Monday, December 23, 2013

This Christmas, I won't have any celebration like my previous years. So I choose to do some confession instead, just pretending I'm in a church talking to a priest. 
Here's my confession.

I been transfer schools to schools, meeting new friends at different schools. 
Once I m transferred to a new school, I neglected my friends in my old school. 
I didn't really want to stop hanging out with them.
Friends who used to be close with me, I'm really sorry. 

I'm born with a best friend. 
We always been together, even we are at different classes or schools.
I always been feeling bad for leaving her alone in that secondary school. 
I been transfer to another school by my dad. 
So my meeting new friends routine starts again, 
This is where I do not have time to spend with her.
Friends, curriculum, extra classes and her. 

We start having friends of our own,
she tried inviting me to join her new friends but at that time,
 I was all nerdy and I didn't felt I could blend in so I avoid. 
Till this moment, I'm still avoiding her sometimes,
Perhaps I'm afraid to face her because I felt sorry.

I really hope we could hang out together like before.

Somehow, I felt I been blessed to have her for my entire childhood.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Crispy Sesame Cookies

Since Christmas is just around the corner, let's bake some cookies! It's really hard to bake perfect cookies,even I'm in the pastry industry I still haven't really learnt how to do it.
Don give up hope kay! Just enjoy baking and be happy. 

Today's special, Crispy Sesame Cookies 
Not too sweet just nice for old folks who love sesames. 

All we need .....

  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup granulated white sugar
  • 6 tbsp butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/4 salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 6 tbsp sesame seeds

Oven : 180*C

  1. Toast sesame seeds on a skillet until brown. Stir occasionally to avoid burn then cool down in a tray to stop the cooking process. 
  2. Beat the egg till you saw bubbles while cream the butter and sugars in another bowl till fluffy. Then add in the beaten egg into the sugar & butter mixture, mix well. 
  3. Sift in flour, salt and baking powder into the mix and combine till smooth. Don over whisk it! Or your cookies will turn out like a rock.
  4. Lastly, add in the toasted sesame seeds.

 Your cookies batter will turn out like this!

    5. Drop tsps of batter / Pipe the batter, spaced apart because they will spread. 

    6. Bake them for 12-13 mins until browned. 
    7. Let them cool for approximately 3 mins in the tray before removing to cool on rack. 

Here they are, crispy thin sesame cookies! Noms!

Look how thin they turn out, CRISPINESSSSSS. 

*TIPS : Make sure the sesame seeds is fully cool down before mixing into the batter.
          Take out the cookies from the oven when the edges are crispy and brown.
          Bake the cookies at 150*C for approximately 3 mins if they turned soft.*

Turned out, I really love to blog about recipes. More to come! :D 
I will try to balance my blog between my daily life routine and recipes now. 
Please comment if you have any further questions or any recipe request! 

Click on {Print Recipe} link above to print this out.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chocolate Yogurt Mousse with NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt

Firstly I would like to thank Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity to blog a sponsored post. I have never got a sponsored post offer before. This is my very very first :') , can't express how happy I'm to receive this email.
I'm so lucky that my mixer had arrive. Just in time for DESSERTS! You can never guess how much this mixer costs, it's super cheap.

As you can it's like a copy of a KitchenAid mixer. Just that it's much lighter and mini-ier than KitchenAid.

Today it would be my very 1st time posting a recipe on blog. I never ever blog about my recipes before, cause I saving all up for my future cake shop or maybe a homefeel cafe. I hope people would use my recipe and enjoy it, it would make me really really happy.

May I present you, the secret behind this recipe, NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt! It's healthier than any other yogurt because it's much more low in fat and sugar free.

Yogurt Chocolate Mousse
  • Whipping cream    250ml
  • Dark chocolate    350g
  • NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt    250g
  • Gelatine    5g
  • Water    15ml

1. Boil A ( whipping cream ) under low fire then pour over the dark chocolate. Use a spatula to even the cream on the bowl, this will melt the dark chocolate faster.

2. Sieve NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt with a cheesecloth or coffee filter. Then whip NESTLE Yogurt till fluffy. Fold in the yogurt into the chocolate mixture until even.

3. Put C ( gelatine & water ) into the microwave for 1 minute / till the gelatine melts.

4. Whisk in the gelatine mixture into 1/4 of the yogurt chocolate batter. When the gelatine is whisk evenly, combine the rest of the yogurt chocolate batter.

5. Pipe the batter into small cups, you could get them from the bakery supplier shops. Then chill it in the fridge for about 3 hours before serving.

*When whisking the gelatine mixture into the batter , make sure you do it fast or else the gelatine would coagulate*

For better presentation, you can decorate it with some berries or maybe you would try something different like mine. I decorated it with sweet basil leaf. Maybe the next time I would add chopped sweet basil in this recipe and see how it tastes.

 My NESTLE Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

Please try my recipe and let me know how it goes for all of you. Just drop a comment if you have any questions. 

For more information about NESTLE Natural Yogurt Set, please click here

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Distances became our friend since early of March. He got the chance to work for a better future and I got a "thing" that I felt I was destined to do so I just went for it. I was upset for the 1st few months and wasn't really assure how is this going to work. Cause I'm the type of girl who loves to stick around my boyfriend.

Both parties got to work especially him, in the hospitality industry. He could not hold his phone all the time. So there is like a schedule thing between us, at what time we are free to talk and video call. Even bedtime also got to be in schedule but mostly I don really obey :P after wishing him goodnight and all, I went on with Hayday or PlantVsZombies II . 

Some people said LDR is not good, it's sad and depressing. Somehow I find it's actually good rather than always looking at each other everyday, thinking of something to say to each other. We get to communicate more with texts and understand each other. In LDR, there must be trust and faith between each other, or else it would be a dooms day. Every minute texts will come through your phone asking what are you up to or calling you when you didn't reply. Which is quite frustrating for some people but others might felt their partner is so caring. 

Different people have different point of view. Lesson learnt, people might say somethings it's not good but you got to try it and find out by yourself. BUT it also depends on what kay... 
Learnt to appreciate and love someone that did so much for you!! 


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gold Digger or Pure Sweetheart

Look at the title, already know what I'll talk about today. By the way, I'm not talking about digging noses for golds okay? Haha, it's the money type of gold digger. There are many types of girls around, some would set a price for their body, become someones lil step mum and so on. All these, just for easy income.

I seen a lot of girls rely on their boyfriends ALOT. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, most importantly don forget their shopping. Some even go to the extreme, their rents, handphone bills and hope their boyfriend could bring her family members to fancy dinners on the weekends. It happen all the time at where I am now.

I had also interviewed some boys about their opinion on this matter. And I could not believe what they answered me. Should I say foolish or just plain dumb? Most of them said "It's their responsibility to make sure their girlfriends have place to stay, nice clothes to wear and food to eat. Who won't be like what the fuck? China's guys are still living in the old generation's style. Living under the rock. 

Presents? This is a really funny matter. If girls does not get presents on special days, guys will get silent treatment. But if it's in the other way round, guys won't even be mad at them. So unfair right? Giving presents it's like a part of being a boyfriend's duty. And guess what happens if she does not like the present, she will said I hinted you last week at the shopping mall about the bag already right? or etc

Girls, please take note about the situation around you now. There's no more fairy tales in this generation. Prices are raising like a water tap opening except salaries. Nowadays girls or women are working, no longer stay home be housewives. Whatever boys could do, girls also could do the same. Just do something to earn money. Don be lazy, get up and work.

These are 10 signs she's a gold digger from Kanye West lyrics

  • Only takes expensive gifts no sentimental presents. No flowers cause it does not have any value on it. Say bye bye handmade presents, except you do origami with money notes. 
  • Her friends are also her crime partner. They compare each other pockets and got influenced by their tendencies. 
  • Always asked about your income status. Even before starting a relationship with you to make sure you have enough to support her the rest of your life. 
  • The bills will always be with you and only you. Or even go on Dutch. She makes you feel it's a gentleman's duty. 
  • Hates other pretty girls. Always make sure they wear and look better than any other girls. 
  • Uses their barbie looks for short-term gain. Walking with their butt and chest up high, making sure you will drool and asked you for a small favor. 
  • Status always must be number one. Only interested with guys have million business or own a grand house and car. Branded things will always be their possession. 
  • Ladder climber. Normal girls only climb ladders in their career but a gold digger would climb you after YOU. Their current boyfriend has been richer than the last one. 
  • Out of your league. No offense, mostly she would be more hotter or presentable than you. Just wonder what makes her to stay in a relationship with you especially you have a millions loaded wallet. 
  •  Entitlement. With status, she feels entitled to the easy life without hard work and even lifting a finger to achieve it. 

Here's a funny quote to end this post. Enjoy your weekends. 
A successful husband is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar Village

 On my recent trip back to Malaysia, celebrated two of my besties birthday :) at Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. None of us been there before so we gave it a try. We just love to scoff and indulge ourselves in new restaurants.


I love the design's of their menu. It makes it looks like a kids storybook. Old classic storybook.

 Alien Invasion

The based of the sauce is same like The Wolf's Favourite. With sausage and button mushroom. The secret of the dish, it has a strong garlic taste, garlic lovers this would be your choice. ;) Go and get it!

 Baked Meatlovers Penne

My friends who know me well, they should know this is my order. I'm sort of a carnivore to them, I don like vegetables at all. But since I'm starting to aging, I got to take my veges now :(
1st bite it's awesomeeee..... but till the last few bites, you will start feeling bored with the taste in your mouth. I literally have to forced myself to finish it.

 The Wolf's Favourite

This is really everybody's favourite dish. Tell me who doesn't like Carbonara?! It's actually Carbonara but they just named it with their own theme. Creamy cheesy and delicious.

I could not remember what's the name of this dish, it's in the dish of the month leaflet. Well, I will just call it Baked Sausage Penne. :) Same creamy sauce based as The Wolf's Favorite. I guess my girlfriends really love cream based food.

I left out Erin's dish picture :( Grilled Pork Pesto. I love this a lot even though it's not mine. Pesto is my thing okay? :P I love herbs alot. As a chef, herbs in every food is a need. I'm trying to make desserts with herbs now. Working out it soon :)

This is their surprise birthday cake. Not a whole cake, because I and Erin felt that maybe we should mix it up so we could have different flavors. :) I still don mind how it looks, it's just the taste matters to me.
We bought it from Ben's General Food Store. I love Ben's a lot. Food, drinks, dessert, ambiance, everything is GOOD. Should try the Chocolate Banana cake *bottom left*. Awesome!! Not too sweet, just nice.

  Hui Sien & Poh Yee ( Birthday girl ) 

 Wan Xuan & Erin 

Something is wrong with the lighting at their seats. :( Ugly photo. Sobss. 

Last but not least.

Happy Belated Birthday Poh Yee and Happy Advance Birthday Hui Sien.
Hope everything goes well for the two of you :)
Besties forever and ever.

*ps. Poh Yee really needs a partner now / boyfriend... so single guys please... :P*

Please please say you all notice the background of my blog had changed. :0 Design by myself. Just simple artwork :)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Lil Gift for My Sister

I'm suppose to read this on her wedding dinner. But I chicken out to read it on the stage to the crowds. Everybody knows I'm failure when comes to presentation. :P

So here is my speech : (ps. please take a deep breath and don cry)

" When I'm 11, my mother passed away. My father was always not at home, working at outstation which left my sister in charge. She was only 17 at that time. She's the most mature among us (my siblings). Working part time when school holidays to earn extra money and study so hard for her exams. 

Years passed on, I entered high school. This was when I got so emotional and not wanting to be with my family. I got bad influence from my friends at school. Skipping school, going out without permission, NO DRUGS OR SMOKE, lied and etc. She expressed her worry by nagging and scolding me, well at that time, I never thought that's a way of how people care about me. I just felt she was so frustrating and hope she would just leave me alone. 

I been acting like that for years, till one day she got so frustrated and cried in front of me. She said "why do I even have to care about all of you?" 
At that moment, I felt sorry and realized, I'm not the one in pain after all these years. She's the one who was in pain and carried the burden we kept giving her. She gave up her teenage life for us, staying home taking care of us when her friends asked her out. She had gave so much but I don realized it at all. 

She been a sister, a guardian, and like a mother to me. Thank you for being patient and never give up on caring me. I would not be who I am now without you. You have guided me through my life. Now it's time to live yourself happily. I love you, my sister." 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Everybody knows how Malaysia's government treat stray dogs. They just want to swept up all the stray dogs and put them in the black bag. I called them the dog sweepers. Why they have to be so cruel? Dogs are human true best friend, compare to a human.

Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (M.I.A.R) is a non-profit organization by Puspa Rani. They save pets from cruelty and brutality.

I have two loving dogs at home. Even they gave troubles sometimes, I still love them so much. Dogs are somehow like human. You can't expect them to know what is right or wrong, they need to be trained or taught like babies.
I know raising a pet is not that easy from financial and etc. Think twice before getting a pet, do you have enough responsibility?

Recently Puspa Rani is having a really tough time. They lost 3 dogs.
Baby, 1 week before Puspa Rani gave birth and currently Pandan Indah and Dumbo. Some dog sweepers threw poison into the shelter andf killed Pandan Indah and Dumbo. For a pregnant lady to go through this is just too much. I hope someone could help them out.

Please visit

Please help M.I.A.R to save all these poor furry paws.

Thank you.

Friday, October 4, 2013


I been here for almost half year. Before shifting here, my friends warned me how "wonderful" China is but I didn't really trust what they said and went for it. I only been here when I was 13 yrs old, can't really remember anything about it.

I'm living at the suburban area in Shenzhen. I don really understand what's wrong with China's citizens hygiene. All they do is spit, spit and spit everywhere. I'm so disgust by the way they act. Rubbish everywhere, allowing their babies/kids to poop and pee everywhere. I can't blame them since it's a suburban area, maybe their attitudes still not modernized yet. 
People literally got molested and robbed in the public transportation. And guess what, if they found out you have any money in your wallet after robbing you. They will come back to you and beat you up for having an empty wallet. Sad huh? This is what China really is. 

Or the other hand, I visited my boyfriend at Shanghai couple of months before. It's a different side of China. Everything was so clean and coordinate. No wonder he like it there so much. I'm so looking forward to visit him again, perhaps the country he's at more? Haha

Everybody knows that we can't log in Facebook and Blogger in China right? My boyfriend and I been searching for the best VPN. 
We found StrongVPN! 
Why StrongVPN? The connection is really fast and does not sudden disconnect. Not only that, you can use the VPN on your Ipad, Iphone, laptop, Android phone and etc, of course one at the time only. 

 It's so easy to use that you just need to download their StrongVPN Client @ and you are all ready! Simple as 1 2 3. 
Wait and search no longer, subscribe it now! :)

(ps. I don get pay for this just so you know, I just want to share the good things with you :)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is our last night in PLR. So sad we got to leave the island so fast. Hope I could stay there forever. Actually I could, as a staff -.-"

Such a clear beautiful sky, away from pollution.

They have a private beach at the back of the island. It's clean and clear but somehow I found the sea water was extra salty.

Collected seashells to test out my camera.

They are trying to do a jump shot. It's either one of them are too slow or too fast. Haha.

This time, my bf didn't ask for it. The housekeeping did it themselves, so sweet of them. They just kept surprising us with their service. :)

Dinner time!!
We went to Feast Village for dinner on that day. Well, they changed the menu too :( No!! My salmon mango tartar gone already. Was pretty upset cause I always wanted to try out their french/western cuisine.


I hate coffee alot but this Tiramisu is extraordinary special. :) 

Regretted for not bringing more dresses. Everybody in the island was wearing dresses all the time!! :(

ps. please ignore my hair. This is what happens when you ask your boyfriend to take pictures for you when he is busy watching tv. :P

That's it! I would definitely want to visit PLR again. :)


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pangkor Laut Resort 1 NIGHT

Yellow I'm back :) This post will be about our dinner on our 1st night at PLR.
I have to blog separately because there are too much photos for you to look at. I'm just concerned about your eyes. Pardon me.

 Nicklaus - Joseph - Susan

After a short nap, we went to Uncle Lim to have our dinner. The restaurant name was kinda weird right? It's like some kind of old fashion restaurant name. Guess what, there is really a man named Uncle Lim in the restaurant. In fact, he is the owner of the restaurant. He's about 70 years old? I guess.

 candid shot of Nicklaus

I bought my Nikon J2 not long ago. I just realize my boyfriend really love to take pictures of himself. So selfie. Haha, he love to take pictures with all sorts of posture. Aiks aiks. :P

 Uncle Lim

It looks like it's Chinese New Year again.

Time for foodie! :)
 Claypot Seafood Tofu

 Stirred Fried Kailan with Garlic

 Calamansi Chicken with Sour Plum sauce

This is my favorite dish on the ISLAND. Yes, the island. Haha, I just love how the sauce taste with the crispy fried chicken. Yum yum. On my last day of internship at Uncle Lim, I requested a plate of this. They wondered why I didn't ordered prawns or crabs. Believe me, order this if you ever visit PLR.A chef will never recommend bad food to you!! :P

 Group shot 

 Nicklaus and I
(ps : look at his posture and you will get what I mean :P)

 Alvina - Amirul

Guess what I found when we returned to our room?!

A bed full of rose petals. :') He did it for our 1st anniversary. I was so touched.

Isn't it cute that they have a pillow case with the Happy Anniversary embroidery. I so wanna take it home but Nicklaus say no. :(
Anyways, he drew me a drawing too. FYI that's not us in the drawing. Lols.

1st night at PLR is done :) Looking back at all those pictures, I really hope I could have a remote control that I could use it to control the time. Missing those moments.