Saturday, October 27, 2012

Boyf's Family

Nicklaus, my boyf 

Was pretty nervous before meeting my boyf's family. I went through lots of horror experience when meeting my ex's family. Thank God, everything went well. :) Perhaps this is the friendliness family I ever met. 

The main point of today is to celebrate Uncle Ho's be-early birthday. Went for Dragon-I for dinner and spend the night at CEO Farrenheit. 

Hope everything goes well in your life and it's nice to meet you. :) I apologize for not being able to talk much because of my shyness.

Uncle Ho

One thing I like the most about my bf's family is the bond between the sisters. They are just so lovely so as his mum.

Thank you boyf for everything today. I hope this would really be the one. THE ONE if you know what i mean. Haha. Well, nobody knows about the future. 


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