Sunday, March 20, 2011

LENG's Bon Anniversaire

So so so sorry bloggy for leaving u for a month. :(

18 March 2011, : Leng's birthday celebration :

After class, I drove straight back home from college and took a bath. As usual when I'm going to meet my babes (Leng, Hui Sien & Angeline), I will dress like a girl, decent girl with make up but not those thick make up, just light light ones. Haha

Drove to Pavillion, meet them and have Gelato ice cream on the rock from Gelatomio Lounge.
Yum yum!! Choose to flavours, 2 toppings and they will mix it all up for u and voila!

Too bad, after the ice cream session Angeline have to go back home. :( She didn't joined us for dinner.

We walked around finding for a nice place to have dinner. Cafe Stelle? Neh.... Weissbrau sausages? Neh.... Market Hall? Nope....
Ben's ? Oui!! ;)

After walking around, we are just on time for dinner.

Hui Sien ordered Spaghetti Primerela : with grilled vege and black sesame : MUST TRY!!

Leng ordered some kind like tomato spaghetti : basically everything about tomato : SALTY NO! NO!

I ordered Soft Shelled Crab Spaghetti : have crab meat, kinda spicy : MUST TRY TOO!!

Kiss goodbye after dinner, I just realized this is my 1st time meeting them after last year March. Need to spend more time with my babes :(

Thats all for 18 March 2011.

Dress, bag, shoe from BKK ;)