Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Why it has to be you? Why can't it be someone else?
So wish I could clone you so there would be another you for me. No matter how hard I tried to get over you, you just kept pooping back in my mind.

I been through a lot of things when you are no longer at my side. I pretend to be happier for you so you could let me go easily and won't worry about how I would end up without you. I could not understand why I don't hate you at all even you left me all by myself. 

I wished you never made any promises to her so you don have to fulfill them. 
You told me, it's just wrong timing and you like me so much more than anything like I do. 
All I want you by myself. I fought too hard for you, shed too much tears for you and still I'm. 
For just once in my life, I wish those fairy tales I heard when I was a kid will be true so I could make a real wish.

When I'm with you, I feels like I'm at Cloud 9. :) Hope it could last. 



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