Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gold Coast Morib

Me and my girls went to Gold Coast Morib for our spring break :) This is the 1st time we went on vacation together after all this years. 
We stayed in a two rooms apartment. 
The room is clean and cozy. I didn't expect it would be this good cause most of the time i get bad comments about it. 

Living room with a balcony

Dining table

I love the wooden chair so much. Maybe I would set up my house like that the next time. :)


Very simple bedroom. Nothing special but I wonder why would they install the hairdryer beside the bed. ==


That's all for the apartment. 
After getting changed, we head to the so call water theme park. Nothing much to play, I got sick so didn't have the chance to swim :(

Angeline & Poh Yee

After theme park, we thought of heading to the beach awhile but unfortunately it started to rain so we went back to our room. 
Bath, chilled at the balcony. Hui Sien painted our nails. I didn't take any pictures of our nails.

Polaroids of us :)

For dinner, we went to the Golden Sea Restaurant. Awesome cheap seafood there. :) That was the 1st time we had seafood together. 
Everybody thought I was leaving Msia soon so they prepare my birthday earlier. Unfortunately I will only leave end of this month. Haha. 

This are the presents they gave me. 

Hui Sien's

Poh Yee's


I would like to thank you girls for the presents. :) I love it a lot. Especially the MAC from Erin, I know it took a lot from you to get me that. Appreciate a lot. Don worry, all of us will get yours too. 

That's all for Gold Coast Morib. :) Haha, this is the only picture that I am in. 
The next post would be about my BIG 21st. 


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