Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time to let it go.

I been sobbing every night, hoping you would return to me like the old days. But you never came.
You never even bother about me anymore but I know you care at least. 

Everything have an ending and this would be the end of everything I put so many efforts for. A silly thing that I believe it would happen but unfortunately not. I believe so much in you till I ignore the advises given by my friends that care me so much. I know, you didn't take my trust for granted. Just that you only can choose one, and you would never choose a person that you only know for barely 3 months for a girl you loved for 4 years. I always try to put you down and away from my thoughts but all the memories kept flashing back even its just a short moment we spent together. 

I hate myself so much till i wish I would just vanish from this world but not you. I never blame you for anything, instead I blame myself for liking you back but not regretting it later. I just can't let you go. I'm sorry if I kept dragging you down. 

You said somethings that you hope it would make me hate you so much but I didn't. Because I know what type of guy you are. You just hope I hate you and forget about you but sorry I couldn't do that at all.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Why it has to be you? Why can't it be someone else?
So wish I could clone you so there would be another you for me. No matter how hard I tried to get over you, you just kept pooping back in my mind.

I been through a lot of things when you are no longer at my side. I pretend to be happier for you so you could let me go easily and won't worry about how I would end up without you. I could not understand why I don't hate you at all even you left me all by myself. 

I wished you never made any promises to her so you don have to fulfill them. 
You told me, it's just wrong timing and you like me so much more than anything like I do. 
All I want you by myself. I fought too hard for you, shed too much tears for you and still I'm. 
For just once in my life, I wish those fairy tales I heard when I was a kid will be true so I could make a real wish.

When I'm with you, I feels like I'm at Cloud 9. :) Hope it could last. 



Monday, May 21, 2012

Graduated Diploma in Culinary Art 520

 5 May 2012

The day all of us had become an official alumni of Taylor's.
The day where all our 2 years of hard work had pay out. :)

Sister and Granny :)

It's good to see all my classmates again and catch up with them. Most of them were still studying, and now I'm doubting whether should I continue too? Perhaps at Le Cordon Bleu at Aussie? Still running in my mind. 


Friday, May 18, 2012

Letting go is a part of life.

When you know this is going no where, you should just let it go. And stay strong. :)


Thursday, May 10, 2012


I just found out, love is really miserable. It gave you a 60% happy wonderful time while the 40% is all pain and suffer.

Love could change someone's life like a happy land and it could drag you to hell where you get burn and scar.
I felt so sorry for one of my friend. He chased a girl for almost a long time, and out of sudden he got a news from his other friend that she got a bf already. Whaddafuk?! If I know who's that girl, I so gonna slap her for hurting my friend like that, she should told him to give up from the start.

Everything should be easy like A B C.


Friday, May 4, 2012


All of sudden, just an hour. Everything just have been washed away and changed like tsunami.

I miss all of your sudden unexpected action. Your *miss you very much*, *take care* *don work too hard* text, your warm hug, your sudden kiss. Everything.

All i got from you is good bye. I know I could not keep this for a long period but I really love you so much. I don blame you for anything because this is a path where I choose to walk and I'm happy with it.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Since now I'm already 20, I guess it's time to set my goals for my future :)

1. Be someone important. 
2. Get my own themed cafe before 35 * I already plan how I wanted it to be :D *
3. Buy a car before I'm 28
4. Buy a house before 30 
5. Get married between 26-30 * Main reason or whatever reason would not be because I'm pregnant *