Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Everybody knows how Malaysia's government treat stray dogs. They just want to swept up all the stray dogs and put them in the black bag. I called them the dog sweepers. Why they have to be so cruel? Dogs are human true best friend, compare to a human.

Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (M.I.A.R) is a non-profit organization by Puspa Rani. They save pets from cruelty and brutality.

I have two loving dogs at home. Even they gave troubles sometimes, I still love them so much. Dogs are somehow like human. You can't expect them to know what is right or wrong, they need to be trained or taught like babies.
I know raising a pet is not that easy from financial and etc. Think twice before getting a pet, do you have enough responsibility?

Recently Puspa Rani is having a really tough time. They lost 3 dogs.
Baby, 1 week before Puspa Rani gave birth and currently Pandan Indah and Dumbo. Some dog sweepers threw poison into the shelter andf killed Pandan Indah and Dumbo. For a pregnant lady to go through this is just too much. I hope someone could help them out.

Please visit

Please help M.I.A.R to save all these poor furry paws.

Thank you.

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