Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 12 & End of 2010

Week 12
I only worked for 2 days for that week only. So happy that the training had ended. But college starts on 3 Jan!! BOO!! Stupid college, no give break time. I still need a long sleep :( Haha, one thing good about college is i get to meet hunny EVERYDAY! Woots! Don ya love to meet your loved one everyday everything , 24/7? Haha. And and and speak of the chocolate peanut butter waffle, curry puff and sandwich in college. Yum yum. Gonna gain weight :P

HELLOO 2011! Umm, actually I don feel any difference between 2010 and 2011. It seems the same to me. Nothing special. So sad.
I heard from Facebook that there was a new candy shop from another country at 1 Utama. Everybody was like " I'm eating Sticky! " So I went down to 1 Utama just to get the sweets.

I bought Australian mango flavor. The sweets taste NICE!! Totally different from any other candies. Love it!!
And TOPSHOP have their own make up now!! Its not that expensive and the design was polka polka dot dot. Cutee! :D I bought the normal eyeliner and a lip gloss. Bwahuahua.
Thats all for this week. Can't wait to meet me college buddies tomorrow.

Hearts hunny.


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