Friday, May 17, 2013


Cheerios peoples!! :) 
I'm so happy that I could received my contact lens before flying off to China next tuesday. *Drum rolls* Thanks to MrLens for the fast and efficient service. 

I ordered my lens on this Wednesday and receive just now :) , exactly 2 days. 

This is how their packaging look like. Sent by their MrLens Delivery Team and the best thing is they have cash on delivery service. 
They even gave me 1 pair of lens for free. Just like when we buy from the optical shops. So kind of them :)

Both of my eyes have very high level of astigmatism, because of this I could not wear colour lens. :( Most of the well known brand like Bausch&Lomb, Acuvue, Freshlook and etc do not have astigmatism colour lens. 

As you can see, the actual price of a box of this lens is RM 150. At MrLens, it only cost RM 80. Almost 50% off. :D

Click on MrLens now and check out! They have various types of brands. 
Once again, thank you MrLens. 


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