Friday, October 12, 2012

Perhaps? :)

Hey!! :)
I'm back with a good news.
Perhaps all of you have already knew about it but since this is my blog which is also a part of my journal in my life so I got to blog about everything that happen in my life. Haha.

Well, now I'm off with someone. Nicklaus. Yeah like Santa Claus. Haha.
I can't describe how's him and all until you meet him. One thing for sure, he is not shy to talk at all and talk like a chatterbox. Haha. :P

I planned to take a picture with him but not this picture. Believe me, he asked me to take this picture when we are on the escalator. I was like "it's so dangerous, we could have fall from the escalator" and he said I'm paranoid which I'm not at all!! :P

Took off the stitches from my finger already, whoever who said it hurts a lot when taking off the stitches. LIAR!! -___- I closed my eye so tight, do not dare to look how the procedure works. Didn't felt anything and after for 2 mins the doctor told me it's done. WHAT..... HAHA.
The worst thing. The scar was so horrible. :( Got to look at it everyday as a lesson.


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