Sunday, April 21, 2013

My 21 With Sweeties

Previously, I celebrated my 21 with my bf's family. On 14 April which is my birth date, my sweeties celebrated with me in the afternoon for lunch. They asked me to meet up at Circus, Pavillion at 1 pm but guess what, they showed up at my house at 9 am to surprise me when I still asleep. I thought I was dreaming when I saw them standing outside my room with a lighted up cake. So touched by them :) Thank you for the memory. 

There were only Erin, Hui Sien and Janice on my birthday because the rest of them is busy with work and assignment. They decorated the seats with helium balloons for my birthday. :) Aww.

 I'm still half awake

So here we are at Circus for our lunch. 

 Janice and Hui Sien

 Erin and I

Everyone was so sad that I'm going to leave soon. I will miss you all too when I got there. :( They have been my best friends since I got into SMK Seri Bintang Selatan.

 My Chill Beef Pie

I love it so much! But it's not enough spicy for me. Recommend to share this cause the portion is too much for one person. 

 Erin's Mushroom Pie

Creamy mushroom with pie crust, who does not love it?! :) 

 Hui Sien's Sirloin Baguette

She love the taste of it but I don't because I felt the meat is too tough for me to chew. 

 Janice's Salmon Ciabatta 

One word. Awesome but I hate the sliced shallots on the bottom. 

Finally, cake time! :) This is my 3rd birthday cake. 

 Heavenly Chocolate Cake

Among all of us, Hui Sien was the 1st one who got a instax camera. She kept all the polaraids in a card holder booklet. We saw how we look like in secondary years and who changed the most. Guess what?! The award goes to me. Haha, almost every single year, I have different haircuts.

 My loves

Lastly, outfit of that day :)

Top - BKK, Mustard pencil skirt - Nichii, Heels - Vincci 

Next post will still be about my 21st :) Ngek ngek 


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