Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear's Birthday

Happy Birthday Dear!!
I love you i love you i love you!! XD
The day before, we and his family went to Tenji for dinner after i finish college ( Felt bad that my dear and his family gotta go my college and pick me up)..
Tenji is at Mont Kiara and the place is so damn high class ( Wish to buy a house at there in the future)
At 1st i really feel damn nervous because this is my 1st time meeting his parents..
But they are nice, real nice then i get comfortable with them...
Lols, his mom told him that I'm very polite when I'm i?? Haha..

His mummy and daddy

Dear and mine dessert
Owh, my favourite section...Hehe
Cakes =)

Dear's mommy Tom Yam seafood pot

Dear's sushi
Thanks dear, i really had a great time with your family =)
Lols, it looks like my birthday
Anyway, i hope i can celebrate your birthday with you forever and ever...THE END~~

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