Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Lil Gift for My Sister

I'm suppose to read this on her wedding dinner. But I chicken out to read it on the stage to the crowds. Everybody knows I'm failure when comes to presentation. :P

So here is my speech : (ps. please take a deep breath and don cry)

" When I'm 11, my mother passed away. My father was always not at home, working at outstation which left my sister in charge. She was only 17 at that time. She's the most mature among us (my siblings). Working part time when school holidays to earn extra money and study so hard for her exams. 

Years passed on, I entered high school. This was when I got so emotional and not wanting to be with my family. I got bad influence from my friends at school. Skipping school, going out without permission, NO DRUGS OR SMOKE, lied and etc. She expressed her worry by nagging and scolding me, well at that time, I never thought that's a way of how people care about me. I just felt she was so frustrating and hope she would just leave me alone. 

I been acting like that for years, till one day she got so frustrated and cried in front of me. She said "why do I even have to care about all of you?" 
At that moment, I felt sorry and realized, I'm not the one in pain after all these years. She's the one who was in pain and carried the burden we kept giving her. She gave up her teenage life for us, staying home taking care of us when her friends asked her out. She had gave so much but I don realized it at all. 

She been a sister, a guardian, and like a mother to me. Thank you for being patient and never give up on caring me. I would not be who I am now without you. You have guided me through my life. Now it's time to live yourself happily. I love you, my sister." 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Everybody knows how Malaysia's government treat stray dogs. They just want to swept up all the stray dogs and put them in the black bag. I called them the dog sweepers. Why they have to be so cruel? Dogs are human true best friend, compare to a human.

Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (M.I.A.R) is a non-profit organization by Puspa Rani. They save pets from cruelty and brutality.

I have two loving dogs at home. Even they gave troubles sometimes, I still love them so much. Dogs are somehow like human. You can't expect them to know what is right or wrong, they need to be trained or taught like babies.
I know raising a pet is not that easy from financial and etc. Think twice before getting a pet, do you have enough responsibility?

Recently Puspa Rani is having a really tough time. They lost 3 dogs.
Baby, 1 week before Puspa Rani gave birth and currently Pandan Indah and Dumbo. Some dog sweepers threw poison into the shelter andf killed Pandan Indah and Dumbo. For a pregnant lady to go through this is just too much. I hope someone could help them out.

Please visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Malaysia-Independent-Animal-Rescue/132282193542235?ref=stream&hc_location=stream

Please help M.I.A.R to save all these poor furry paws.

Thank you.

Friday, October 4, 2013


I been here for almost half year. Before shifting here, my friends warned me how "wonderful" China is but I didn't really trust what they said and went for it. I only been here when I was 13 yrs old, can't really remember anything about it.

I'm living at the suburban area in Shenzhen. I don really understand what's wrong with China's citizens hygiene. All they do is spit, spit and spit everywhere. I'm so disgust by the way they act. Rubbish everywhere, allowing their babies/kids to poop and pee everywhere. I can't blame them since it's a suburban area, maybe their attitudes still not modernized yet. 
People literally got molested and robbed in the public transportation. And guess what, if they found out you have any money in your wallet after robbing you. They will come back to you and beat you up for having an empty wallet. Sad huh? This is what China really is. 

Or the other hand, I visited my boyfriend at Shanghai couple of months before. It's a different side of China. Everything was so clean and coordinate. No wonder he like it there so much. I'm so looking forward to visit him again, perhaps the country he's at more? Haha

Everybody knows that we can't log in Facebook and Blogger in China right? My boyfriend and I been searching for the best VPN. 
We found StrongVPN! 
Why StrongVPN? The connection is really fast and does not sudden disconnect. Not only that, you can use the VPN on your Ipad, Iphone, laptop, Android phone and etc, of course one at the time only. 

 It's so easy to use that you just need to download their StrongVPN Client @ www.strongvpn.asia and you are all ready! Simple as 1 2 3. 
Wait and search no longer, subscribe it now! :)

(ps. I don get pay for this just so you know, I just want to share the good things with you :)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is our last night in PLR. So sad we got to leave the island so fast. Hope I could stay there forever. Actually I could, as a staff -.-"

Such a clear beautiful sky, away from pollution.

They have a private beach at the back of the island. It's clean and clear but somehow I found the sea water was extra salty.

Collected seashells to test out my camera.

They are trying to do a jump shot. It's either one of them are too slow or too fast. Haha.

This time, my bf didn't ask for it. The housekeeping did it themselves, so sweet of them. They just kept surprising us with their service. :)

Dinner time!!
We went to Feast Village for dinner on that day. Well, they changed the menu too :( No!! My salmon mango tartar gone already. Was pretty upset cause I always wanted to try out their french/western cuisine.


I hate coffee alot but this Tiramisu is extraordinary special. :) 

Regretted for not bringing more dresses. Everybody in the island was wearing dresses all the time!! :(

ps. please ignore my hair. This is what happens when you ask your boyfriend to take pictures for you when he is busy watching tv. :P

That's it! I would definitely want to visit PLR again. :)