Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reunion with my Sweeties

Hi peoples!! :) I'm back in Malaysia for my sister's wedding registration.
Of course I must meet my sweeties when I'm back in town. I miss laughing with them so much. :(

from left : Angeline - Hui Sien - Poh Yee - Erin

This time we decided to try something different that we never tried before "together".  So I recommended either we should go for Thai or Indian.
At last we dined in at
CELADON @ Pavilion level 6

Green curry chicken

 Stir fried bean curd with basil leaves

 My girls that grew up with me, always will :')

  Steamed vegetables with thai chili sauce 
Those who could not take spicy food, I advise you not to order this. The chili sauce it's really spicy, all of us could not even take the spiciness except Hui Sien. Haha.

 Last but not least my princess. :)

 Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts in yam basket
Among all the dishes, this is my favorite dish of all. Well I could say I love Celadon alot, I been having it since long time ago. ALONE. Haha, well when I was emo or moody I would go there and have lunch by myself.

That's all for that day. I'm sorry I left out some of you on that day :( I'm really so sorry. 
I hope we will keep dating each other even when we have child. Maybe we could bring up our child together and make them become childhood friends. :) So looking forward to the future, wonder what all of us will look like and be like. I love all of you girls alot. 

And yes, I dyed my hair purple. Turns out I really like it. 


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