Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gulliver's Travel + Lego + Wonderful Dinner

Monday, 27th of December 2010.
I was having my off day on that day so i decided to go out with hunny. I was so excited that I get to meet him finally after 1 week. Miss him so much.
Well, we went to Mid Valley for movie and walked around. I felt so proud that I didn't bought anything but felt a lil regretted ;P

So we watched the Gulliver's Travel!
The movie was truly amazing!! I enjoyed it so much. Well, its about a guy had a crush on a girl in the office while he was just a mail boy. Not JUST! Haha.

After movie, we drove to Bangsar Village for din din :) Lols, we walked around searching restaurant for quite a long time. Then we found something interesting!
Swendens's ice cream shop.Lols, we just had Swenden ice cream at Mid Valley.
Train's railway.
I and hunny was like woahh. And he asked me "Can i buy?" Lols, I was like "I want it too" Then went to check for the price. ... WTH! So expensive. Changed our mind. Lolsss

Walking around. Spanish food? Steak? Burger? Noodles? Asian food?
At last we decided to dine in at Plan B because of the number of customers they have. I guess the restaurant just opened not long ago.

The service was quite bad. The waiters was like so confused and slow. Well, can't blame them. They are new.

Look! They gave us medicine! :(
Neh.. Just kidding. Haha, it's just mineral water served in a medicine bottle. Unique huh?

I ordered umm umm ummm *oh crap, I forget what's it call!! So sorry* :( Well, it's tomato & crabmeat spaghetti? Haha
And apple mint! NICE!! U should try it! :D
Hunny ordered Cheese burger. When i found out he wanted to have burger. I was like " what?! Just now I just asked you whether you want burger and you didn't say a thing ". Lols, poor hunny. If I know he want to have burger, I surely will go the specialized burger restaurant. Sorry hunny :(

That's all for the day. Guess what? Tomorrow will be the last day of 2010 and I'M WORKING!! :'( If you still have wishes and dreams that you haven't grant, quite! Don waste your time! *Lols, just kidding! you could take your time. The world is not going to end yet. Haha*
Peeps, enjoy your last day of 2010 ya!! (^o^)

Hunny, I just had a great idea for the rest of your present :P TEEHEE.
Lots of loveeeee.


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