Saturday, November 2, 2013

Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar Village

 On my recent trip back to Malaysia, celebrated two of my besties birthday :) at Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. None of us been there before so we gave it a try. We just love to scoff and indulge ourselves in new restaurants.


I love the design's of their menu. It makes it looks like a kids storybook. Old classic storybook.

 Alien Invasion

The based of the sauce is same like The Wolf's Favourite. With sausage and button mushroom. The secret of the dish, it has a strong garlic taste, garlic lovers this would be your choice. ;) Go and get it!

 Baked Meatlovers Penne

My friends who know me well, they should know this is my order. I'm sort of a carnivore to them, I don like vegetables at all. But since I'm starting to aging, I got to take my veges now :(
1st bite it's awesomeeee..... but till the last few bites, you will start feeling bored with the taste in your mouth. I literally have to forced myself to finish it.

 The Wolf's Favourite

This is really everybody's favourite dish. Tell me who doesn't like Carbonara?! It's actually Carbonara but they just named it with their own theme. Creamy cheesy and delicious.

I could not remember what's the name of this dish, it's in the dish of the month leaflet. Well, I will just call it Baked Sausage Penne. :) Same creamy sauce based as The Wolf's Favorite. I guess my girlfriends really love cream based food.

I left out Erin's dish picture :( Grilled Pork Pesto. I love this a lot even though it's not mine. Pesto is my thing okay? :P I love herbs alot. As a chef, herbs in every food is a need. I'm trying to make desserts with herbs now. Working out it soon :)

This is their surprise birthday cake. Not a whole cake, because I and Erin felt that maybe we should mix it up so we could have different flavors. :) I still don mind how it looks, it's just the taste matters to me.
We bought it from Ben's General Food Store. I love Ben's a lot. Food, drinks, dessert, ambiance, everything is GOOD. Should try the Chocolate Banana cake *bottom left*. Awesome!! Not too sweet, just nice.

  Hui Sien & Poh Yee ( Birthday girl ) 

 Wan Xuan & Erin 

Something is wrong with the lighting at their seats. :( Ugly photo. Sobss. 

Last but not least.

Happy Belated Birthday Poh Yee and Happy Advance Birthday Hui Sien.
Hope everything goes well for the two of you :)
Besties forever and ever.

*ps. Poh Yee really needs a partner now / boyfriend... so single guys please... :P*

Please please say you all notice the background of my blog had changed. :0 Design by myself. Just simple artwork :)


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