Saturday, September 24, 2011

Term 6

Time really fly so fast. I'm going to graduate soon. Ohhh, my new life is about to start.
Just finished with my term 5's finals. At last, I don need to spend whole day memorizing law cases and finance. I don understand them at all until the last minute. THANK GOD!!

1 week term break, where should i go? Got no plans. Haihss


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chocolate Art ♥

For this week artistic class, we learned how to play with chocolates and tempering them :)

TADA!! This is my cake with my partner, Chong :D

Its so fun, its like drawing but with the chocolate. I enjoy it so much :) . Sad thing is I got a weakness when comes to handling chocolate, my hands is too hot to touch the chocolate. It literally melts and breaks. :'(
I thought of going some academy just to learn chocolate art but I can't find a good one in Malaysia. Maybe I will work for 3 years and go outstation take this course or taking degree. I just hope I get to learn chocolate art and molecular culinary. FINGER CROSS X.X


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Me, Mandy

Despite after so much I have gone through, I always wonder who am i? Who I prefer to be? The emo me or the cheerful me that people always thought I am. I never told my BIGGEST secret to anyone even my gfs. I'm so stuck in my past that I could not moved on which lead me became emo and putting the blame on myself.

So far I still haven't know who am i, still figuring out even though I'm 19 now. I wonder why Gods always made humans feels bad when they can't have something they want. It's like a 10% chance out of 100% you will get what you want. My friend told me, in the world nothing is perfect, nobody can be perfect. But all I want is an entire life time of happiness, impossible to achieve?

I learn that sometimes somethings you can't choose, it just had to be that way. Either you walk through the pain and wait for miracle to happen or you leave and be in pain.