Thursday, November 14, 2013


Distances became our friend since early of March. He got the chance to work for a better future and I got a "thing" that I felt I was destined to do so I just went for it. I was upset for the 1st few months and wasn't really assure how is this going to work. Cause I'm the type of girl who loves to stick around my boyfriend.

Both parties got to work especially him, in the hospitality industry. He could not hold his phone all the time. So there is like a schedule thing between us, at what time we are free to talk and video call. Even bedtime also got to be in schedule but mostly I don really obey :P after wishing him goodnight and all, I went on with Hayday or PlantVsZombies II . 

Some people said LDR is not good, it's sad and depressing. Somehow I find it's actually good rather than always looking at each other everyday, thinking of something to say to each other. We get to communicate more with texts and understand each other. In LDR, there must be trust and faith between each other, or else it would be a dooms day. Every minute texts will come through your phone asking what are you up to or calling you when you didn't reply. Which is quite frustrating for some people but others might felt their partner is so caring. 

Different people have different point of view. Lesson learnt, people might say somethings it's not good but you got to try it and find out by yourself. BUT it also depends on what kay... 
Learnt to appreciate and love someone that did so much for you!! 


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