Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This is our last night in PLR. So sad we got to leave the island so fast. Hope I could stay there forever. Actually I could, as a staff -.-"

Such a clear beautiful sky, away from pollution.

They have a private beach at the back of the island. It's clean and clear but somehow I found the sea water was extra salty.

Collected seashells to test out my camera.

They are trying to do a jump shot. It's either one of them are too slow or too fast. Haha.

This time, my bf didn't ask for it. The housekeeping did it themselves, so sweet of them. They just kept surprising us with their service. :)

Dinner time!!
We went to Feast Village for dinner on that day. Well, they changed the menu too :( No!! My salmon mango tartar gone already. Was pretty upset cause I always wanted to try out their french/western cuisine.


I hate coffee alot but this Tiramisu is extraordinary special. :) 

Regretted for not bringing more dresses. Everybody in the island was wearing dresses all the time!! :(

ps. please ignore my hair. This is what happens when you ask your boyfriend to take pictures for you when he is busy watching tv. :P

That's it! I would definitely want to visit PLR again. :)


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