Friday, February 24, 2012

V♥lentine Day 2

Sorry for the long break i took. Haha, currently I am busy finding job.
Job job job y u so hard to get. :/ JOBLESS JOBLESS JOBLESS.

Okays, back to the 2nd post for Valentine Day.

The next following day, the last day in Langkawi. We went to the cable car :D
It only costs us RM15 per person but if you are not a Malaysian, then you have to pay extra RM10.
Well, I been here once before with my girlfriends. I love the view from the top where I could see the sea.

Cable car heading upwards

It is advisable to go in the morning at 10 am because when the afternoon, it's so damn sunny and hot. So you would not able to enjoy the place.

Me on the cable car bridge :D

Next, we went to the Seven Wells Waterfall, it's around the cable car area.
They have 2 sections, one is the waterfall (10 minutes walking distance) where the other is the seven wells (20 minutes)
We didn't went to the seven wells because we are too exhausted. The truth is we are too lazy. :P

The waterfall is not big at all according to my boyf, he said the Durian Perangin Waterfall is much more nicer and bigger.

There's a lot of tourists swimming at the waterfall while I just dipped my leg :)
After the waterfall, we drove around and we reached Tanjung Rhu.

Spotted a small restaurant,Scarborough Fish and Chips by the beach and have our dinner there before heading to the airport.
Overall, nice food and view. Price is reasonable too. :)

For Valentine, I got this necklace from my boyf. It's a mine ring birthstone necklace. According to my date of birth, my birthstone is diamond. Pure birthstone. :)

That's all for my valentine trip :D
I miss Langkawi so much now.
Hope all of you enjoy reading it.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

V♥lentine Day 1

I went to Langkawi for Valentine Day with my boyf. It's a last minute planing, thank God it planned well. :)
We stayed at FAVE, Cenang Beach for 2 nights. The hotel is new so I didn't expect much but *someone complained* :/ He prefer to stay at One Helang Hotel.

Anyways, back to the topic.We landed at Langkawi on the 14 Feb at the evening so there's not much we can do besides siting by the beach.

We had our Valentine's dinner at a Italian restaurant named Red Tomato. Seriously, the food does not taste good as the restaurant looks. And the price is so unreasonable, regret for dining there.

The next day we went for island hopping, each person costs RM30 including transportation from our hotel to the jetty.

In the tour, we visited the Pregnant Lady Lake.

Do you saw a pregnant lady on the island? :D

Amazing right? I wonder if it's true about the myth? Does it really helps a lady to get pregnant?
Speaking of amazing, in the middle of the island. There was this fresh water lake where the water are not salty even though the water stream of the lake is connected to the sea.

History of the lake

It sound so scary where this lady buried her dead son in the lake. O.O

At the lake, you are allow to swim but its 10m deep. I and my boyf just dipped our leg in the lake and enjoy the scenery. :)

Next destination, eagle's feeding.
Well, we don't get to feed the eagle here. So we just sat in the boat and trying to snap some pictures.

Too bad, we don have any DSLR camera so we are unable to capture the eagles. :(

Next? The Pulau Beras Basah. Direct translate = Island Rice Wet.
Lols, sound so damn funny when direct translate.

They dropped us off for 1 hour at the beach. The beach is crystal clear clean. :)
The tour last about 4 hours. And guess what, as soon we reached back the hotel. We bath and qwnt to Kuah town for awhile. Went back to the hotel again, *planned* to have a nap and by the time we are awake, it's 10 pm.

That's it for the 1st and 2nd day. :D
Wait up for Valentine Day 2 :*


Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm back with Chiang Mai & Bangkok 2 :)

On the afternoon, we visited the famous temple on top of a mountain, DOISUTHEP. It's really beautiful. Too bad, I didn't get to visit their zoo.

For the next day in Chiang Mai, we went back to Riverside for dinner but not the Riverside restaurant. This time, we went to The Good View which located next to the Riverside restaurant.

You got to book a day before to get a table or else don't dream of getting a table on the day itself unless it's your lucky day :) They have a spacious place, where you can sit near the bar or stage where there singers doing live performance or enjoy the view of the river near the deck.

View of the river

If I am not wrong, you could also have your dinner on the boat but i guess there will be extra charges. Well, got to say their authentic Thai food was really good!! They also have sushi in their menu.

After our dinner, we headed to the bar for drinks :) This is my 1st time trying tequila and I m loving it.

My sis's bf and my sis

My two bros

This is the 1st time I have so much fun with my family. Can't wait for next year trips :D

The next day, we said goodbye to Chiang Mai and flew to Bangkok :)

We stayed at Oakwood Serviced Apartment at Sukhumvit 18. As usual, we did shopping at Bangkok.
My favorite place? Well it got to be the weekend market, Chatuchak. There are all sorts of things sold at Chatuchak, that's why i love it but too bad, I didn't spend any weekend at Bangkok.

So my 2nd favorite place, Siam Square where at night there are many stalls to shop nearby the streets.
Found this dessert shop at there, Mango Tango. They only sell mango desserts so if you are a no.1 fan of mango, you really must visit this dessert shop. :)

Fresh cut mango, Mango ice cream and Mango pudding with whipped cream.

Fresh cut mango and Mango pudding in mango sauce.

Next, we ate ice cream which is made on top of a ice counter from a small ice cream at the corner. You can choose the flavor of ice cream you want and 2 toppings for 650 batt.
We just enjoyed the process of making it but not the ice cream. I found that the ice cream flavor is not strong enough.

After 2 days in Bangkok, it's time for us to leave. Before we leave, we went to Siam Square again for lunch.
I forgotten the name of the restaurant, it's located nearby to Mango Tango.

Thai fish with mango salad.

My favorite!! :D Fried chicken, they added Thai spices in the batter that's why it tastes different.

Tasty pork :)

In the restaurant, I saw most of the people does not eat steamed rice but they eat sticky rice with savory food. I only eat mango sticky rice before so I gave it a try. The sticky rice really does go well with the dishes.
My family at Doisuthep, Chiang Mai

This is the end of my cny's holiday trip. :)
As all of you know, what's on this tuesday. VALENTINE
And I will be spending it in Langkawi with my beloved boyf. Can't wait for the trip.


Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hey yooo!! \(^o^)/
I just came back from my family trip. Chiang Mai is a new experience to me but Bangkok, I been there like 5 times? or maybe 7. Every year, we will all go to Bangkok. It's not like we are going there to visit any of our relatives but my dad fell in love with Bangkok. After all these years going to Bangkok, I almost know every corner of the road. LOL.
Okay let's talk back about CHIANG MAI!!

We stayed at Manathai, Ta Pae soi (road). It's a lanna style hotel.
They welcome us with roselle juice and wet towel.
Reception area
View of a part of the hotel
My elder sis and I in our room

They have bathtub in each room.

Their service is good. Friendly.

My uncle and aunt been here before so they recommended some places.
WAWEE COFFEE . For the truth, I hate coffee. I never drink coffee for my whole life before until I tried this. They brewed their own coffee beans and it taste AWEEEE-SOMEEE. Got to say, it's better than Starbucks!

Yeap, that's me on the rocking horse. I waited like 30 mins to get a chance to sit on it for not more than 1 min =.= There are a lot of kids wanted to sit on it.
FYI, that's my elder bro below not my boyf. :)
And if you are at Wawee Coffee, look around for a small stall where an uncle is selling bbq pork!! It taste freaking tasty.

Beside Wawee Coffee, my uncle also recommended us The Riverside restaurant.
There were two Riverside restaurant where one is at the riverside and another one is at the waterfall. A lot of people waiting outside the riverside. Thank God, there were seats at the waterfall.

My handsome dad :D
There were lots of choices. Westerns and Thai cuisine. We ordered 3 types of salad, a catfish which does not look like cause i don see any fish and minced pork which look like raw but it's not. And don forget my pork ribs! It's my fav!!

Back of the restaurant.
Well, we have a great dinner on that night but my elder bro didn't joined us because he is too tired. After dinner, we have a long beer talk about politic and my dad's business.

Wait for the next CHIANG MAI & BKK post!! :D