Friday, April 12, 2013

Erin's Big 21

It's been a long time I blog in daylight. Most of the time, I spend my midnight blogging for hours. 

Finally I'm going to blog about Erin's 21. Hehe. We planned everything and gave her a surprise that she never thought of.  I went to bought helium balloons and baked a two tier cake for her. Well, its her 21 so I want to celebrate differently. :) 

The most funny part when me and Hui Sien brought the balloons to Hard Rock Cafe, we asked Poh Yee to trick Erin to the bathroom. When we saw Poh Yee at the bathroom entry and she was waving, we thought she is urging us to go. Guess what? She actually trying to call us to come over to her to tell us that Erin is waiting at the reception desk. So did Erin found out? Nope, haha. Thank God, she was busying doing something and she didn't saw us! :D That had become the joke of that night. 

Everybody was so excited on that day, kept asking me what time and all. But guess what, Janice can't make it cause she is stuck at her college and Angeline is so busy with her assignment till she forget it's Friday. LOLS. 

So there's me, Hui Sien, Poh Yee and Erin at Hard Rock Cafe @ Concorde KL

We ordered nachos for our appetizer. The portion was pretty huge.
So far, its not the best nachos I ever taste. Because they don have chilli beef in it!!

Next we have our main course. Lols, 3 of us ordered burgers and I ordered a Sirloin open sandwiches.

We called Angeline almost every 30 minutes asking where is she. We finished our meals, spending our time taking pictures of us other.

Hui Sien and Poh Yee

At last, Angeline showed up. And we are able to cut the cake!! :)


Erin and me

Trios, Angeline, Erin and Poh Yee

Since I worked at Concorde KL before so I'm familiar with the building. We went to the pool to take pictures and set our helium balloons free. :) 

My another love :)

Poh Yee

Hui Sien


I and Angeline wore high heels on that day, which makes us the tallest of the night among them. :D I guess boyf is right, high heels does make a girl look more beautiful. I so gonna hunt for more high heels. 

Next, it would be my BIG 21 !! I can't wait. :P
This is just a short video of our balloons. Enjoy!!


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