Monday, August 9, 2010

Culinary In The Wilderness Retreat at Port Dickson

If you read my previous post, I have been to a camping trip organized by Taylors on the 7th August - 8th August. Its only specially for the Culinary Art's students =)

The camping venue is at the Bougainvilla Resort, Port Dickson click here to find out about the place. We gathered at Taylors at 7 in the morning!! Its like so freaking early. Of course we went there by bus since this is a trip organized by the college...Well, so of us actually plan to drive down but the lecturers don allowed..Sad-nya~
7th August 2010

The time I arrived there, I was looking around the place and I was like WTH? This place sucks..eww...The breakfast that they served was horrible!! It was worst than my cooking skills. I paid rm150 for sleeping in a tent, eating horrible food, bath in a bad and dirty toilet.
At 1st, they separate us into groups. I meet some new dudes from DC36. Then we played bingo, its not like those numbers type..They gave us a piece of paper each and we need to find our friends that have the similarity characteristic as in the paper and have them sign it. Later on, games again~

On the afternoon, here comes my favorite activity!! Cooking in the wild!!
1st we need to catch the fish from the pond and kill it..Then, start your own fire with charcoals and cook it in your own creativity way with the ingredients you have.
Cooking just with aluminium foil and aluminium tray..FUN!!
The truth, I felt that the foods that cooked by the students was way much better than the food that they provided..

Later on we have some free time on the evening so all of us went to the beach..My friends went for banana boat while I just sat the side of the beach and sleep in my boyfriend's arms =)
Then bath - dinner *didn't really ate anything because the food tasted really bad!!*
Night = Fire camp!! Well, its boyfriend keep on singing the Spongebob's fire camp song...
After fire camp, free and easy time again!! Went near to the beach and sat there =)
Well, some of them gone wild if you know what I mean..Hahaa

Since that day was "our" 1st month =) so we talked what we had been through..After that, sleeping time!! Sleeping in the camp was really very hot, some of them even slept outside the camp and nearby the camp fire. But its not that bad for me =)

8th August 2010

I slept at 12 if not mistaken and woke up at 6, so freaking tired =(
Damn it!! I woke up for a stupid exercise activity!! My boyfriend didn't even did it because he felt it was stupid!! Then we played Dinosaur and Chicken, basically this game is a pointless stupid game!! After that, we went for breakfast then suddenly it rains, so our next activity had been cancel and we went back to Taylors~

The place, food and coach sucks!! The beach, cooking in the wild, free and easy time was NICE!!
Love the bus ride too =)


WAIT!! There are something else!!
I'm looking for guests for my college's restaurant, my class will be serving on that day..

16th August, 12 pm to 2 pm
Tangarine at Taylor's Lakeside Campus, PJS 17, Subang Jaya
Indian cuisine
RM 15 for visitor, RM 10 for taylorians

Interested? =) Please come...
Leave me a comment and I will put you in the guest list.. Thanks

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