Tuesday, January 29, 2013


To be frank, i have opened and stared at this new post's page for quite awhile. Opened it, but ended up searching other things on another tab. Haha
CNY is just around the corner :) can't wait for it anymore especially the Phuket and Bangkok trip. So gonna lay back and relax.

Well, it's 2013 now, which means this year all the 1992 babies is going to have their big TWENTY ONE day. Which I think I should wear a cheongsam for this year CNY, lols I'm just giving myself a lousy reason so I could buy without heartache.

Search through online blogshop for almost 3 hours. Either they don have stock or size or the colour I prefer. :( Spend several hours searching for the right one. Just a tip for blogshop's blogger, you should state which items is out of stock so the customer wouldn't need to browse all over again.
Finally I bought one through online but the big deal is the parcel will only arrive around 10-14 days. I'm hoping I could get it before CNY. Ohmaygawd :'( Finger crossed.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last Month

I been long gone. Can't believe I didn't blog about Christmas and New Year this year, I mean last year.
Well, on Christmas eve I went to spend the day with my bf's family. We went to St John Church for the midnight mass. Awesome day :)


This is my bf's family Christmas tree. Gosh, I miss those time already. :(

His mum and Uncle Ho 
Kimmy and Angel ;)

And this is us. 
Cherly, Alvina, Me, Nicklaus and Chelsea. 

Failed! They should have told me that they are wearing black outfits for that night. :( Haha.

This year, I got tons of presents. :) Marc Jacob Dot Perfume, Sephora's special purple blusher, Sephora's makeup palette, books, Elle's scarf and necklace. I love all of them so much. Thank you.

So here we are, still living in 2013. What's going to happen this year? :) Nobody knows, just got to get through it to find out.