Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Sepang

This morning, we leave Sepang at about 9. And went to Kuchai Lama to have dim sum.
So sad..Didnt get to go kayaking, sailing and cart sailing....The activities only starts at 9 and we had to leave at 9

I'm planning to go this resort again after my internship..Really love this place..
Its better than Port Dickson nor Penang..But the price is very costly...Mostly i only saw Singaporeans at there...

Want to know more about Sepang Gold Coast? Just click here =)


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sepang Gold Coast

If u saw my older post, you would have known that I'm in Sepang now
Well, I'm with my hubby and his family...

It took 1 hour to reach Sepang Gold Coast from Klang, its just like going to Genting..Not very far at all...
This resort had just open recently so its new and not fully develop yet..

This is one of the chalet we were staying in. There are 3 rooms in a chalet and a HUGE jacuzzi in the master bedroom!! =D

The wall decorations at the entrance of the resort. =P ^ That is his lil bro..
This is the reception area from the entrance ..^ That is his elder bro and mom..
After having lunch outside the chalet in somewhere that I don know..
We went back to he chalet and change into out swimming attire, straight to the swimming pool!!
Emm, well, at 1st I'm so excited about it but when I arrive the pool..Its crowded with aunties and uncles and their childrens..My mood totally change............
Then we went to the Sunset Beach area to check out the water sports they have..Too bad, there is no wind at all so we can't sail nor do cart sailing =( ..Will try to go for it again tomorrow morning..Hope there is wind...The beach was very clean but the water was not that clear..
This is a picture after I bath and I'm actually looking forward to see the sunset...
TOO BAD, the clouds block the sun.....
Well, this ugly picture taken by my hubby..He seriously need to learn how to capture photo...Hahaha
There he is!!! Taken by me!! Can you look for my specs?? ^^

This is one of the resort's restaurant..
The reception area at the night..

The ceiling of the reception area..O.o It is made out of bamboo..
Another section of the reception area..

Em, it is the pool, but its too dark too capture pictures..well, u can see they have small like light bulbs in the pool and the colour of it will change everytime..

Thats all for today..I will say that I definitely will come again but it is so costly!!! The place great..


Thursday, August 26, 2010

♥ Chocolate soufflé ♥


175g Chocolate, chopped
3 tbsp of sugar
150g unsalted butter
4 egg whites
4 egg yolks
1/4 tsp of cream of tartar
Extra sugar

1. Butter the ramekins/microwave safe bowls and coat it with the extra sugar.
2. Melt the butter and chocolate over a double boil.
3. Let it cool down for 20 minutes and mix in the egg yolks ( If (2) is too hot, the egg yolks will be cooked so make sure its not very hot. Egg yolks helps to hold the chocolate and butter together )
4. Preheat the oven 220 degree Celsius
5. Whisk the egg whites slowly until frothy
6. Then add in the cream of tartar and increase the speed and whisk until they form small peak
7. Then sprinkle in the sugar and continue whisking it until they hold stiff glossy peak ( But make sure you don over beat them )
8. Spoon 1/3 of the egg whites mixture into (3) and stir ( Before that, open a hold in the middle of (3) )
9. Then fold in the remaining egg whites slowly with a spatula.
10. Spoon the soufflé mixture into the ramekins/bowls
11. Bake it for 10 - 15 minutes until it risen with a crusty exterior.
12. Dust icing sugar on the top if desire.

Hope you enjoy it..


PS. Tomorrow will be going to Sepang Gold Coast with my hubby and his family =)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Indian service

Yesterday which was the 16 of August 2010, i was having service class that day with Mr Daniel, my FnB lecturer. Kavi, my mami was the manager and its Indian service so basically we need to decorate the whole restaurant like a Indian restaurant. Therefore, all of us also have to dress Indian's traditional clothes.

My hubby was there because his class is in charged to prepare the foods for the restaurant..*Look closely then you will see a nooby, Jonathan behind of me and my hubby* Haha
Other than my hubby, of course there are my babes. After me is Jayne and Natasha.
Suki and Kavi, my mami =) She is the one who lend her standard 6's sari to me..
This is Cindy, the photographer of the day and Natasha.
Haha..this is my favourite dude in my class, Dinesh..
There is everyone except the guys!! Don know where they gone..Haha
When the end of the day, our lecturer said we did a great job =) . M so proud of it especially my Mami =)
Thats all for that day..
Want to dine in with us? =D

29 August 2010
12 pm - 2 pm
Tangarine, Taylors Lakeside Campus
Asian cuisine
Rm10 for Taylors students
Rm15 for visitors

Just leave a comment then I will put you in the reservation list..
Thanks ya..

Once again, Love my hubby dubbly...

To ♥ him

Thank hubby for the letter that you wrote for me =) I felt so in love now
Since you wrote me a letter, now I'm going to reply you

Lets start why m i always curious, why?
I don even know. I just want to know when and why =) Well, i heard many people said before that when it comes to true love, that's no why. If there is a reason then its not love anymore. So I guess you pass the test? *giggling*

Next, the moment we start this relationship.
I wondered m i really in love with you or you are just replacing him? When my hate towards him fade off, I realized I m really in love with you =) I'm glad that you never give up on me even though you are not in my mind at first. You tried and you passed. You always been there for me no matter what happens, even though I sobbed for another guy. You never let me go at all. I cant promise that we can stay in love madly deeply forever, all I can do and I will do is try my best.

Time for apology,
I know I had done some stupid things to you before like being angry for a little matter. I m so sorry hubby =( I didn't meant to. And the other stupid thing I did was biting your hand *smiling* I just love to do that. =)

That's for you, my hubby.
You are the stars and I m the moon in the sky. Always stay together
Lastly, I LOVE YOU~


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♥ Pandan Layered Cake ♥


5 eggs
150g sugar
150g soft flour


100g butter, melted
250ml coconut milk
300ml milk
80g sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp agar agar powder
4 tsp corn flour
2-3 drops of green colouring


Chantilly Cream
1 litre of cream
100g sugar
1-2 drops of green colouring

1st. Beat the eggs and sugar until its light
2nd. Sift in the flour into *1st* using the folding method
3rd. Place the mixture into a tray and bake the sponge cake at 180 degree celsius about for 30 minutes
4th. Cook the ingredients for the filling in a pot until it thickens *Stir it once awhile*
5th. Let it cool down when its thickens
6th. Whisk the ingredients for the Chantilly cream until it becomes creamy
7th. When the cake is golden brown, mold the cake with a ring. Make three layer.

Last. Decorate the cake as u wish =)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Culinary In The Wilderness Retreat at Port Dickson

If you read my previous post, I have been to a camping trip organized by Taylors on the 7th August - 8th August. Its only specially for the Culinary Art's students =)

The camping venue is at the Bougainvilla Resort, Port Dickson click here to find out about the place. We gathered at Taylors at 7 in the morning!! Its like so freaking early. Of course we went there by bus since this is a trip organized by the college...Well, so of us actually plan to drive down but the lecturers don allowed..Sad-nya~
7th August 2010

The time I arrived there, I was looking around the place and I was like WTH? This place sucks..eww...The breakfast that they served was horrible!! It was worst than my cooking skills. I paid rm150 for sleeping in a tent, eating horrible food, bath in a bad and dirty toilet.
At 1st, they separate us into groups. I meet some new dudes from DC36. Then we played bingo, its not like those numbers type..They gave us a piece of paper each and we need to find our friends that have the similarity characteristic as in the paper and have them sign it. Later on, games again~

On the afternoon, here comes my favorite activity!! Cooking in the wild!!
1st we need to catch the fish from the pond and kill it..Then, start your own fire with charcoals and cook it in your own creativity way with the ingredients you have.
Cooking just with aluminium foil and aluminium tray..FUN!!
The truth, I felt that the foods that cooked by the students was way much better than the food that they provided..

Later on we have some free time on the evening so all of us went to the beach..My friends went for banana boat while I just sat the side of the beach and sleep in my boyfriend's arms =)
Then bath - dinner *didn't really ate anything because the food tasted really bad!!*
Night = Fire camp!! Well, its boyfriend keep on singing the Spongebob's fire camp song...
After fire camp, free and easy time again!! Went near to the beach and sat there =)
Well, some of them gone wild if you know what I mean..Hahaa

Since that day was "our" 1st month =) so we talked what we had been through..After that, sleeping time!! Sleeping in the camp was really very hot, some of them even slept outside the camp and nearby the camp fire. But its not that bad for me =)

8th August 2010

I slept at 12 if not mistaken and woke up at 6, so freaking tired =(
Damn it!! I woke up for a stupid exercise activity!! My boyfriend didn't even did it because he felt it was stupid!! Then we played Dinosaur and Chicken, basically this game is a pointless stupid game!! After that, we went for breakfast then suddenly it rains, so our next activity had been cancel and we went back to Taylors~

The place, food and coach sucks!! The beach, cooking in the wild, free and easy time was NICE!!
Love the bus ride too =)


WAIT!! There are something else!!
I'm looking for guests for my college's restaurant, my class will be serving on that day..

16th August, 12 pm to 2 pm
Tangarine at Taylor's Lakeside Campus, PJS 17, Subang Jaya
Indian cuisine
RM 15 for visitor, RM 10 for taylorians

Interested? =) Please come...
Leave me a comment and I will put you in the guest list.. Thanks

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Guess what!! Next Saturday will be our 1st month!! And Taylor's had organize an event for us at Port Dickson. The truth is I don feel like going but its compulsory =( But at least I got HIM with me
He had always been there for me, even when he is with his friends. He never ever ignore me in front of his friends. I feel so grateful to have him..
Well, yesterday we had a fight..Its not really a the moment I felt like a useless girlfriend, I don know what he is mad at or for what...but when i finish my class, I saw him waiting for me outside my class =)
I feel so happy that we are over with that...

Lately, I feel so damn stress.. I don feel like talking to anyone, I just cant stand peoples keep asking me questions when I was doing something. It just irritate me...I wish I could just hide from everyone