Sunday, January 30, 2011

On The Way

*taken in my college, Taylor's Lakeside Campus, love the rabbit to the max!!* So cute
Chinese New Year is on the way!! :) Done your shopping? Clean up your house?
I can't wait for family reunion dinner :)
My dad and elder bro is back. So happy to see them.
And I can't wait for my Chinese New Year trip *with my family and hunny!!* Bwahaha

Oyaa, I have a BIG secret! Very very big. It will shock all of you to death and wonder why I did that. Haha. Its about my new hair cut.
Just wait until for my CNY post then you will get to see :)

And now I got a Blackberry Curve :) Damn happy. Hehe. Add me in BBM *no strangers* please.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Junior Masterchef

I guess u heard before Masterchef right? Don tell me you don know about it?
How about Junior Masterchef? Its for the lil ones from 8 10 12 years old.
They were just so amazing. Cooking like a real chef. Its unbelievable.

Try to think, if now they can cook like a real chef. Then what will they be when they grow up?
I guess I need to work twice as hard as them.

To all the want-to-be chef, you really gotta watch this show.
They even know how to cook rabbit meat. Rabbit meat? I didn't even cook rabbit meat before. So damn envy.

For more info about Junior Masterchef, click here :)
You can also watch it on StarWorld.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Is my driving skills that bad or is it the other reckless driver's fault? I don get it why i always get honked at. I don't feel like driving anymore. Seriously!! Everyday I need to go through this. I can't take it. It makes me feel unsafe.

Whenever I put on my signal to turn into the other lane (the car on the other lane is way behind) , the car at that lane will honk at me. WTF! What's wrong with your problem douche bag? I seriously hate it!

I almost bang a divider, a person ( suddenly he/she ran out from the sidewalk at the highway ) and of course a car. My friend who took a ride back home with me is also afraid of me. He said because I'm too afraid and worry a lot. All I need to do is look and be brave to GO!

Should I really do that?? :(

Friday, January 7, 2011

6th Monthsary

Woah, 6 months already huh? Fast. :)
But too bad, today we can't celebrate because he got some issue. Sad. At least we spend half of the day together in college. But this post will be delayed until I get my 6th monthsary celebration. TEEHEE.

You always remain the same even though I bully you alot :P
I want to thank you with all my love for loving me.
I know sometimes I show you my small temper behaviour, I'm so sorry hunny. It just happen.
I will always remember we fought at Pav, that day was the worst nightmare ever.
When the moment I didn't saw you behind me, I just realize I need you by my side and I'm afraid that you will leave me.
What you did had made me more in love with you. You didn't leave me but you lost track of me and you was looking around for me.
If I didn't give much attention on you, I'm sorry hunny. :(
I love you so much.

Its time to update this!
Hubby brought me to Dragon-i last night for our 6th monthsary dinner. I guess all of u would have known that Dragon-i is famous for the "siew long bao" right? If you don, then you seriously need to go try them NOW!!
We ordered stir fried chicken with cashew in sichuan style, stir fried beans with minced pork, fried radish and of course my beloved siew long bao :)
Sorry guys, no pictures :( at that night i look hideous.

Hunny, thanks for the wonderful dinner.
je t'aime, How Fu Ken.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Term 4 Bonsour! c:

It's the 3rd day of college. I seriously don like my timetable at all. Almost everyday I have class from morning *really early* until evening. And they only gave 1 hour break. Woah! Who ever that planned this timetable for us is really very smart! *in the opposite way!* Even my lecturer also sympathy us. Haihz.

For term 4. I will be having
French *my favourite c:*
Business english
Kicthen theory
Economic *kill me*
Malaysian studies *shoot me*
Sales and marketing *push me from the roof*
Food science *not you again!*
Pastry *my fav chef Karam :D*

Speaking of French class. I had been learning quite a lot of words just in 2 days. But mostly I can't get it right at the starting. It's just too confusing and totally different from other language. We can't separate the meaning of the sentences word by word. So difficult but love it. Can't wait for the next class! Oui! Haha.

Kill me please. Please. I have been eating like a mad dog since college started. My bf was like... how much food do you still want to have? Snogurt. Baskin Robbin. Bread Story. What's next? OMG! I not only gained weight, I also spent hell a lot of money on food. Shiat.

That's all for my 3rd day.
Um, this Friday is our 6th monthsary.
What should I do? *still thinking* LOL
Voici mon mari. :)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 12 & End of 2010

Week 12
I only worked for 2 days for that week only. So happy that the training had ended. But college starts on 3 Jan!! BOO!! Stupid college, no give break time. I still need a long sleep :( Haha, one thing good about college is i get to meet hunny EVERYDAY! Woots! Don ya love to meet your loved one everyday everything , 24/7? Haha. And and and speak of the chocolate peanut butter waffle, curry puff and sandwich in college. Yum yum. Gonna gain weight :P

HELLOO 2011! Umm, actually I don feel any difference between 2010 and 2011. It seems the same to me. Nothing special. So sad.
I heard from Facebook that there was a new candy shop from another country at 1 Utama. Everybody was like " I'm eating Sticky! " So I went down to 1 Utama just to get the sweets.

I bought Australian mango flavor. The sweets taste NICE!! Totally different from any other candies. Love it!!
And TOPSHOP have their own make up now!! Its not that expensive and the design was polka polka dot dot. Cutee! :D I bought the normal eyeliner and a lip gloss. Bwahuahua.
Thats all for this week. Can't wait to meet me college buddies tomorrow.

Hearts hunny.