Sunday, April 21, 2013

My 21 With Sweeties

Previously, I celebrated my 21 with my bf's family. On 14 April which is my birth date, my sweeties celebrated with me in the afternoon for lunch. They asked me to meet up at Circus, Pavillion at 1 pm but guess what, they showed up at my house at 9 am to surprise me when I still asleep. I thought I was dreaming when I saw them standing outside my room with a lighted up cake. So touched by them :) Thank you for the memory. 

There were only Erin, Hui Sien and Janice on my birthday because the rest of them is busy with work and assignment. They decorated the seats with helium balloons for my birthday. :) Aww.

 I'm still half awake

So here we are at Circus for our lunch. 

 Janice and Hui Sien

 Erin and I

Everyone was so sad that I'm going to leave soon. I will miss you all too when I got there. :( They have been my best friends since I got into SMK Seri Bintang Selatan.

 My Chill Beef Pie

I love it so much! But it's not enough spicy for me. Recommend to share this cause the portion is too much for one person. 

 Erin's Mushroom Pie

Creamy mushroom with pie crust, who does not love it?! :) 

 Hui Sien's Sirloin Baguette

She love the taste of it but I don't because I felt the meat is too tough for me to chew. 

 Janice's Salmon Ciabatta 

One word. Awesome but I hate the sliced shallots on the bottom. 

Finally, cake time! :) This is my 3rd birthday cake. 

 Heavenly Chocolate Cake

Among all of us, Hui Sien was the 1st one who got a instax camera. She kept all the polaraids in a card holder booklet. We saw how we look like in secondary years and who changed the most. Guess what?! The award goes to me. Haha, almost every single year, I have different haircuts.

 My loves

Lastly, outfit of that day :)

Top - BKK, Mustard pencil skirt - Nichii, Heels - Vincci 

Next post will still be about my 21st :) Ngek ngek 


Friday, April 12, 2013

Erin's Big 21

It's been a long time I blog in daylight. Most of the time, I spend my midnight blogging for hours. 

Finally I'm going to blog about Erin's 21. Hehe. We planned everything and gave her a surprise that she never thought of.  I went to bought helium balloons and baked a two tier cake for her. Well, its her 21 so I want to celebrate differently. :) 

The most funny part when me and Hui Sien brought the balloons to Hard Rock Cafe, we asked Poh Yee to trick Erin to the bathroom. When we saw Poh Yee at the bathroom entry and she was waving, we thought she is urging us to go. Guess what? She actually trying to call us to come over to her to tell us that Erin is waiting at the reception desk. So did Erin found out? Nope, haha. Thank God, she was busying doing something and she didn't saw us! :D That had become the joke of that night. 

Everybody was so excited on that day, kept asking me what time and all. But guess what, Janice can't make it cause she is stuck at her college and Angeline is so busy with her assignment till she forget it's Friday. LOLS. 

So there's me, Hui Sien, Poh Yee and Erin at Hard Rock Cafe @ Concorde KL

We ordered nachos for our appetizer. The portion was pretty huge.
So far, its not the best nachos I ever taste. Because they don have chilli beef in it!!

Next we have our main course. Lols, 3 of us ordered burgers and I ordered a Sirloin open sandwiches.

We called Angeline almost every 30 minutes asking where is she. We finished our meals, spending our time taking pictures of us other.

Hui Sien and Poh Yee

At last, Angeline showed up. And we are able to cut the cake!! :)


Erin and me

Trios, Angeline, Erin and Poh Yee

Since I worked at Concorde KL before so I'm familiar with the building. We went to the pool to take pictures and set our helium balloons free. :) 

My another love :)

Poh Yee

Hui Sien


I and Angeline wore high heels on that day, which makes us the tallest of the night among them. :D I guess boyf is right, high heels does make a girl look more beautiful. I so gonna hunt for more high heels. 

Next, it would be my BIG 21 !! I can't wait. :P
This is just a short video of our balloons. Enjoy!!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Miss Is All I Can Do

Here's me missing you again and again. Crying and hoping to see you soon. 
Wish I could fasten the time, so it would be June or September now. 

Never thought it would be hard. Having your loved one on the other side of the earth. Wonder what he does how he is and all. 
Hope he was here by my side now. Even for an hour. :(

This song is for you, Honey. 


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bf's family birthday celebration for me

As I and everybody thought I will be leaving to Shenzhen next week. So they celebrate my birthday earlier but unfortunately due to some reasons, the plan delayed. 
They brought be to Victoria Station for dinner that night. 

Bf's lovely family. Someone is missing :(

As you all know. Chinese have a tradition where when their children turn into 21, they will gift them a key pendant as their key to freedom. 
Well, my mum have passed away and my dad is not always around. So my bf's mummy decided to give me a gift in place of my parents. Haha, instead of a key pendant, she gave me a butterfly so I could FLY freely. :)

When I heard what she told me and saw the necklace, I was so touched and almost cry. :') Thank you mummy for all the love and nurturing me. 

Next its from the lovelies. I can't believe they bought me this cause I actually did asked my bf's elder sis to buy this for herself. 

Now I got tons of make up set. Lols. Don even know which 1 I should use. Anyways, thank you lovelies for this. I love it to the max. :) 

So wish he could join us on that day or any other day that I spent with his family. :( 
His mummy was so kind, that she always welcome me to have dinner in their house and invite me to overnight till my sister thought I was moving to there already. Haha. 
I love everything that I have now in my heart. It's enough to fulfill my dreams that I always wanted. A family with tons of love and bond as I grew up differently from other family. 



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gold Coast Morib

Me and my girls went to Gold Coast Morib for our spring break :) This is the 1st time we went on vacation together after all this years. 
We stayed in a two rooms apartment. 
The room is clean and cozy. I didn't expect it would be this good cause most of the time i get bad comments about it. 

Living room with a balcony

Dining table

I love the wooden chair so much. Maybe I would set up my house like that the next time. :)


Very simple bedroom. Nothing special but I wonder why would they install the hairdryer beside the bed. ==


That's all for the apartment. 
After getting changed, we head to the so call water theme park. Nothing much to play, I got sick so didn't have the chance to swim :(

Angeline & Poh Yee

After theme park, we thought of heading to the beach awhile but unfortunately it started to rain so we went back to our room. 
Bath, chilled at the balcony. Hui Sien painted our nails. I didn't take any pictures of our nails.

Polaroids of us :)

For dinner, we went to the Golden Sea Restaurant. Awesome cheap seafood there. :) That was the 1st time we had seafood together. 
Everybody thought I was leaving Msia soon so they prepare my birthday earlier. Unfortunately I will only leave end of this month. Haha. 

This are the presents they gave me. 

Hui Sien's

Poh Yee's


I would like to thank you girls for the presents. :) I love it a lot. Especially the MAC from Erin, I know it took a lot from you to get me that. Appreciate a lot. Don worry, all of us will get yours too. 

That's all for Gold Coast Morib. :) Haha, this is the only picture that I am in. 
The next post would be about my BIG 21st.