Saturday, October 27, 2012

Boyf's Family

Nicklaus, my boyf 

Was pretty nervous before meeting my boyf's family. I went through lots of horror experience when meeting my ex's family. Thank God, everything went well. :) Perhaps this is the friendliness family I ever met. 

The main point of today is to celebrate Uncle Ho's be-early birthday. Went for Dragon-I for dinner and spend the night at CEO Farrenheit. 

Hope everything goes well in your life and it's nice to meet you. :) I apologize for not being able to talk much because of my shyness.

Uncle Ho

One thing I like the most about my bf's family is the bond between the sisters. They are just so lovely so as his mum.

Thank you boyf for everything today. I hope this would really be the one. THE ONE if you know what i mean. Haha. Well, nobody knows about the future. 


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Other Side Of Me


Me. Standing at my locker alone at Westrow Highschool. I was so shy to look around because I don like the feeling of getting stare by other peoples especially in school. "Sam! Sam! Sam!" Only my moms call me Sam, it couldn't be my mom. No way she will be at my school. Maybe she's calling out for someone else. Suddenly a girl appear in front of me "Are you the new senior, Samantha?" I nodded. "Hi, I'm Evonne. I will be guiding you around the school on your first day." She walked me around the school, showed me where the gym, art room and etc are.

"May I know what brought you to Westrow? As I know, you are from Chicago right? There's is nothing here compare to Chicago, so wish I could live there." I was thinking should I tell her the true but afraid it might scare her off and I didn't want to ruin my 1st friend in Westrow. "Well, my family is so messed up that I could not talk it so I moved here with my grandma." I lied. "I'm so sorry to hear that." Evonne said upsetly. Damn, it makes me feel guilty. "Well, I need to go for my calculus class now. Will meet you when lunch time?" "Definitely" I said with a smile. Evonne have calculus class while I'm in my English class. Sitting alone like I'm invisible to everybody in class except to John, if I'm not mistaken about his name who is sitting 2 seats from my left. Uncountable times he stare at me but I pretend I didn't notice about it.

Finally after 2 classes, the bell rings. Lunch time. Evonne introduce me to her friends, they are all so nice.
"Do you want to join us for a drink at Long Bay after school? It's just around the corner of our school." Ariel asked, the girl with a nose pierce. "I think I will pass, I have errands to run." I lied again. But I promise them I will join them on the next day. "By the way, do you know who is John?" I asked. "John? That mohawk guy?" with their shock expression. "Yes". "Don get so close to him, his girlfriend. That long hair blonde girl is a psycho. She does not like anyone close to John." Evonne said. I'm so curious what horrible things she did to the girls that is close to John before but didn't want to ask much.

School ends. As usual, I will head to my room straight and take a nap when I got home. Wake up for dinner. "Hows your 1st day in school today?" my mom asked. "Fine, I meet some new friends". "Good for my dear, just make sure they are not like your old friends". "Mom, please!" I sighed. On my Macbook, Evonne and  the rest of the girls have add me in Facebook and IM. Well, there was a John Wright in my friend request. To keep myself from any trouble, I decline the request.



I love reading books a lot. I'm trying to write one now. Haha. Well, I hope you guys enjoy it. Please do comment to let me know how was it and should I continue?. :) THANK YOU.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Perhaps? :)

Hey!! :)
I'm back with a good news.
Perhaps all of you have already knew about it but since this is my blog which is also a part of my journal in my life so I got to blog about everything that happen in my life. Haha.

Well, now I'm off with someone. Nicklaus. Yeah like Santa Claus. Haha.
I can't describe how's him and all until you meet him. One thing for sure, he is not shy to talk at all and talk like a chatterbox. Haha. :P

I planned to take a picture with him but not this picture. Believe me, he asked me to take this picture when we are on the escalator. I was like "it's so dangerous, we could have fall from the escalator" and he said I'm paranoid which I'm not at all!! :P

Took off the stitches from my finger already, whoever who said it hurts a lot when taking off the stitches. LIAR!! -___- I closed my eye so tight, do not dare to look how the procedure works. Didn't felt anything and after for 2 mins the doctor told me it's done. WHAT..... HAHA.
The worst thing. The scar was so horrible. :( Got to look at it everyday as a lesson.


Monday, October 8, 2012


You are always there for me. 
I did this mistake a lots of times. I never want to make the wrong decision again so I took my time on you. 
And my time is up. :) so .... something incredible is happening in my life. 

PS : Will be taking off my stitches soon :/ saw the stitches today. It looks so ugly. OHMYGAWD :'(

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Well, as you all already know I have been through rough times at work from my Facebook status.
Just I was thinking that everything is falling apart when the tons of pressure on me, I feel tired and fatigue, almost felt like giving up in everything. But thank God, there's people helping me out from the stress. :)
I will still pursuit my dream at YTL.

And after I regain all my dreams and strength. Fuck. Sliced my pointing finger at work today.
Practically a piece of skin is GONE and got 2 1/2 stitches. Cried when I was on the way to the clinic till the whole stitching procedure is done.
At 1st, I thought it's just a normal cut where I usually hurt my hand but when I put my finger under the running water. It hurts so badly till I cried. The blood just kept flowing. Scare the hell out of me.
It's still bleeds and hurts a lot even after stitching. Just hope I could have pain killer. :(

No, I'm not traumatized by it. I will still use a knife and keep my dreams going on.
Just hope I won't slice or hurt any part of me during work again.