how could your words make my heart hurts??..

Is all the guys like this??..When that moment they should tell the truth but they don and tell it at the wrong time??..They seems like does not know to do the right thing when the right moment...f*** myself!! For being influence by your words..

*Sorry dear for not telling you this earlier*..THE END~~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paranormal Activity

I watched this movie with my dear on 12th of January at Pavilion..

I hate this f***ing movie, it haunted me the whole night and make me cant sleep at all..

I even cried at night because of too afraid..

This movie talked about a couple living in a house and the girl is haunted by a demon since she was small. The demon had follow her where ever she went, the 1st house she stay with her bf had caught on fire and the fire department cant tell what had cause the fire.

So they move into the 2nd home, and the bf planned to video what the demon did so he record all day long..Then they had called a ghost expertise to help but he said this is not a ghost and it is stronger than a ghost so he said he cant mess with it..

Then the bf went to buy a board that believe can communicate with the other side of the world..when her gf saw it, she went mad and walked out of the house then the bf go after her and left the board on the table..Suddenly the board move itself and it is on fire..

When the couple return, the guy found out the board had moved itself then he tried to figure out what the demon trying to tell them..The bf found out the words on the board are "Goodbye Diane" so he went to search who is this girl..The girl experience the same shit like his gf and had killed by the demon..

One night, the demon drag the girl out of the bed and pulled her to the store room that where her bf found a pict of his gf when she was young..

Luckily her bf sempat pull her back..

(Jump to the end)

The demon had control the girl and smashed her bf to the camera then he fell to the ground but i don know he died edi anot...Then the girl suddenly scream like a mad ass...

The end, the police had discovered the bf on the next day and the gf lost edi..

CAUTION : Don watch if u cant take this serious shit!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

90210 Season 2 ♥

Gosh, now i m obsessed with 90210...

Silver is so damn pretty and hot, i love her style!!! And Naomi is a drama queen and always react like a bitch. Annie is so darn adorable!!..And for Adrianna, she is really really hot..

Hearts 90210...THE END~~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday i have registered the culinary arts course at Taylor..(intake January)
Gosh, the campus is so damn big, i scare i will get lost on the 1st day..
Hope so i wont, if not, shame on me....
Whoever is going to intake January at Taylor please inform me.....=)

Today i just realize that when everyone grow up, everything is no longer the same..
I really miss the times i spend with my cousin ( Chuckei ), i remember when we were young, we always play together even go school together...
Got once we even cut a boy's hair just because he does not share his biscuits with us in the school us...
Really miss my childhood moments...THE END~~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tata 2009 Welcome 2010

Yesterday went Mid Valley with my hubby to celebrate new year...
Damn crowded with peoples, i been lining up to buy movie tickets for 30 minutes (Actually i had accidentally jump q, lol)..At last got Avatar's tickets already...=)
The Avatar was as amazing as the Titanic!! The graphics were damn nice, i wonder the peoples use how long to draw those creatures....Too bad i cant get the ticket for 3D, all my hubby fault cause he late pick up me..Humph...
Then we have McD for lunch , saw some performance, saw a mother scolding her child for playing balloon ( The mother damn cruel, she looked like she regretted for giving birth her child)..
Ate Nyonya's Cafe for dinner.....Sweet!!!....THE END~~