Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bf's family birthday celebration for me

As I and everybody thought I will be leaving to Shenzhen next week. So they celebrate my birthday earlier but unfortunately due to some reasons, the plan delayed. 
They brought be to Victoria Station for dinner that night. 

Bf's lovely family. Someone is missing :(

As you all know. Chinese have a tradition where when their children turn into 21, they will gift them a key pendant as their key to freedom. 
Well, my mum have passed away and my dad is not always around. So my bf's mummy decided to give me a gift in place of my parents. Haha, instead of a key pendant, she gave me a butterfly so I could FLY freely. :)

When I heard what she told me and saw the necklace, I was so touched and almost cry. :') Thank you mummy for all the love and nurturing me. 

Next its from the lovelies. I can't believe they bought me this cause I actually did asked my bf's elder sis to buy this for herself. 

Now I got tons of make up set. Lols. Don even know which 1 I should use. Anyways, thank you lovelies for this. I love it to the max. :) 

So wish he could join us on that day or any other day that I spent with his family. :( 
His mummy was so kind, that she always welcome me to have dinner in their house and invite me to overnight till my sister thought I was moving to there already. Haha. 
I love everything that I have now in my heart. It's enough to fulfill my dreams that I always wanted. A family with tons of love and bond as I grew up differently from other family. 



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