Friday, January 7, 2011

6th Monthsary

Woah, 6 months already huh? Fast. :)
But too bad, today we can't celebrate because he got some issue. Sad. At least we spend half of the day together in college. But this post will be delayed until I get my 6th monthsary celebration. TEEHEE.

You always remain the same even though I bully you alot :P
I want to thank you with all my love for loving me.
I know sometimes I show you my small temper behaviour, I'm so sorry hunny. It just happen.
I will always remember we fought at Pav, that day was the worst nightmare ever.
When the moment I didn't saw you behind me, I just realize I need you by my side and I'm afraid that you will leave me.
What you did had made me more in love with you. You didn't leave me but you lost track of me and you was looking around for me.
If I didn't give much attention on you, I'm sorry hunny. :(
I love you so much.

Its time to update this!
Hubby brought me to Dragon-i last night for our 6th monthsary dinner. I guess all of u would have known that Dragon-i is famous for the "siew long bao" right? If you don, then you seriously need to go try them NOW!!
We ordered stir fried chicken with cashew in sichuan style, stir fried beans with minced pork, fried radish and of course my beloved siew long bao :)
Sorry guys, no pictures :( at that night i look hideous.

Hunny, thanks for the wonderful dinner.
je t'aime, How Fu Ken.


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    very touching for me,
    love you bebe :) <3