Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Lil Gift for My Sister

I'm suppose to read this on her wedding dinner. But I chicken out to read it on the stage to the crowds. Everybody knows I'm failure when comes to presentation. :P

So here is my speech : (ps. please take a deep breath and don cry)

" When I'm 11, my mother passed away. My father was always not at home, working at outstation which left my sister in charge. She was only 17 at that time. She's the most mature among us (my siblings). Working part time when school holidays to earn extra money and study so hard for her exams. 

Years passed on, I entered high school. This was when I got so emotional and not wanting to be with my family. I got bad influence from my friends at school. Skipping school, going out without permission, NO DRUGS OR SMOKE, lied and etc. She expressed her worry by nagging and scolding me, well at that time, I never thought that's a way of how people care about me. I just felt she was so frustrating and hope she would just leave me alone. 

I been acting like that for years, till one day she got so frustrated and cried in front of me. She said "why do I even have to care about all of you?" 
At that moment, I felt sorry and realized, I'm not the one in pain after all these years. She's the one who was in pain and carried the burden we kept giving her. She gave up her teenage life for us, staying home taking care of us when her friends asked her out. She had gave so much but I don realized it at all. 

She been a sister, a guardian, and like a mother to me. Thank you for being patient and never give up on caring me. I would not be who I am now without you. You have guided me through my life. Now it's time to live yourself happily. I love you, my sister." 


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