Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paranormal Activity

I watched this movie with my dear on 12th of January at Pavilion..

I hate this f***ing movie, it haunted me the whole night and make me cant sleep at all..

I even cried at night because of too afraid..

This movie talked about a couple living in a house and the girl is haunted by a demon since she was small. The demon had follow her where ever she went, the 1st house she stay with her bf had caught on fire and the fire department cant tell what had cause the fire.

So they move into the 2nd home, and the bf planned to video what the demon did so he record all day long..Then they had called a ghost expertise to help but he said this is not a ghost and it is stronger than a ghost so he said he cant mess with it..

Then the bf went to buy a board that believe can communicate with the other side of the world..when her gf saw it, she went mad and walked out of the house then the bf go after her and left the board on the table..Suddenly the board move itself and it is on fire..

When the couple return, the guy found out the board had moved itself then he tried to figure out what the demon trying to tell them..The bf found out the words on the board are "Goodbye Diane" so he went to search who is this girl..The girl experience the same shit like his gf and had killed by the demon..

One night, the demon drag the girl out of the bed and pulled her to the store room that where her bf found a pict of his gf when she was young..

Luckily her bf sempat pull her back..

(Jump to the end)

The demon had control the girl and smashed her bf to the camera then he fell to the ground but i don know he died edi anot...Then the girl suddenly scream like a mad ass...

The end, the police had discovered the bf on the next day and the gf lost edi..

CAUTION : Don watch if u cant take this serious shit!!


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