Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pangkor Laut Resort 1 NIGHT

Yellow I'm back :) This post will be about our dinner on our 1st night at PLR.
I have to blog separately because there are too much photos for you to look at. I'm just concerned about your eyes. Pardon me.

 Nicklaus - Joseph - Susan

After a short nap, we went to Uncle Lim to have our dinner. The restaurant name was kinda weird right? It's like some kind of old fashion restaurant name. Guess what, there is really a man named Uncle Lim in the restaurant. In fact, he is the owner of the restaurant. He's about 70 years old? I guess.

 candid shot of Nicklaus

I bought my Nikon J2 not long ago. I just realize my boyfriend really love to take pictures of himself. So selfie. Haha, he love to take pictures with all sorts of posture. Aiks aiks. :P

 Uncle Lim

It looks like it's Chinese New Year again.

Time for foodie! :)
 Claypot Seafood Tofu

 Stirred Fried Kailan with Garlic

 Calamansi Chicken with Sour Plum sauce

This is my favorite dish on the ISLAND. Yes, the island. Haha, I just love how the sauce taste with the crispy fried chicken. Yum yum. On my last day of internship at Uncle Lim, I requested a plate of this. They wondered why I didn't ordered prawns or crabs. Believe me, order this if you ever visit PLR.A chef will never recommend bad food to you!! :P

 Group shot 

 Nicklaus and I
(ps : look at his posture and you will get what I mean :P)

 Alvina - Amirul

Guess what I found when we returned to our room?!

A bed full of rose petals. :') He did it for our 1st anniversary. I was so touched.

Isn't it cute that they have a pillow case with the Happy Anniversary embroidery. I so wanna take it home but Nicklaus say no. :(
Anyways, he drew me a drawing too. FYI that's not us in the drawing. Lols.

1st night at PLR is done :) Looking back at all those pictures, I really hope I could have a remote control that I could use it to control the time. Missing those moments.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pangkor Laut Resort 1 DAYLIGHT

This would be one of my favourite place on earth. PLR. I used to work here as trainee before, ypu will know it if you read my previous previous .... previous blog post. That was like more than 1 year ago I believe.

As you can see from the above picture, the resort have it's own pirate island. When I was on the island I felt like I'm at another dimension of the world. Everything was so peaceful and earthy on the island. Gosh I miss that place so much.

 checking in
There are 6 of us which makes us into 3 couples. We stayed in the Hill Villas.
After a long drive to Pangkor, we started our vacation with having lunch at RBBC. I was so dissappointed that they changed the menu.
Anyways here's my lunch.

 Caeser salad

 Roast chicken

Now this is my favourite part of vacation, checking out our room. :) I just love the "woah" surprise.
Nicklaus and I was so amazed by the room till the point we just wanna stay in our room for the whole vacation.

The only no no about this resort is MONKEYS. Well, it's an island with a huge part of forest. As we all know monkeys are smart animals. The housekeeping warned us to lock our doors and windows when we are not in the room, if not you will come back and see your room trash by monkeys.

Outdoor bathtub? Ever heard about it before? Afraid of people peeking at your naked body? Oh well, it's covered up with walls so you do not have to worry much. But I am still afraid that the monkeys would suddenly come into the bathtub. Guess I think too much.

That's all for now :) the next blog post will be about our dinner.
Catch up with me yea...


Monday, September 23, 2013

One Anniversary

Time flies so fast. We had been together for a year. Well, not really till the 4th of October :P
We celebrated earlier together before we went our separate ways again.

I know most of you would not want to know how we met or knew each other but it's my blog where all my memories will be so........ I met him when I was working at Shook@Starhill, seriously the 1st time I saw him, I thought he was in between age 25 to 27. Never thought he was just older than me by 1 year.

We went out on a few dates and I found out he loves to talk a lot which was good for me because I'm not really a talker, mostly I just love sitting down listening to people and most of it, it's because I don know how to reply their conversation. So at the moment, I gave him a nickname. Mr Chatterbox. :)

 my man , Nicklaus

We decided to celebrate all of our anniversary at Shook@Starhill till our hair turn into grey or maybe Shook close down. Haha.

 Clams with tomato paste, goat cheese and ..... I forgotten :P (ITALIAN)

 Seafood chowder (GRILL)

 Baked crab with cheese perhaps? I really can't remember (CHINESE)

 Rib eye steak (GRILL)

 Creamy spinach (GRILL)

 Seafood pizza (ITALIAN)

 Complimentary desserts from the chefs :)

I know what are you wondering. How could the two of us finish all of it? I got to thanks to my man, he ordered so much of food that I got to stuffed it in my tummy even I'm so darn full. Thank God, I stopped him from ordering more. 
The appetizers had filled our stomach even before we could start our main course. End up we got to pack the pizza home. Haha. 
I really love Shook a lot, wish I could dine in all the Shook around the world. :) 
Conclusion, the foods are really very good. Trust me, once you took a bite, your mouth will never stops.

Tonight will be my last night in Malaysia. My heart really felt heavy, I really do not want to leave my home and my man far away from me. How could you guys study or work overseas without being homesick?
I could not believe I'm having a long distance relationship now, before we are together. He told me once he might be transfer to Shanghai and my reply was I do not believe in long distance. Now I have learned that it's not about believing in it, all it's matter is how much you love that person and are you willing to do it. Of course believing each other is important too.
Well, here's me with my happy long distance relationship :)


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reunion with my Sweeties

Hi peoples!! :) I'm back in Malaysia for my sister's wedding registration.
Of course I must meet my sweeties when I'm back in town. I miss laughing with them so much. :(

from left : Angeline - Hui Sien - Poh Yee - Erin

This time we decided to try something different that we never tried before "together".  So I recommended either we should go for Thai or Indian.
At last we dined in at
CELADON @ Pavilion level 6

Green curry chicken

 Stir fried bean curd with basil leaves

 My girls that grew up with me, always will :')

  Steamed vegetables with thai chili sauce 
Those who could not take spicy food, I advise you not to order this. The chili sauce it's really spicy, all of us could not even take the spiciness except Hui Sien. Haha.

 Last but not least my princess. :)

 Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts in yam basket
Among all the dishes, this is my favorite dish of all. Well I could say I love Celadon alot, I been having it since long time ago. ALONE. Haha, well when I was emo or moody I would go there and have lunch by myself.

That's all for that day. I'm sorry I left out some of you on that day :( I'm really so sorry. 
I hope we will keep dating each other even when we have child. Maybe we could bring up our child together and make them become childhood friends. :) So looking forward to the future, wonder what all of us will look like and be like. I love all of you girls alot. 

And yes, I dyed my hair purple. Turns out I really like it.