Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gold Digger or Pure Sweetheart

Look at the title, already know what I'll talk about today. By the way, I'm not talking about digging noses for golds okay? Haha, it's the money type of gold digger. There are many types of girls around, some would set a price for their body, become someones lil step mum and so on. All these, just for easy income.

I seen a lot of girls rely on their boyfriends ALOT. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, most importantly don forget their shopping. Some even go to the extreme, their rents, handphone bills and hope their boyfriend could bring her family members to fancy dinners on the weekends. It happen all the time at where I am now.

I had also interviewed some boys about their opinion on this matter. And I could not believe what they answered me. Should I say foolish or just plain dumb? Most of them said "It's their responsibility to make sure their girlfriends have place to stay, nice clothes to wear and food to eat. Who won't be like what the fuck? China's guys are still living in the old generation's style. Living under the rock. 

Presents? This is a really funny matter. If girls does not get presents on special days, guys will get silent treatment. But if it's in the other way round, guys won't even be mad at them. So unfair right? Giving presents it's like a part of being a boyfriend's duty. And guess what happens if she does not like the present, she will said I hinted you last week at the shopping mall about the bag already right? or etc

Girls, please take note about the situation around you now. There's no more fairy tales in this generation. Prices are raising like a water tap opening except salaries. Nowadays girls or women are working, no longer stay home be housewives. Whatever boys could do, girls also could do the same. Just do something to earn money. Don be lazy, get up and work.

These are 10 signs she's a gold digger from Kanye West lyrics

  • Only takes expensive gifts no sentimental presents. No flowers cause it does not have any value on it. Say bye bye handmade presents, except you do origami with money notes. 
  • Her friends are also her crime partner. They compare each other pockets and got influenced by their tendencies. 
  • Always asked about your income status. Even before starting a relationship with you to make sure you have enough to support her the rest of your life. 
  • The bills will always be with you and only you. Or even go on Dutch. She makes you feel it's a gentleman's duty. 
  • Hates other pretty girls. Always make sure they wear and look better than any other girls. 
  • Uses their barbie looks for short-term gain. Walking with their butt and chest up high, making sure you will drool and asked you for a small favor. 
  • Status always must be number one. Only interested with guys have million business or own a grand house and car. Branded things will always be their possession. 
  • Ladder climber. Normal girls only climb ladders in their career but a gold digger would climb you after YOU. Their current boyfriend has been richer than the last one. 
  • Out of your league. No offense, mostly she would be more hotter or presentable than you. Just wonder what makes her to stay in a relationship with you especially you have a millions loaded wallet. 
  •  Entitlement. With status, she feels entitled to the easy life without hard work and even lifting a finger to achieve it. 

Here's a funny quote to end this post. Enjoy your weekends. 
A successful husband is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man!

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