Monday, August 16, 2010

Indian service

Yesterday which was the 16 of August 2010, i was having service class that day with Mr Daniel, my FnB lecturer. Kavi, my mami was the manager and its Indian service so basically we need to decorate the whole restaurant like a Indian restaurant. Therefore, all of us also have to dress Indian's traditional clothes.

My hubby was there because his class is in charged to prepare the foods for the restaurant..*Look closely then you will see a nooby, Jonathan behind of me and my hubby* Haha
Other than my hubby, of course there are my babes. After me is Jayne and Natasha.
Suki and Kavi, my mami =) She is the one who lend her standard 6's sari to me..
This is Cindy, the photographer of the day and Natasha.
Haha..this is my favourite dude in my class, Dinesh..
There is everyone except the guys!! Don know where they gone..Haha
When the end of the day, our lecturer said we did a great job =) . M so proud of it especially my Mami =)
Thats all for that day..
Want to dine in with us? =D

29 August 2010
12 pm - 2 pm
Tangarine, Taylors Lakeside Campus
Asian cuisine
Rm10 for Taylors students
Rm15 for visitors

Just leave a comment then I will put you in the reservation list..
Thanks ya..

Once again, Love my hubby dubbly...

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